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  1. Something really weird is just going on with the params o.0 I literally copy-pasted the echo code into a new function and it works, but it won't work with the add function. So yeah I have no idea what's going on. public function addtest($min_height, $max_height) { echo "Min: {$min_height}, Max: {$max_height}"; } This work-around works so I guess it's fine. I wish I could keep the height params in the same function as everything else though. Aaaaand now the add function suddenly works, and I didn't even touch it. Wha At least it's fixed now.
  2. Oh yeah I fixed the id thing already (an oversight, whoops), but addBreed does directly call the add function. I already did the backtracking and the input html is correctly linked, just like all the other inputs, but the inputted value isn't being sent for some reason. It's been driving me insane for weeks lol. Especially since it used to work perfectly fine.
  3. I'm attempting to add a field into the breed creator in the admin panel where you can set a minimum and maximum height for that breed. However, it refuses to work, and the strange thing is that it did before. For a while it was working, and one day it stopped (and the code hadn't even been touched). if ($game->buttonPressed('addBreed')) { $_MESSAGES[] = $game->session('player')->addBreed( $game->post('name'), $game->post('species'), $game->post('url'), $game->post('info'), $game->post('min_height'), $game->post('max_height'), $game->post('cross_one'), $game->post('cross_two') ); } (breeds.php when the button is pressed) <div class="form-row"> <div class="form-group col-md-6"> <label for="minheight"> ' . __MIN_HEIGHT .': </label> <i class="' . __ICON_DEFAULT . '"></i> <input type="text" name="min_height" id="min_height" class="form-control" value="' . $breed->minHeight() . '" /> </div> <div class="form-group col-md-6"> <label for="maxheight"> ' . __MAX_HEIGHT .': </label> <i class="' . __ICON_DEFAULT . '"></i> <input type="text" name="max_height" id="max_height" class="form-control" value="' . $breed->maxHeight() . '" /> </div> </div> (HTML from the form in breeds.php) public function add($name, $species, $url = null, $info = null, $min_height, $max_height, $cross_one = null, $cross_two = null) { echo "Min: {$min_height}, Max: {$max_height}"; //etc. rest of the code is here... } (add function in Breed.php) The minimum and maximum height always return blank, and only those fields (please ignore the weird indentation, TGL makes it weird for some reason). The only way it works now is if min_height and max_height are hard-coded in the add function params, which of course isn't good for this case. (Design1online was contacted about this btw, but wasn't able to give a working solution)
  4. What's the file name and path? (8bitwonder.ttf?) Can you provide a code example of what you tried?
  5. I'm a solo developer as well! I occasionally hire writers, but as far as development goes I'm the only one on my team (mostly because money is extremely scarce for me). It's definitely a lot slower, but I kind of like solo development since it's much easier for me to focus on the direction of my games.
  6. Only for quests! If you were interested in that you can message me with your prices and examples and stuff. Just know that depending on your prices, I might not be able to afford to have you start right away. I will have you noted though for whenever I can.
  7. Oh, I know what hashtags are lol. (I should've mentioned, sorry. I've been on twitter, I've just never posted anything) I was wondering if it was like tumblr, where ppl use tags like #vps, or smth to show their games to those looking for them, not exactly to try and push it to everyone on twitter. I was wondering if there were any of those.
  8. I'm thinking about making a twitter for Wild Souls (and eventually Foodbabs later this year), but as someone who never uses twitter, I have no idea what tags are the best to use.
  9. It's been a while since my last update, but I'm close to finished with the auction system! So far it functions like this: Users create an auction with a title, starting bid, minimum increase, and pets/items. It is possible to select pets, items, or both A "minimum increase" is the minimum amount to add to the highest bid. So if the highest bid is 100 gold and the minimum increase is 50 gold, a user can only bid a minimum of 150 gold. I saw this used quite a bit on VPS game forums, so I decided to make it a feature User chooses an end date, and the auction automatically closes on that date, sending the currency to the owner and the pets/items to the highest bidder Users can end an auction early if they wish. An optional "snipe guard", where the auction is extended by 20 minutes if an offer is made within 10 minutes of the deadline.
  10. The flavor texts are little blurbs that randomly appear on a wolf's profile depending on their personality. For example, here's one from Lioden: You see [NAME] strutting around, chest held high. As you walk up, she tells you that this pride is the greatest pride in the lands! There are 29 different personalities, all of which need at least 5 flavor texts to start with (more or less, some are duplicated for similar personalities). I don't expect one person to write them all (unless they offer to) since that would mean about 145 different lines, and that sounds like a little much. Questlines are in a choose-your-own-adventure format, and includes different choices for players to make. It's not very long, they can be played through usually in less than 5 mins. They should be able to be written based on prompts I provide. Here's a short one on the site already: As for what's already there, there isn't much besides what's in that (pretty old) video.
  11. I'm looking for a writer (paid or volunteer) that would be willing to write flavor text and questlines for my wolf sim Wild Souls. If you are interested, please PM me with examples and prices or DM me on Discord (Dinocanid #6171)
  12. Aww ^^; I've also been working on an auction system, although I haven't uploaded it to the repo yet.
  13. Definitely! It's already being done actually, some of the files are already in the repo.
  14. I've found that most pet/sim sites have 3 styles: toony neopets style, semi-realistic (think lioden), and realistic. Virtual pets tend to almost always use neopets style art and look similar to one another, so that's in the highest demand, while sims tend to use more realistic styles. I agree with @st4nn1s that cell-shaded toony art is the easiest to replicate, since the anatomy and shading are simple. When you get into the more realistic and complicated anatomy + shading, things get harder to replicate and the ability to do it well across multiple artists (and have it look seamless) gets harder and harder.
  15. Added more examples, and I now have examples for items!
  16. It's time for a new update, and I have quite a few things to show off today! -Site Theme- I designed a brand new theme for the site! The background tiles like it does because of my browser's screenshot extension. It's a single image on the actual site. I'm still in the process of drawing more art to add to the index page, and it still needs some fixing to scale properly on all screens, but other than that the final design is pretty much complete. Further in the future I plan to add a "light mode" for users that don't like darker interfaces. -Stockpile- I finally got around to adding the stockpile. Right now it just shows the rib item as a placeholder image, but in the future it may change depending on the amount currently stored. (So an empty stockpile would show a few scraps, a large stockpile will show a hoard of food) Rather than whole items, the food is stored as "points". A wolf's hunger goes from 0-100, so if your fullness is 80% then 20pts will be taken from the pile. I find this way much simpler and less wasteful than users consuming whole items and not needing the leftover points. (Then I would need to make scraps and all that stuff...I would rather not) When it comes to your personal stash however, you do consume entire food items. Well...almost. If you eat an item from your stash then you will waste any extra points a food item might have had. For example, if you're at 80% and eat an item with a 50pt food value, then 30pts will go to waste. It's much more beneficial to add your food to the pile, but some people will always decide to be greedy. -Pup 2.0- I decided that I wanted to remake the pup art since the old one didn't really capture the feel of a pup. This one is much more cheerful, while the old one looked like a deer in the headlights. While working on this lifestage, I decided to include some limitations. Pups will always have blue eyes and pink noses/paws until they reach 6 months. Once they reach 6 months, they'll show the colors they actually inherited. (for reference, they become adolescents at 1 year) The adolescent will be getting an update as well, but that will be in a later news post. -Content Warnings- I've finalized the content warnings for the site (as it stands). It's similar to Lioden, just without the suggestive/sexual references. The label itself is subject to change due to legal issues it could bring though. It'll most likely change in design before the site opens.
  17. Slowly moving forward, but I finally added in the bank feature and made some final changes to the night sky theme (I need to work in a pretty environment lol). All the built in themes will also only use Bootstrap 4 now. Next things I'll start on soon are condensing the myadopts page (lots of unnecessary pages and redirects) and adding the auction and raffle features.
  18. Alright, I've taken a long break but I plan on working on this some more this weekend! One new thing I've decided over the break was to drop composer support (+ plans to merge it into the main branch) and just leave it up to the individuals that want it to install it. That doesn't mean the composer branch is going anywhere though! The code is still open source, so anyone that wants to maintain it is welcome to. (It just means I won't be maintaining it myself)
  19. I'm not at my computer to elaborate, but there's a step-by-step guide on the official krita documentation on how to animate with it: https://docs.krita.org/en/user_manual/animation.html Once I get to my computer later I can edit a more "straight to the point" guide into this post.
  20. Just an update that I'm still looking for a layout design! I can also be contacted through Discord (Dinocanid#6171).
  21. That's fine! I'm just really thankful for the help ;-;
  22. Yeah, I'm mainly looking at more of the layout. For the colors I wanted to keep the dark look, but I'm open to suggestions for that too. Thanks for offering to help btw!
  23. I've been having trouble designing a nice looking layout for Wild Souls. The current one is okay, but not at all on-par with most similar sites: I can handle the actual CSS part myself, it's just the overall design I'm having trouble with. It's not eye-catching enough and pretty bland. Would anyone be willing to help by providing sketches of possible layouts? If needed I could pay for some sketches, but my budget is pretty low ($20 max)
  24. It's called Wild Souls, and thanks everyone for the nice replies!
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