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  1. hello there!_____________________________________________________________________________ Hi there! I'm happy to do all sorts of drawings. I'm willing to tackle any sort of request to the best of my abilities! contact me: Discord: Bear#0325 email: adoringbear@gmail.com art for sale____________________________________________________________________________ Teen Lion pet Adult Lion pet Baby Foxlike pet Teen Foxlike pet Adult Foxlike pet Globe (all the above items are part of a big set with emotions and diff colors etc, pm/discord me for pricing & more info!) Random items ($2 each) past work____________________________________________________________________________ My Portfolio: https://adoringbear.wixsite.com/portfolio a few previews (you should check out the whole portfolio though!!): important stuff___________________________________________________________________________ You get the .psd and full rights to the work. I ask for the ability to add the work I do for you to my portfolio. I accept paypal. I allow edits within reason, if I feel it's too big of an edit there may be a fee.
  2. Hi, I am bear and I joined on 08/09/17! View Member
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