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  1. Yeah, it's planned. I'm busy with college and my own sites lately though, so this takes low priority.
  2. Thank you everyone for your patience. Registration is now open! Click here to go to the site. Some notes: - The game is in early alpha! Several features may be missing or incomplete - Battles and trading are not yet in the game, those are coming soon - Not many quests are available at the moment - Items are still wonky and don't do anything. Will fix soon! If you encounter any bugs on the site, please make a report on our forum! It's much easier to keep track of them there than in the discord.
  3. Ok, I finally have some news! I have finalized what will be in Alpha Phase 1. It's a bit less than what's on the trello, but I decided to roll out updates for Phase 1 after opening since I figured that if I continued to hold out until everything was in there, it won't reach you guys for a very long time (as you've seen lol) - Exploration system, each region will only have 5 random events to being with and 2 animals to hunt (deer and hares) - Not all npc personalities will have flavor texts when interacting - PMs and ally system (basically a friend list) - Most likely no trading. I still have to refine that - Only 1 enemy in the battle system, smilodons (found through exploring) - The spirit shop (seen after death) will only have 2 pelt colors available, spiritus and ember Will those things noted, I'm currently working now to add an extra layer of polish before opening registration. It may be incomplete, but I still don't want things to be messy. I hope to see you soon when the game opens in the next announcement!
  4. Ok so uhhh, this new thing is unrelated to the original question but somehow the game screwed itself today. I'm getting this after logging in: Despite me not touching the player class or any login files at all. In fact, I hadn't touched any files in almost 2 days. This is the code it's referring to: public function logout() { $this->DB->query( "UPDATE `" . $this->table . "` SET `atime` = NOW() WHERE `id` = '$this->id'" ); //make sure the object is destroyed even if the session isn't removed unset($this); session_destroy(); }
  5. I'm trying to add a cron that automatically creates a new show every 5 hours. After spending forever debugging, the cron no longer throws any errors when ran. However, it doesn't actually do anything. $loop = $this->DB->query( "SELECT `event_types`.`id`, `event_types`.`species` FROM `event_types`" ); while ($event = $this->DB->fetch($loop)) { $eventID = $event['id']; $species = $event['species']; $this->DB->query( "INSERT INTO `shows` ( `player_id`, `event_id`, `event_type`, `entry_fee`, `created`, `prize`, `species` ) VALUES ( 101, 1, '$eventID', 0, CURRENT_TIMESTAMP, 100, '$species' )" ); } It's just a short and simple insert query, but the cron won't add any rows when ran.
  6. Something really weird is just going on with the params o.0 I literally copy-pasted the echo code into a new function and it works, but it won't work with the add function. So yeah I have no idea what's going on. public function addtest($min_height, $max_height) { echo "Min: {$min_height}, Max: {$max_height}"; } This work-around works so I guess it's fine. I wish I could keep the height params in the same function as everything else though. Aaaaand now the add function suddenly works, and I didn't even touch it. Wha At least it's fixed now.
  7. Oh yeah I fixed the id thing already (an oversight, whoops), but addBreed does directly call the add function. I already did the backtracking and the input html is correctly linked, just like all the other inputs, but the inputted value isn't being sent for some reason. It's been driving me insane for weeks lol. Especially since it used to work perfectly fine.
  8. I'm attempting to add a field into the breed creator in the admin panel where you can set a minimum and maximum height for that breed. However, it refuses to work, and the strange thing is that it did before. For a while it was working, and one day it stopped (and the code hadn't even been touched). if ($game->buttonPressed('addBreed')) { $_MESSAGES[] = $game->session('player')->addBreed( $game->post('name'), $game->post('species'), $game->post('url'), $game->post('info'), $game->post('min_height'), $game->post('max_height'), $game->post('cross_one'), $game->post('cross_two') ); } (breeds.php when the button is pressed) <div class="form-row"> <div class="form-group col-md-6"> <label for="minheight"> ' . __MIN_HEIGHT .': </label> <i class="' . __ICON_DEFAULT . '"></i> <input type="text" name="min_height" id="min_height" class="form-control" value="' . $breed->minHeight() . '" /> </div> <div class="form-group col-md-6"> <label for="maxheight"> ' . __MAX_HEIGHT .': </label> <i class="' . __ICON_DEFAULT . '"></i> <input type="text" name="max_height" id="max_height" class="form-control" value="' . $breed->maxHeight() . '" /> </div> </div> (HTML from the form in breeds.php) public function add($name, $species, $url = null, $info = null, $min_height, $max_height, $cross_one = null, $cross_two = null) { echo "Min: {$min_height}, Max: {$max_height}"; //etc. rest of the code is here... } (add function in Breed.php) The minimum and maximum height always return blank, and only those fields (please ignore the weird indentation, TGL makes it weird for some reason). The only way it works now is if min_height and max_height are hard-coded in the add function params, which of course isn't good for this case. (Design1online was contacted about this btw, but wasn't able to give a working solution)
  9. What's the file name and path? (8bitwonder.ttf?) Can you provide a code example of what you tried?
  10. I'm a solo developer as well! I occasionally hire writers, but as far as development goes I'm the only one on my team (mostly because money is extremely scarce for me). It's definitely a lot slower, but I kind of like solo development since it's much easier for me to focus on the direction of my games.
  11. Only for quests! If you were interested in that you can message me with your prices and examples and stuff. Just know that depending on your prices, I might not be able to afford to have you start right away. I will have you noted though for whenever I can.
  12. Oh, I know what hashtags are lol. (I should've mentioned, sorry. I've been on twitter, I've just never posted anything) I was wondering if it was like tumblr, where ppl use tags like #vps, or smth to show their games to those looking for them, not exactly to try and push it to everyone on twitter. I was wondering if there were any of those.
  13. I'm thinking about making a twitter for Wild Souls (and eventually Foodbabs later this year), but as someone who never uses twitter, I have no idea what tags are the best to use.
  14. It's been a while since my last update, but I'm close to finished with the auction system! So far it functions like this: Users create an auction with a title, starting bid, minimum increase, and pets/items. It is possible to select pets, items, or both A "minimum increase" is the minimum amount to add to the highest bid. So if the highest bid is 100 gold and the minimum increase is 50 gold, a user can only bid a minimum of 150 gold. I saw this used quite a bit on VPS game forums, so I decided to make it a feature User chooses an end date, and the auction automatically closes on that date, sending the currency to the owner and the pets/items to the highest bidder Users can end an auction early if they wish. An optional "snipe guard", where the auction is extended by 20 minutes if an offer is made within 10 minutes of the deadline.
  15. The flavor texts are little blurbs that randomly appear on a wolf's profile depending on their personality. For example, here's one from Lioden: You see [NAME] strutting around, chest held high. As you walk up, she tells you that this pride is the greatest pride in the lands! There are 29 different personalities, all of which need at least 5 flavor texts to start with (more or less, some are duplicated for similar personalities). I don't expect one person to write them all (unless they offer to) since that would mean about 145 different lines, and that sounds like a little much. Questlines are in a choose-your-own-adventure format, and includes different choices for players to make. It's not very long, they can be played through usually in less than 5 mins. They should be able to be written based on prompts I provide. Here's a short one on the site already: As for what's already there, there isn't much besides what's in that (pretty old) video.
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