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  1. Authorize.net has more flexible policies than paypal regarding this, it seems (from what I see but please double check me!) their only adult restrictions involves obviously illegal content, video streaming, and certain physical goods. Since I doubt you would have video streaming, they might be a viable option for you.
  2. Seems too coincidental to not be related. Sloppy handling by FF staff, imo. I'd be interested in a statement on this...
  3. No problem! A background like that would be $50. (:
  4. I think there's a big difference between covering big site news that effect many (such as this) and doing a tabloid-esque "he said she said" covering of a situation. One is true journalism while the other aims to smear a specific person or peoples. I think as long as news covers the game as a whole rather than people and is not painted with bias or unfairly then all information lawfully obtained is free game. If that thread were titled "Staff lie to FelisFire!" and focused only on smearing staff members and not the wider scope of the situation, then I'd say it's inappropriate. A good news article will not make assumptions and will promote transparency. I think the principles of journalism are a staple for anyone who reports news, even for pet sims. 1. JOURNALISM’S FIRST OBLIGATION IS TO THE TRUTH - News must not be reported just to further your agenda or narrative. A free press (like this website) depends on having accurate facts put into meaningful context so that readers/players can draw their own conclusions. 2. ITS FIRST LOYALTY IS TO CITIZENS - The free right to information should be more valuable than any website and no website should be offered special protection from the truth. 3. ITS ESSENCE IS DISCIPLINE OF VERIFICATION - There must be a concept of objectivity and professionalism in all reports and articles. Even as a situation becomes more complex (or dramatic) there should always be consistent and transparent information, this is what separates journalism from other communication such as propaganda or fiction. While objectivity is not always possible or even desirable (in the face of inhumanity, for example), impartial reporting builds trust and confidence. 4. IT IS ALWAYS HUMANE - Words have significance and we all should be aware of the impact they have on others. 5. IT IS ACCOUNTABLE - Unfairness, even accidental, should be met with sincerity over cynicism and errors must be corrected. Those who report news are in a position of leadership and a direct line to players and the sites they love, this responsibility must be taken seriously. tl;dr: What Digital said.
  5. A bit about me I am a full time freelance programmer and artist. I am an app developer by trade and have programmed sites from the ground up in the past. I have 3 years of schooling in game design and am looking for work on both short term and long term projects. I'm very flexible with pricing and am willing to work with reasonable budgets. Proficiency PHP // Symfony & Laravel HTML5/CSS3 // Bootstrap & HTML5 canvas Javascript/jQuery Node.js/socket.io Linux Servers Swift/Mobile app design Pricing $15 an hour. Sites I have programmed for Novilar, Mysticpets
  6. A bit about me I am a full time freelance programmer and artist. I have a long history drawing for pet sims looking for realistic or semi-realistic styles and have open availability to take on both large and small projects both on a short-term or long-term basis. I have 3 years of schooling in game design and am capable of doing spriting and tilesheets as well as illustrations. I also have experience with animations. I'm very flexible with pricing and am willing to work with reasonable budgets. Pricing I accept USD via paypal Pet art - Starting at $20. Item art - $3-5 an item (must order at least 5 items) Backgrounds - Starting at $50 Logo/Layout Design - Quoted per project Spriting or Animation - Quoted per project Examples
  7. Very easy, actually. I haven't really tested anything that required real scalability though, so I'm unsure how easy it would be to work with in large scale applications. However for the simple sites I've used it with, it's been a breeze!
  8. Has anyone ever used the like of Python and Tornado/other MVC frameworks? I've been learning some python over the last few weeks for use in small-scale apps and have had quite a lot of fun playing with it.
  9. I personally really stand by use of MVC frameworks for complex systems like pet sites. Some projects really don't need a framework, but as a programmer I've always felt my job is to keep things streamlined and organized so the code is easily expanded and read for future developers that might look at your project. Strictly looking at performance, overuse of a large MVC framework such as Laravel for a project that is small and really doesn't need much abstraction may be unnecessary, but in larger projects the layers of abstraction and extra tools are really invaluable for streamlining the production process.
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