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  1. Hi, I will be your artist today. As such you can hire me for your custom requests. Ill add example of my work here. Prices vary please let me know what you are looking for, and we can make an arrangement. I accept only USD I prefer Paypal, and or Cashapp.
  2. Yes indeed sorry for the delayed reply my end. I can completely understand. this is for the base inquiry where I asked you about it right? :3
  3. The lovely @Cassandra1891 Did these bases as a custom Comission. I am only seeking What I paid for the bases. $14 per set. [Fox bases] and for the Reindeer [$10] I will be accepting only Paypal ready USD payments. You will obtain all psd files in original format, and full ownership rights.
  4. Just wondering if you are still open for commissions? If so I get paid next week I believe its next week. I am not quite sure what I want yet other then a 3 stage set. Which if I read correctly is $45? :3
  5. Usernames I have gone by in the past on other forum based websites where my adopts are used. Rescreatu VelvetVixie Lioden VelvetVixie Gothicat World Bonejack Gaiaonline no longer a member, but was Velvet Vixie Discord ShadowBracer
  6. I need verification to use the bases I have purchased from my fellow users as such I would request that the users I have purchased the bases from would post here, stating the bases purchased, and the use permission upon which is given.
  7. Welcome to the gaming list. <3
  8. The bases shown were down by chutkat for the water dragon, and my hybrids by cassandra 1891. I merely colored them. I am seeking 5 Usd for colorations. I am also displaying my contest entry for another site I have recently done. In addition some other simple commissions from other users.
  9. Thanks digital I shall get my entry done today. :3
  10. Oh what is the deadline to have the submissions in by?
  11. hiya its vixie hun welcome to the site. :3
  12. I purchased some pet bases that are wonderfully done from this artist, as well as private commission, she is more then reasonable with her prices, and the quality of work she puts forward is just wonderful. I would recommend highly to others her works.
  13. @Andou I am from vpl too I found this from a friend I was so greatful.
  14. @PaulSonny I am very happy I just purchased some of his art assets. He was rather quickly about sending the files, I also am hiring him as my site dev when I have more things for it ironed out.
  15. If you can provide me an example I would love to volunteer.
  16. @Cybura This Current TGL is my avatar from a site called gaiaonline. I can pm you there though I think you might like what I can offer as far as site help if your in need of it. :3
  17. @Cybura I am eating, and I don't mind being a tester. I think so far its going good. :3 I am going to look at the forums area now.
  18. @Cybura Awesome thank you so very much I am about to eat so I think I will try again. :3
  19. @Cybura cool I am excited to try this site out. If yall need a colorist I am up for hire as a side note. :3 keeps giving me load errors.
  20. Hi I am new here, thought I say hello. :3
  21. @Cybura I tried who should I put in as a referal? It won't let me finish registering. :3
  22. @Cybura It is really hard to narrow it down. I would say the first set, I am a fox, and dragon, and tiger, and shark lover so seeing these bases was like omg I am in love with this can't wait to play it.
  23. I really love the pet bases you have quote lovely. :3
  24. I am able to do just about what ever kind of pet coloration you have in mind, and I am for perfection so if something does'nt feel right in the coloring I have done for you let me know I will correct it free. I am asking around $5 USD Though the price is negotiable. You can see an example of my coloring styles here.
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