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  1. well I was "spongebobgirl____" on neopets when I was like 11, but the account eventually got frozen. I also have the neopets account "cweepy" which was like, supposed to be creepy but CUTE AND RANDOM LOL!! unfortunately it's like... my best account and has some of my fav pets on it so I can't abandon it completely.
  2. I'm an avid Destiny player and I've been excited for D2 since they announced it earlier this year, so I was glad to see some of that. They also revealed the Destiny 2 beta dates during E3, so that was exciting, though it wasn't actually during the major conference. I'm also excited for Monster Hunter. I gave up on the series when it went to handheld-only on 3DS. I just didn't have as much fun with the game as a handheld as I did on my screen, so it's awesome to see it coming back to a console -- and a better one, at that! No offense Nintendo, I love you, but your consoles aren't powerful enough for super serious big games. And the HZD expansion, as well. Horizon was literally one of the best games I've played in years as a standalone, complete story and plot... I'm excited to see where it'll go from here.
  3. I remember being really excited for Seraphel, I believe? Was that the game where the pets were supposed to grow / gain their colors and stuff over time? God, it was a long time ago on VPL now so I might not be remembering it right, but that concept of surprise was something that really excited me and I wanted to see it happen.
  4. Besides the strangeness surrounding the fiances, it could be interesting if someone actually breathed some life into the game. I played it for a very short while before I got bored, as I'm not a big fan of SIM games where your pets age/die/become useless, but I can see the appeal.
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