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  1. How active is your community

    At my games peak I was getting several million hits a day. For a while I was on the top 50k websites on the internet. I had about 200 active players online at a time. Sadly my games are not that active anymore because I've been really busy with life and my full time job and running my farm. At its peak I was making about 40k-50k a year. My average now is 10-20k a year. If I could have afforded to run it full time I probably could have gotten it to 80-100k a year but I never made enough for me to quit my job and run it full time. It's always been just a hobby. Also when Ubisoft stole it I spent a lot of money on lawyers and didn't get anywhere and became really discouraged about the whole thing. If big game companies can just swoop in and steal your stuff it's like what's the point? That made it hard for me to invest as much time in my games as I had before.
  2. Also just got this email, $7,000 of game art including animated characters for only $99 right now if you use coupon code SUMMERSKILLS. https://cartoonsmart.com/royalty-free-game-art-for-cartoonsmart-subscribers/?mc_cid=efe9facdaf&mc_eid=981e94140b
  3. Yes a lot of older flash games on FB do things like this. I don't remember one specifically just that I've seen it before. You can see an older version of my 2D character based game with a character movement demo here: http://whoa-horsie.com/ Use the up/down arrows to control speed and left/right arrows to turn.
  4. I have seen character customizations with thin/fat, child/adult and short/tall options. However for each of those options you add you have to add the customizable thing with it. That means your one red shirt drawing turns into 6 different versions, one for each character option. If you want to go that route I suggest you dynamically change the colors of the clothing so that your one red shirt can actually be any color shirt and then you're just having your artist do different shirt styles instead of a shirt in all different colors.
  5. You could always do a mix of the two. Let them customize a flat image of a character and then have them pick one that they use to walk around with. Also, the more you limit the directions of the character the less work you'll have. I did diagonal directions (because my game doesn't really work without them) and that added so much additional work even if I only did half of the compass (north, south, east, north east, south east) and then just mirror the image for the other directions. Each of my animations is only 8-10 frames long but that still means I have 40+ frames for each character at each speed. So for a full animation of a horse character I have over 280 frames (stand, walk, trot, canter, jump, rear, graze) just for the base character without any of the customizations. Each piece of equipment they wear and every marking needs the same amount of frames as well. So for a full horse character with a saddle, bridle and saddle pad, face, body and leg markings you're looking at well over 800 frames.
  6. Photobucket Update: $400 To Restore Broken Links

    Google drive is incredibly affordable and the free account gives you lots of storage, i think its like 1GB. Upgrading is only $1.99 a month and gives you close to 1TB. You can also use digital ocean for several GB on their cheapest cloud server is only $5 a month.
  7. Help with Breeding Roller

    So you have to apply the logic of the pungent square to javascript code. Take variables with the genes of both parents, split the genes into an array of their combinations, then generate a random number from 0 to length of the array-1 and select that index as the gene for your puppy.
  8. Help with Breeding Roller

    Lol, breeding and genetics is not a simple thing! It's actually one of the harder things to code, especially when you get into highly realistic genetics. The basic idea is that you take each gene and you make a punnet square for the cross of each parent, compute all the possible outcomes from the mix of each gene combination -- and there you go, there are the random outcomes you can choose from for each pup. Hiring a coder to do it for you is a better solution than counting on someone who will just volunteer their time and energy to do it for you for free.
  9. So as someone who has made animated 2D characters that walk around the screen, character selection is a much cheaper option. Having customizable characters that can be animated is extremely graphic intensive and costly to have commissioned unless you're planning to do all the work yourself and then you run into an immense amount of work that is needed to draw everything. Personally, I prefer character customization but if I had to do it again, I would do character selection instead.
  10. GDPR Compliance

    Also, I will tell you from personal experience, if you are not a company or have a physical location in the EU they cannot hold you to following the GDPR compliance. If you are a US company you must comply with US laws but you do not have to comply with any other countries laws. If someone from the EU tries to sue you for being GDPR non-compliant it is really hard to make any type of case if you're not an EU corporation. I had a similar issue with Ubisoft in the past because they are a French company and I'm a US company -- it was basically impossible to bring any kind of case against them and my lawyer told me I would have to spend well over 100k to even get it through the US court systems.
  11. GDPR Compliance

    Check the fine print, a lot of places will let you become "compliant" which means you follow certain rules so you don't have to ask for parental permission and verification. It means you jump through more hoops about what data you keep and you have to run background checks on employees that have access to your data but usually it is possible -- otherwise there would never be any kids sites out there!
  12. PHP? Frameworks?

    Excellent point, it's hard to keep old blog posts up to date with the changes in the languages. I remember someone looked at an old article I wrote once and complained I was using addslashes/stripslashes instead of mysqli_real_escape_string. In older versions of PHP (gah this shows how old I am now, haha, I'm talking late php 2 and php 3) there was no other ways to prevent sql injections! Boy have the times changed, haha.
  13. Where do you go to purchase a logo?

    Find an artist you like on deviant art and ask if they do commissions!
  14. Best online PHP classes

    Interactive ones are the trend right now. Try some of these: https://www.codecademy.com/en/tracks/php http://www.learn-php.org/ https://www.sololearn.com/Course/PHP/ https://www.codeschool.com/learn/php https://www.killerphp.com/php-videos/
  15. What Size Do You Make Your Background Images?

    I do them based on browser display sizes. I take the most popular one and go up one size from that and then optimize the image for the smallest file size I can get so it loads as quickly as possible. https://www.w3schools.com/browsers/browsers_display.asp Also if you have a lot of mobile users I typically have a much smaller version I swap in if they're on a phone.

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