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  1. Please add Mythodreas.com We are currently still in beta but making strides...so many changes yet to come new layout though and interactions are a thing. While we are under maintenance from the 15th to the 18th while our developer/Alchemist works her magics we are still open to registration and I personally accept each and every member. After our beta period, hopefully not much longer, registration will be automated.
  2. Our single programmer is working as quickly as possible to get all features updated and working as well as adding to them. Don't forget, if you already have a Familiar yet still see "First Familiar" on your navigation bar... consider resetting so you can retake First Familiar. This will be the only way for you to get a Familiar with a characteristic and skill. Our developer has not been able to get back on to work her magic lately, but she plans to next focus on item features, familiar interaction (characteristic will come into play here!), familiar elements, and Wandering!!!
  3. We at Mythodreas are continuing to work on the many things that we plan to do with the our site. We no longer resemble Zeta and we prefer that people not compare us, as we are going a whole new route. Please feel free to join or visit as we are in open beta. www.mythodreas.com Just understand that as one of the only all volunteer staffed sites our growth is slower than those who have paid staff. Our single programmer is a college student with a regular day job as well. We are open to any offers of assistance in both programming and digital art. Thanks for watching and or helping us grow.
  4. Mythodreas has gone through many many changes...some with owner/control and some with staff. We are a core group of very dedicated members who love the site and look at it as a labor of love and wish fulfillment. Keep in mind we have all been volunteer from day one, and most staffers grew up with the site. We could definitely be moving faster with more help, programming and art...but we will persevere and the end result will be fantastic. Keptsoul - Site Caretaker
  5. I feel pretty much the same as Hare. Having gone from having many collectable items, to now having items that have purpose.. Users like both. Sure, it adds fluff, but some users prefer that to say battle or other elements. It's a personal choice that each site owner makes, and any thoughtful site owner tries to balance the wants of its user base against the needs of the sites purpose. Entirely my opinion of course.
  6. I am the owner of Mythodreas.com, was the owner of Mysticalwillowgrove.com and the caretaker of the old Zetapets.com All three have or are being rolled together and the better bits if all three included. Still being developed but in open beta.
  7. So glad you are here, make sure you post some art and samples. Everyone should be as lucky as mythodreas.
  8. Open call to artists who would be willing to donate art in lieu of site credit for said art and who can draw human like images. Please review site for art style to fit with theme. Mythodreas.com is in need of Reflections, these are the characters a wanderer/user will choose to represent themselves in our story lines. The current list of needed characters both male and female versions is below. Any and all help is appreciated, we also need location images for areas within the site, so if you are able to mimic style and willing to share your art with us we would greatly appreciate it and make you an honorary artist on staff. You would be allowed to list your contribution to the site as a profile reference piece in your portfolio. We are one of the only sites of our kind that have a completely voluntary staff of very diligent workers who simply love the site and or have been with us since the beginning, we hope you will feel the same. List of Reflections Needed - Descriptions Will Be Provided Lycan/Werefolk Witch/Wizard Elf Gnome Human Merfolk Zombie/Ghoul Fairy Centaur Satyr and more will be added later... Thanks for reading this, pass it on to any artsy folks who are looking for a way to get their art in a public forum and who may be interested in helping The Land of Myths and Dreams get past our beta stage. Contact WebDeveloper@mythodreas.com or Mythodreas@gmail.com for more information and visit http://mythodreas.com We look forward to seeing you there...... The Mythodreas Administration
  9. Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy! First Familiar release is here! If you're a Beta Tester, please log into Mythodreas and look for First Familiar on the navigation panel. Also, check out our temporary maps for Dreas, Nirvana, and Emestar! You never know... you might find a new shop or see an upcoming feature!
  10. Coders, Artists,Etc... If you have knowledge and experience in PHP and SQL, please help WolfSol out as she's our only developer! We are trying really hard to get into open Beta and we are a completely volunteer group who live what we do and believe in our vision. Please read all requirements for the Guide position of Alchemist while applying. Also meet our newest stall keeper, Asherei, she is the dollmaker, her artist Crystal foronda created her just for us, see all the fantastic art Inumimi Images does for us as well as she is our main artist, along with Kiley who assists and help us create creatures and more. Mythodreas Administration
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