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  1. @Niabi - While I can certainly understand wanting "official" updates to come from staff members or Slash himself - I would also venture out to say that, if it's being posted on FF and a screenshot is being shared, it's not any different than hearing it straight from the horse's mouth, so-to-speak. It's just a guarantee that the TGL community will actually see/get those pertinent updates, and not sitting back and hoping that a staff member eventually decides to post that update here. And reading through the thread, I don't get the impression it would be shared here at all. In the end, it's all the same exact information, just not straight from you/other staff. That being said, I don't see sharing the relevant screenshots as an attempt to paint FF in a negative light at all. It's going through transitions, users are worried/expressing concerns, and they're getting answers to questions they've been wondering about. Sharing that Q&A shouldn't paint FF in any negative light, simply because it's being shared outside of FF. Any potential new user or, if it comes down to it, new owner who's not a part of the site already, deserves to know what's going on behind the scenes before moving ahead. I'd expect it of any other game going through growing pains.
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