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  1. Old Member Introductions

    Welcome to the gaming list. <3
  2. Colorist For hire

    The bases shown were down by chutkat for the water dragon, and my hybrids by cassandra 1891. I merely colored them. I am seeking 5 Usd for colorations. I am also displaying my contest entry for another site I have recently done. In addition some other simple commissions from other users.
  3. Halloween 2017: Pretty Pumpkins

    Thanks digital I shall get my entry done today. :3
  4. Halloween 2017: Pretty Pumpkins

    Oh what is the deadline to have the submissions in by?
  5. Old Member Introductions

    hiya its vixie hun welcome to the site. :3
  6. Cassandra1891 (artist)

    I purchased some pet bases that are wonderfully done from this artist, as well as private commission, she is more then reasonable with her prices, and the quality of work she puts forward is just wonderful. I would recommend highly to others her works.
  7. Old Member Introductions

    @Andou I am from vpl too I found this from a friend I was so greatful.
  8. PaulSonny (Programmer)

    @PaulSonny I am very happy I just purchased some of his art assets. He was rather quickly about sending the files, I also am hiring him as my site dev when I have more things for it ironed out.
  9. Looking for a volunteer writer

    If you can provide me an example I would love to volunteer.
  10. Kinder Pets

    Yes I will be hosting around 6pm EST a stream of coloring on the bases shown. :3
  11. Cybura

    @Cybura This Current TGL is my avatar from a site called gaiaonline. I can pm you there though I think you might like what I can offer as far as site help if your in need of it. :3
  12. Cybura

    @Cybura I am eating, and I don't mind being a tester. I think so far its going good. :3 I am going to look at the forums area now.
  13. Cybura

    @Cybura Awesome thank you so very much I am about to eat so I think I will try again. :3
  14. Cybura

    @Cybura cool I am excited to try this site out. If yall need a colorist I am up for hire as a side note. :3 keeps giving me load errors.
  15. Old Member Introductions

    Hi I am new here, thought I say hello. :3

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