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  1. I've done some free interface work for game jams for small games. I've also done free work that I had no idea that the other team was getting paid, I thought they too were doing it for free since the owner didn't even mention it. I was promised the finished game and back then, I didn't think the company would fall apart so I got nothing out of my 70$ work nor did I demand it since I had signed a contract. It was entirely my fault for being suckered in. I even do some free pixel work for friends though I was commissioned for a big pack years ago. It depends on how large it is for me and I agree that the majority of people think that art isn't worth to be paid. I still see people on another forum (not for pet sites) I go to saying "__should be free since I can't afford it." or something close that entirely disrespects our work saying "Oh I can't afford it, therefore it should be free." I've even had one client complain about prices despite it being laid out right in my ad and I had to be firm. It's just sad to see as an artist and consumer. I once had to step up for an artist when someone complained about their prices and the artist thanked me and I've also PMed several on dA telling them to please up their prices since they are under pricing themselves just so they can get commissions. The latter was even said to me and it's just heartbreaking to get a reply like that.
  2. Age: 28, soon to be 29 on Sunday Gender: Female Where you live (can be general or exact): Texas What you do: I'm a Web Designer yet also do Front End Development alongside it as well as some mobile. I have an Associates Degree in in Web & Interactive Design. When I get freelance work, it's really for interface design for menus in the visual novel niche which allows me to get even more creative than designing for the Web. I look at any interfaces, seeing what it does, where it leads to, and what works and what doesn't work + how to improve it if I did it. Thinking up of new ways to allow a user to navigate something whether it be minimal or the opposite is super fun. When I'm not designing, I dabble in writing but mostly for fanfiction. I hope several originals in the works though. How many pets (and/or) kids you have: One cat named Benny~ No kids and want none.
  3. Hello, I'm Camy, short for Camille. I'm a web designer searching for more work on pet-sites some more after creating some for two already. I have experience for the past 10 years and have completed college in Web & Interactive Design for 4 years. I require a wireframe that is digitally made or a sketch now up front as well as half payment. I will not start without one since you need to know what you want. I will not accept pet sites as references, they do not tell me what you want, how images you want to be laid, and so on. When I'm finished with a page, and payment has been made in full, the PSD will be sent hosted on Google Drive along with fonts if necessary in a .zip file that were used in the design. If you have any questions, feel free to message me, I check this site daily. Payments USD only via Paypal. $25 one time for logo. $35 per page for web design. Half or all upfront, whichever you are comfortable. Contact me by PMing me on this site Examples Click on the images below for a full view. Horse stock by yellowfang1999 @ deviantart.com. Header background stock by AshenSorrow @ deivantart.com.
  4. Really like this idea, especially with NPC making it competitive as well and not just players. Love the pack wars since in the wild they do attack if they feel that the pack is weak in numbers due to the howling before doing so to gain more territory.
  5. I find myself drawing better traditionally because I'm still getting the hang of using my tablet but Fire Alpaca and SAI's stabilizers help a lot since my hand wiggles without it. My career choice though is focused on Digital for interfaces and web designs, but sometimes sketches are required. I still prefer to do sketches digitally since I don't need to worry about scanning or taking pictures of the sketches when done.
  6. I play Flight Rising mainly cause dragons and easier to manage. I used to play Eqcetera a lot but V2 is finally nearing so I just stopped altogether and just check about it every so often while also checking out what's been going on in the community.
  7. One of my favorites, especially since my flight uses Discord to chat, sales & trades, and relay info + silly things. The best thing is too is that the dragons don't die on you, just really starve, if you suddenly find yourself pulled away for months to even years.
  8. Pony170, Firestorm, hlsfirestorm (horseland's firestorm), and Zckorpian.
  9. I use Photoshop CS6 for interfaces, layouts, pixels, banners, and other graphics. Illustrator CS6 for logos while for drawing I use FireAlpaca and SAI. The linework saves me so much in SAI since I hate lining lol
  10. Really love the art style and also the human avatars, usually I'm not fond of those things but the dragon images and other creatures SOLD me afterwards lol Just signed up and going to take a look around~
  11. @tiff Just followed with my tumblr
  12. Beautiful art, can't wait to test this out and hear more about it along the way!
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