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  1. Adobe Creative Suite is my jam. Mostly switching between Illustrator and Photoshop here and there. Some AfterEffects + PremierPro when I need it (rarely now that I don't have to edit videos as often woohoo!). I haven't done art in a while.. not digitally, hahaha. Soooo, I'm back to the good ol' pen and paper. ???
  2. This is so wonderful ??? .. Also I just realized that refreshing on the splash page reveals a different pet/creature.
  3. Wow, the item art (as is everything else!) is phenomenal !
  4. Hi @VelvetVixie --- Been lurking for the last little bit and thought that I should make a proper intro, haha. ? Hello! My name is Andou, good to meet you ?! I used to go by Ruichi/Rai back in the day (way way way way back in the day). I see some familiar faces here from the ol' VPL (hello!). I was a bit of a lurker back there as well (haha..), save from a few design and art commissions here and there. Cheers!
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