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  1. @Ricky That shouldn't be a problem! Go ahead and shoot me a PM with specifics about what you're looking for, what kind of game it is, and what kind of payment you're considering.
  2. @Tanya Insert large, angry, illiterate and slow minded screaming here Thanks for the welcome TONYA
  3. I am a freelance writer with too much time on my hands and an interest in getting into game writing. Whether you're looking for a full time writer, someone to help you flesh out a couple of lore documents or plot ideas, or you just want someone to proofread and edit your work, I am willing to help! If education matters to you, I have a Bachelor's Degree in English. My rates are negotiable and I can work with your budget and timeline expectations. There are very few things that I will not take a shot at. I am proficient in writing lore documents, assisting with worldbuilding, and writing dynamic narrative pieces (perhaps to aid in a game's advancing plotline). Please take a look at my examples to make a decision on whether or not my style suits your project! PM me your questions and your ideas! Example Key The following links redirect to google docs with specific writing samples that fit various genres and styles. Please feel free to visit any applicable examples or ask any questions you may have. Please be aware that there may be blank spaces in the narrative examples, as they are just portions from larger writing projects that I cannot share in their entirety. Location Descriptions + Species Lore for 16+ Pet Sim Basic worldbuilding examples of how I tend to flesh out species and their places in the world. I am capable of writing more lighthearted material, these are just the most recent and accurate stylistic examples. Third Person Omniscient Excerpts This is an accurate example of my normal narrative style, which is third person omniscient. This contains two excerpts from the same story. First Person Science Fiction Narrative Short snippets from a personal project as an example of first-person writing and some world building. I am capable of writing everything from sci-fi to high fantasy given the proper prompt and assets. Character Descriptions Some various character descriptions that I've worked on for a personal project! This is the general structure of my character backgrounds when I am asked to develop a character for someone. The Worst Fanfic I've Ever Written This is truly the worst example I have, do not waste your time.
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