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  1. I'd be surprised if people actually spent that amount of money for an image hosting website when there are so many free alternatives. I've used Photobucket for many years; even some of my first VPS stuff is on there. It's quite unfortunate that they're going this route... I'd think it would lead to less people using it, therefore less ad revenue etc.
  2. Mew


    @Celosia Thank you! It's definitely been a long time; I miss being apart of the community. Ever since PetRPG (the last website I staffed on), I haven't worked for any other virtual pet sites. I do however moderate for furrynetwork.com nowadays! I currently play Flight Rising and although not exactly a VPS, Animal Jam. I used to have a pet site in the making, but I ended up cancelling the project due to time and funds. It was Kitsu Online if you ever heard of it; it started off on v-petsite years ago and was pretty popular back then.
  3. Mew


    Hey! I've been a longtime member of the virtual pet community, starting around early 2006. I've been going by Mew since then, so you may or may not remember me! I've worked on multiple virtual pet sites in the past, such as: PetRPG, Pyropets, Anatheria, Celendria, Seripets, Kaylune, Icepets, and more that I'll add as I recall them. I am really glad to see a website to replace VPL; I was pretty sad once they went down. @Martyn thankfully reminded me of this place and that I made an account last year, so here I am!
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