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  1. Breed and train horses in this classic equine sim. Careful breeding will help improve the bloodlines on the game and make future champions even better. Watch your horse climb in levels as it improves. Own the champion horse you've always wanted! Our community is very friendly and relaxed. Feel at home, unwind for the day, and converse with fellow horse lovers! View full game
  2. Equus Nation is in need of a content writer. At the moment, we have just one page that needs help. We will definitely have more work available in the future, but this is our starting point We have a Quests feature that is incredibly bland right now. The text doesn't set the scene or get you ready for what's going on. CURRENTLY: You click the Quests link, and you see the text "Welcome adventurer!" with a button to click to get a new quest. SUPER BORING. Once you get your quest, the game grabs a random NPC who you are doing the quest for. These characters do have a little flavor text, and that's fine as-is. Once you gather the items, you turn in your quest and receive a reward. We are looking for someone to spice up the content of this page. Right now, I'm offering $8 USD for this job as it should be pretty easy for someone who is handy with words. We would like to get content on this page ASAP. If you have any questions, please ask If you're interested in the job, please pm me or post here with a sample of your work. Thank you!
  3. Equus Nation is in need of some new art. Our current art style is: Christmas Present Horse Image We need 100x100 px transparent pngs for the following items: Apple Carrots Racing Bridle Western Saddle We need NPC art for a few human characters as well. I'm not sure what the cost of these would be that is fair. We're looking for at least 300x300 px transparent pngs...the price will dictate how big of an image I can afford. Quest Master Cowboy Chris Benny the Bullet Elegant Eloise Payment will be made through PayPal. Please send me a message or reply here with some of your existing work and prices. Thank you very much!!
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