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  1. There's quite a few people following this topic (yay!! :D) so I wanted to give an update. I picked up a rather large commission project in September, and I've put this on hold for a little bit here. My commission ends in February, and I plan on coming back to this in March!
  2. NeverGuardians has the best logo ever
  3. I typically charge $60/hour and give a discount for larger projects. I've seen hourly rates all over the place, though...from $10 to $80+.
  4. Thanks @Bravefoot! I'm taking a break this weekend for some family time and to catch up on some other projects. I'll be back at it 2nd week of September
  5. I'm building out the plugin system right now with Alpha Codes as my test subject. ? Edit: CI is tricky to use as far as creating a plugin system. It has hooks, but it's not as extensive as Laravel. @Jinjojin this is one situation where Laravel may have been a better option.
  6. @Mobotropolis wow...love the list. Thanks! @Jinjojin I chose bootstrap for the same reason as Mobotropolis. I'm already fluent in it, it's easier for others to make changes, and it's relatively easy to use. Codeigniter is a personal preference. I used laravel in a few corporate projects and that may be flavoring my distaste for it. I've used a few frameworks (as well as written my own for some personal projects), and my general opinion is any framework can be as good as any other so long as you know what you're doing. I'm not sure what kind of longevity CI has, but I am also capable of editing the framework if need be for future versions of PHP. It provides a lot of security built-in (which is why I quit using my own framework...why reinvent the wheel?), it's MVC and makes sense to my brain, it's easy to extend, and I really enjoy it. *shrug*
  7. Thank you for the continued input! I have been working on this project and while I'm not sure which route I will go as far as hosted vs. one-time payment, I'm pretty excited for the progress. I'm building this on php 7.3, mysql 5.7, codeigniter 3.1, bootstrap 4.3, and jquery 3.4. I've been toying with boostrapvue as well and may swap out jquery + bootstrap in favor of that, but I also don't want to make it hard for a new game owner to update their own game. I definitely love the idea of plugins. I've never built a plugin feature before, and it's a new challenge that I'm looking forward to
  8. @KingofCrows I understand that completely. Most developers are indie and cannot roll out continuous updates. The perk of hosted solutions as a developer is that I will have income coming in to feed back into development. Another perk of a hosted solution is that I do not think it's something that's been done before...low initial investment for a game owner, a lot of options, and maybe an option to buy a copy of the code down the line? How nice would it be to sign up, pay for that first month at $20, and have all of the options available to you? You'd be able to see quickly whether or not the framework works for you. That's the way I'm leaning with this EDIT: I do plan on offering a demo version as well that would be free. @Mobotropolis I'm thinking more along the lines of wordpress, definitely! I've started building the admin area which allows a user to set the basic game variables (name, admin email, etc.), toggle options on/off (open for registration, moderate members prior to joining, etc.), toggle features on/off (quests, cash shop, etc), and a layout builder (with both options: basic skinning or you do it all). The options I listed above are for a hosted solution. If I were to sell the code itself, I would require a licensing agreement and link back. At this point, I'm going forward with a hosted option to see where it takes me. It will be easy enough to box it up at a later time and offer it for individual sale if hosting doesn't appear to be the way to go. Thank you both for your input, especially listing out the individual features that you feel would be important. I will refer back to this topic a lot, I can tell!
  9. Hi everyone! It looks like there is quite a bit of demand for a new framework for pet games. I would love to be the one to meet this need. What are you looking for in a framework? What features would you like out-of-the-box? What frustrates you about current frameworks? Would you be interested in a subscription-style payment plan (I provide hosting, updates, etc...you pay a monthly fee; tons of customization options, ability for creating custom features; layout builder) or would you prefer a framework that you can just purchase, download, and go? I would truly love to hear your feedback on this!
  10. Thank you! Fixed It's been years since I've been on the forum. I'm not sure why the URL was pointing to a page on TGL. Appreciate you looking out for me
  11. This was a long time coming, but we finally upgraded to php 7 ?
  12. Is there a way to add Equus Nation to the big list of sim games sticky? EquusNation.com
  13. I am starting a new project and would like to gain some input from investors. Investors like pretty art and all the things that I'm not capable of doing well ? The topic is llamas, it will be a mobile app in unity, and it is rather unique in that it's not a pet game. I am looking for either one or two artists: Llamas, items - I'm struggling to find a style I want. Not super realistic, though GUI - make a few mockups of the app's flow and future functionality You will need to sign an NDA if you choose to work with me. It's been so long since I've tried to hire an artist, I'm sure I'm missing something. Please feel free to ask questions. There are some things I will not be able to talk about, but I'll answer everything that I can! Thank you
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