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  1. For paid staff, yes I think so. Just look at what happened during the Thrage episode of Flight Rising, or the admin who wrote #AllLivesMatter on his Facebook profile after his friend got shot. Of course, if someone is going to work with people you need them to be tolerant enough to actually do a good job at it. Having staff with good ethics is very important. But on the other hand, no game owner can be expected to actually micro-manage every opinion held by their staff. Even something well intended, but poorly worded, can really hurt someone's reputation in this day and age of Facebook screenshots. I'd prefer making sure the admins and developers had anonymous accounts specifically for the task, not to be used for chit-chatting in the forums or to be obviously linked to a real name or Facebook profile (except for stuff like portfolio purposes). For something small, like a volunteer mod, I think it's great if they can use the same account! Having respected, older members of the community step up and take responsibility for it is a great thing. But, if it's someone like a programmer or head artist that the site can not afford to just replace like that? Best cut your risks. I'm pretty sure no developer team has time for dealing with player riots every time a co-worker said something really stupid.
  2. Hello. I am in need of a programmer to help develop a calendar app capable of running multiple calendar systems simultaneously, allowing users to view and compare things like holidays, dates and week names, as well as add personal notes to specific days. To start off with, the app should be able to feature the Gregorian calendar and the old Scandinavian runic calendar (which is an eternity system based on the moon rather than the sun, so it might been a rather different line of code). I'm not looking to implement any more right now due to limited funds, but it would be ideal of the system allowed for easy addition of more in the future. Since I'm paying out of my own pocket and don't have the programming experience needed to really estimate what would be a fair price for something like this, the job may or may not be immediate - I don't plan to underpay anybody. If this is within your skillset, please feel free to contact me with estimated rates and time frame - even if it turns out I cannot pay right now, I will return to it in the future.
  3. I personally would not be interested, but there's probably a good.sized target market. My concern would be that it lacks the best of both types of games; in RPG's you've got a whole lot of freedom of action, but replies are not immediate and may be on hold indefinitely. In 1-person games like most pet sims, you have very little freedom in terms of actions available, but on the other hand all results are immediate, or they have a set count down. In the mix you describe, it seem the player is still held to a certain scenario that would happen regardless of the actions taken in ways that wouldn't apply in most text rpg's where the amount of posts are not set, but also lack the schedule of games that does not require mod or admin input. I would find a mix of these games to be really stressful, unless you've got a lot of mods on your hands with a clear schedule, answering posts very regularly.
  4. All things already exists. The way the ancient chinese described the lung dragon, was something along the lines of "the antlers of a stag, the face of a camel/horse, the tail of a snake, the eyes of a rabbit, the belly of a clam, the scales of a carp, the ears of a cow" and so forth, with some variation in different accounts. But no one would think "oh look, it has a camels face!" by looking at the image of a Chinese dragon. That's the power of combining different elements until it is something unique. I usually just draw. I start with an animal I want to base it on, and I change a lot of things until it doesn't look like anything immediately recognizeable.
  5. I'm actually currently learning Blender just to experiment with a somewhat similar idea. I think there is definitely a market for that kind of game (just look at the Facebook pet games), there just isn't yet a market for game devs in the virtual pet branch buying 3D art because all the current sites are in 2d and would need a complete re-coding to use a 3D asset. So that's a hurdle. But the 3D medium offer so many benefits, in the sheer creation process, that would really remove some of the current limitations on 2D pet games. Like file sizes being an issue for every single item in every single color, modifying a pets body type or expression without having to create a billion 2D images for various different bases, and easily adding new bases without re-creating all the customization art from scratch. I think there's definitely a future in 3D here, or at least 2.3D.
  6. Every now and then a new game comes along proving the industry is alive. Dappervolk for example is currently running a kickstarter. Asked for 20.000 CA$, they now have 25 days left to go and have already gotten 60.000.
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