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  1. Uff ypu do fantastic work! We are still looking, but they've decided to only consoder 18+ Sorry about that D:
  2. Hey guys! I'm the head artist for a game in development called RIME and we've had a bit of a set back. Our lineart artist for our big cat bases is in Puerto Rico and the hurricane has rendered her without power for possibly months. Now because we've been careful to make sure we can style match each other so that work can continue I'm able to work in the same style. However, I have tendinitis in both of my wrists and we still have two big cat species to finish on top of cub stages, markings, and other art assets for the game. Namely, I'm just looking for someone to help me with some of the
  3. Welcome to the tundra. We are excited to announce that RIME is an exciting upcoming text-based Simulation Game based on an alternative Earth where the Ice Age never ended. Players will be able to create up to three free accounts, each with a different Pride of prehistoric big cats: the Giant Cheetah, the Cave Lion, and, of course, the Smilodon!In RIME, it is your duty to lead your Pride in battle against other Prides, Neanderthals, Dire Wolves, and a hundred other prehistoric threats to compete for territory and resources. The game will mix realistic features like a complex Ge
  4. Hello everyone! I'm the head artist for RIME We are a prehistoric big cats simulation game in the works, still in extremely early development. Currently working on our pet art, we're hoping to have a functional demo up on our domain in the next couple months. That said, past basic html I'm still pretty in the dark, and so RIME's owners and myself decided to set our eyes on some programmers! I'm able to design page mock ups and the likes for exactly what we're looking for once we've settled on that. Right now we're sort of just dipping our toes in the water. This is an interactive sim
  5. Hello! I'm Miss Hades (: Silverbrick linked me here and I'm extremely grateful as I've been looking for another place like this! I'm head artist of a new browser sim game in progress, called RIME, which I'm extremely passionate and excited about and I have been eager to find a community such as this one. It's a pleasure to meet you all! View Member
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