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  1. Mysidia Deluxe

    (before I begin, does this go here? idk...) Mysidia DeluxeMysidia Deluxe is an open-source custom version of the Mysidia Adoptables script, based off of v1.3.4 and maintained by the community. It is available on GitHub.The "Why"Mysidia is a fantastic framework, but it's pretty old and outdated. Mysidia v.4.0 has been hinted at for years but at the moment it's a general consensus that it's never coming at this point, and the script desperately needs an update. The goal here is to modernize it and add more built-in features so more people will be inclined to use it, as well as keep it maintained.In-Progress Features Bugfixes (like the "rn" issue, and reading other user's PMs) Reskinned ACP for a more modern look 4 brand new themes More HTML (no formbuilders or tablebuilders, html will be used instead) More comments in the code, so it's easier to understand what's going on. PHP 7 support (PHP 7.2 not supported yet, it just came out last year so it's pretty low priority) Compressed code. At the moment some of the pages are unnecessarily split into several files, so that's getting cleaned up. Planned Features DisclaimerThis custom version is not yet ready to build a site on. Once it is ready, a downloadable version will be available in the releases section. It is never recommended to use code in the master or subsequent branches, as there can be unsuspected bugs and issues. Releases are the most stable.
  2. Mysidia Deluxe

    Slowly moving forward, but I finally added in the bank feature and made some final changes to the night sky theme (I need to work in a pretty environment lol). All the built in themes will also only use Bootstrap 4 now. Next things I'll start on soon are condensing the myadopts page (lots of unnecessary pages and redirects) and adding the auction and raffle features.
  3. Mysidia Deluxe

    Alright, I've taken a long break but I plan on working on this some more this weekend! One new thing I've decided over the break was to drop composer support (+ plans to merge it into the main branch) and just leave it up to the individuals that want it to install it. That doesn't mean the composer branch is going anywhere though! The code is still open source, so anyone that wants to maintain it is welcome to. (It just means I won't be maintaining it myself)
  4. animation... help!

    I'm not at my computer to elaborate, but there's a step-by-step guide on the official krita documentation on how to animate with it: https://docs.krita.org/en/user_manual/animation.html Once I get to my computer later I can edit a more "straight to the point" guide into this post.
  5. Help with site theme?

    I've been having trouble designing a nice looking layout for Wild Souls. The current one is okay, but not at all on-par with most similar sites: I can handle the actual CSS part myself, it's just the overall design I'm having trouble with. It's not eye-catching enough and pretty bland. Would anyone be willing to help by providing sketches of possible layouts? If needed I could pay for some sketches, but my budget is pretty low ($20 max)
  6. Help with site theme?

    Just an update that I'm still looking for a layout design! I can also be contacted through Discord (Dinocanid#6171).
  7. Help with site theme?

    That's fine! I'm just really thankful for the help ;-;
  8. Help with site theme?

    Yeah, I'm mainly looking at more of the layout. For the colors I wanted to keep the dark look, but I'm open to suggestions for that too. Thanks for offering to help btw!
  9. Hunting System!

    (300 HP for the hare is temporary. It's normally 30 and dies in 1 hit...if you can catch it!) The base hunting system is now complete! While exploring it is possible to find prey. After clicking "chase" it shows the hunting screen. In this screen you have the 4 different moves (with room for more in the future). Depending on your stats and hunting skill each has a chance of success or failure depending on what you use them on. Higher stats affect the success and strength of your attacks, while a higher hunting skill only affects success. So you could have very low attack and not do much damage, but rarely miss if your skill is high enough. The blue bar is your energy, and the prey gets away if you run out. Most prey will also constantly try to escape, so try to bring them down in the quickest way possible! While I haven't added aggressive (and potentially lethal) prey yet, it is possible to lose health, get injured, or die while hunting if the prey retaliates. If things are looking grim, save yourself and give up! While not completely polished (only hare is available, wolf sprite doesn't match character, background is a placeholder), the system itself is complete. Later down the line I'll work on pack hunts, which involves the alpha picking a large target and all those with the hunter rank help bring it down. I'm going to take a break with hunting though, and focus on other features for a while. That's all for this update, and I hope it gets you all excited!
  10. Hunting System!

    It's called Wild Souls, and thanks everyone for the nice replies!
  11. Hunting System!

    Thanks! I had help making the system, since I'm not skilled in javascript/ajax and couldn't do it myself. Don't give up though! I've only been at this for about 3 or so years, so there's still a bunch of stuff I need to improve.
  12. Worldbuilding + Concept Creation

    What I did was learn programming alongside worldbuilding and concept ideas for the site. The reason being that a lot of things can sound good on paper, but the challenge comes in at "how can I properly convey this lore on the site in a functional way?" For Wild Souls, I did minimal worldbuilding before I went all out into making the site (so just the setting and a tiny bit of lore). Afterwards I did more brainstorming and coded different features to see what sticks and what doesn't. I don't believe you need to have absolutely everything planned out lore-wise before coding the site. Even AAA games have scrapped features. My current obstacle is figuring out how to make an idea work in a way that is interactive. In Wild Souls for example, there's a hunting mechanic (which is done by yourself) and a pack hunting mechanic (which is done with others non-frequently). The thing is, I've yet to figure out how to implement this without it being a simple dice roll from a button. Other than that issue, I would say development for it is going really well. I've had to put Foodbabs on hiatus because I wanted to redesign pretty much everything with it lol. I'm in the process of working on a murder mystery visual novel, which would be my first ever commercial game. Hopefully it sells well, but I plan to use the money to better improve my sites, like premium servers, domain names, and staff. I plan to make a topic about it actually once it's a little more done (I've been keeping it hush-hush until I have a playable demo, but in some places I post about it to build hype)
  13. Bug Reports

    - I usually test features privately before having them live on the site, usually through local testing like XAMPP, although it can't be helped that bugs arise when making a feature public. I've never had to do it, but I'd only shut down a feature if it's causing a lot of users grief and/or it's ruining other aspects of the site. During the downtime I would take user input into account and re-release the feature when it is better. - Pretty much what matthew said. If I can reproduce the bug then I'll reimburse any affected users ASAP. If the bug can't be proven or reproduced by anyone though, then they don't. (People can and will lie about a valuable pet or item disappearing in order to obtain it for free) - I've never done this. I would only do this if a user was able to obtain things through illicit means (like scams, hacking, or exploiting of bugs) - I prioritize them from game-breaking to minor inconvenience. If a bug causes major problems I would prioritize that over, say, a bug that makes pets appear upside-down. That being said, if a bug is extremely minor and easy to fix, I'll actually prioritize that over a larger bug since I can fix it in about 10mins and go about fixing the other ones afterwards. - My method goes like this: Respond to let them know I've acknowledged the bug exists (and possibly the approximate cause if I know it) Give regular updates as I'm in the process of fixing a bug (like if it's going well, if I'm still figuring out the source, etc.) Mark the topic or help ticket with a "resolves" tag once the bug has been fixed. - It depends honestly. Development is pretty slow for me, so I usually jump on bugs as soon as someone reports it and it's done within a day or so. I would the wait time should be relevant to how complex the bug is. If it's just a spelling error or something, it shouldn't take a month to fix. - I would prioritize a bug like this pretty high and look into it as soon as I'm able. If it's confirmed to be a real bug, I'll add the money back to their account and inform them to avoid the bug until a fix can be made. - I plan on having built-in help ticket systems on my site so I can easily track and label bugs (preferably a setup similar to github's bug section), but that's it. I would say test features extensively before adding them to the site as well (preferably with a team dedicated to testing new features, since they're more likely to spot bugs than one person alone), but of course it can be hard to predict what one out of thousands of people will do so some bugs are only spotted after release. Having an easy to navigate and use place for bug reporting will help keep things organized and under control.
  14. Mysidia Deluxe

    Custom versions of the script is allowed, but I got his permission before making it since it would be located on a different site (github), this is what he sent me: So I'm good to go ^^ I hope to get back to working on it soon. Earning money is my highest priority at the moment though, lol. I'll be leaving a bunch of comments in the code, since my biggest problem starting out was that there were all these functions and whatnot and nothing to say what it means. Not to mention so many things are split across multiple files (which I plan to condense), so it was hard just tracking down where things were.
  15. Account Deletion

    While not there yet, I plan to allow account deletion on my sites. Basically it would delete only that user, and whatever pets they own would be sen to the pound. Private messages wouldn't be affected, since if a receiving user (or the sender) no longer exists then it would say "From: [deleted user]" or something along those lines. Any forum posts and other data would stay as well. Cancel any "in-progress" actions they have, like trades/trade offers, bids, contest entries, etc. I feel like users should be able to delete their account, since it's their choice. People just might not want to play anymore, and don't always return to an abandoned account. (I don't play neopets anymore, but I'm sure my 10 year old account is still there) Just make sure it's not easy to do it accidentally, since that can be a major problem. Allowing users to delete accounts also help keep your player count accurate. You can say you have 1000 users, but what if 500 of them hadn't logged in for years? Those accounts could be abandoned, and they weren't given a choice delete them. It keeps the database clean too, and I'm a stickler for that lol. Troll accounts are a concern (so people don't just make accounts for spam and delete them afterwards), so there would be layers to the process. IE: confirmation email and the request is reviewed by staff. Maybe include a "why" field they can fill in, in case you ever wanted feedback on what's causing so many people to leave.
  16. My brains not working as well as it should be at the moment, and I can't figure out the percentages these equal to: if($survival <= 100 && $survival >= 60){$code;} //high HP elseif($survival < 60 && $survival >= 20){$code;} //medium HP elseif($survival < 20 && $survival >= 10){$even_more_code;} //low HP elseif($survival < 10 && $survival >= 1){$hey_look_some_code;} // very low HP This is what I got: High HP (80-100) - 50% Med HP (50-70) - 30% Low HP (20-50) - 10% Very Low HP (0-20) - 10% But I'm pretty sure that's not as accurate as it could be.
  17. What are the percentages of these?

    It does, thank you!
  18. What are the percentages of these?

    Oof, sorry. $survival is a random number between 1 and 100: $survival = mt_rand(1,100); However, health is it's own variable. I probably should've included it before, but this would be the whole thing: //survival rate $survival = mt_rand(1,100); $highhp = mt_rand(80,100); $medhp = mt_rand(50,70); $lowhp = mt_rand(20,50); $vlowhp = mt_rand(0,20); if($survival <= 100 && $survival > 60){$health = $highhp; $illness = "none";} elseif($survival <= 60 && $survival > 20){$health = $medhp; $illness = "none";} elseif($survival <= 20 && $survival > 10){$health = $lowhp; $illness = "none";} elseif($survival <= 10 && $survival >= 1){$health = $vlowhp; $illness = "runt";} //survival rate end!
  19. I think this would be the closest together I've had news posts for a while -- for the same site at least. The breeding system is now complete for player-to-npc. Player-to-player and npc-to-npc still needs to be worked on, but about 70% of the code would be the same so it's not that much more to do. After you become mates a breed button appears, and you can get anywhere from 1-5 pups (3-4 being the most common amount). Gestation lasts for 4 IRL days before pups are born, and breeding cooldown lasts 12 IRL days (1 in-game year). (I have 8 since I forgot to clear the table whoops--) When pups are born their amount of health will differ between each other. The scale for that is the following: High HP (80-100) - 50% Med HP (50-70) - 30% Low HP (20-50) - 10% Very Low HP (0-20) - 10% (Not be 100% accurate, I'll make a post asking for help about that in a moment lol) Through testing, this is what I got: 2 runts (1 with 1% HP) 4 low HP 12 medium HP 13 high HP Medium HP pups are still considered somewhat healthy, so that's 25 healthy and 6 unhealthy. The 1% pup is likely to die but it could live with some serious luck. Pups born with very low HP are automatically runts (at the moment, but may keep it that way). The status of a newborn pup (pups under 3 months) update every 6 hours, meaning their health can either rise or drop based on different conditions. At the moment it's only based on health, so pups with high HP have low chances of getting worse, and pups with very low HP have low chances of getting better. When weather/seasons are added, that will also be a factor in a pup's survival (IE: a pup's health is more likely to drop in the winter, regardless of HP). To help with survival rates, there will be an item called "Spirit's Blessing" that can be obtained at The Gorge for a sizable amount of SP (probably 200 or so) which raises one pup's health to 100%. Lastly, we now have a blog on Tumblr! Feel free to follow, and maybe reblog to help spread the word? That's all the news I have for today! The next news post I hope to make is of the re-styled battle system, hope you guys are excited for it!
  20. Mysidia Deluxe

    I haven't really made any changes this week since I'm working on my site, but next week I should be able to spend some time on it.
  21. I currently use Discord to keep people updated on Wild Souls as I work on it. I find it great for talking to the community, and they definitely appreciate the transparency. Every time I work on the site I post constant updates in a dev blog channel so they can see how the game is progressing. Not even large things, it can be small like "I'm working on the breeding system today! Here's the babies I got from the random generator". Discord is also widely accessible, rather than an on-site chat box. Discord can easily be embedded on your site with something like Titan (I did that for Foodbabs before it went on hiatus), and it allows users to communicate with players wherever they are, be it through the site, phone app, or desktop app. Depending on how many people are going to be in this discord server, it's up to you to appoint mods to handle things while you're away. My discord server is currently small (21 people, only 5 or so active), so I can maintain order myself. If you have a large server of about 100+ people though, all active, then it's best to have moderators.
  22. Explore system!

    Throughout its development, Wild Souls has gone through a lot of explore system ideas that were scrapped. The biggest one being the Twine 2 explore system. However, with some help, the final version of the explore system is now functional! If you're in the official discord, you've probably seen this image a lot now: If you choose to attack him, the outcome is based on your strength. If you're strong enough you go to the battle screen, and if you're not you get..well...wrecked. You lose 30 HP, which is a pretty big chunk. When injuries are added, you could also get injured from this. If you manage to fight and kill a smilodon, that is 1 less in the territory. The higher the amount of smilodons, the more at-risk the pack is at smilodon attacks (and the more at-risk pups are if they wander off, and that's not good). It is possible to completely rid a territory of smilodons, so there is incentive for getting rid of them, but they slowly begin to show up again after a while. This is a passive encounter. Sometimes you get items, other times you don't get anything. This is a prey encounter, and you have the chance to catch it for some food. If caught, it goes to your stash. If you have no room in your stash, it goes to the pack stockpile. Currently the only explore biome I'm working on is the taiga. Each biome will have 3 explore areas to start out with (and room for me to add more in the future). I still need to make art and add encounters for the plains, forest, and moorlands. I hope you all enjoyed this update! Don't forget to check in on the Trello Board every now and then for progress. Also check out our Discord! I post frequent dev updates there, so you'll know things before an official news post is dropped!
  23. Explore system!

    Thank you ^-^ Yeah now I'm using a custom solution over twine. (since I always wanted a lioden-esque explore system for the site) I'll probably use Twine for something else though. I got it working on the site, but I decided it wasn't really what I wanted.
  24. It's always a good idea to have a wide range of prices, rather than having everything expensive (or everything cheap). For example you might have 3 versions of pet food: a cheap one that fills about 10%, a moderate one that fills about halfway, and an expensive one that fills it completely. It also helps to have money sinks throughout the game (from your example it seemed like there weren't many money sinks, and they were added late). If there are minigames, maybe give players about 5 tries before needing to pay more to play again that day. There can also be raffles and such which users are inclined to pour lots of currency into. Rarer pets might be high maintenance and are more expensive to care for, etc. For pet shows there should probably be a tier system so newer players have a chance at winning something. With a tier system users are only going against others whose pets have similar stats (instead of a lv 1 going against a lv 50). With show prizes, the prizes can't be extremely high either, like 10000 currency to the winner. Since that leads to cases like you mentioned where they always have enough currency to buy the highest-end pets and therefore always win. In a game with pet shows, allowing players to buy high-stat pets from in-game shops rather than just other users doesn't work very well in my opinion. It allows users to skip training altogether and basically buy 1st place in shows. Pets from in-game shops should have low base stats, and if users want a high stat pet then they can get one through training and selective breeding. They could also just buy one from another user, but then supply would be limited, instead of unlimited, since normally a user won't want to sell all of their pets.
  25. Explore system!

    Thank you both!

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