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  1. I haven't gotten around to really advertising Eqcetera yet, but I've worked with small businesses in their marketing. The rule of thumb is to spend 5-15% of revenue on marketing, but they include items that we normally wouldn't like email softwares, landing pages, marketing agency, photo licensing, branding, etc. I plan to start with a test budget of $5/day then ramp up to 5-10% of revenue depending on marketing initiatives. This budget will include advertising but that won't make up 100% of it since I have other marketing costs. I think for pet sites, it's important to work around other
  2. Bumping this since we have more availability as a team now.
  3. First of all, good for you for thinking about this before starting. A lot of people start pet sites without realizing the true costs involved. Some helpful resources are: So You want to be a Site Owner... and How to Plan Programming. Adding to what Vix has already said: 1. Programming expenses have multiple factors involved including the complexity of your game plans, the skill level of the person you hire, and the country they're from. That means costs could be anywhere from $10/hr to $100/hr. It all depends on who you hire. If your game is a really simple one, you could get
  4. Before You Read If you’re planning a game, make sure to read Planning Your Game Part 1: How to get started. If you know how to program and are planning a game, you have applause from this corner. Being able to do things yourself is the most efficient and time-saving route you can take. If you don’t know how to program, I strongly encourage you to learn. Even if you don’t learn to the level that you need to build a game, it will help you better communicate with your programmer, understand their time requirements, and help both of you not be as stressed in your relationship. If you pl
  5. Bumping this up. I'll be working on part 2 this week.
  6. Some of you may have heard of Eqcetera, and many of you probably haven't. Eqcetera is a growing horse simulation game based in realism. Basic features Realistic horse genetics 5.5 trillion possible color combinations Unique showing system based on number of entries Estate system Boarding centers Crossbreeds What makes us different? There are tons of different horse games out there. We pride ourselves in a friendly community. As soon as you join, there is always someone there to help you learn the ropes. Our community is a mature one, with
  7. Thank you, @JimJim! I'm glad it's helpful for you. Although I haven't dove too far down the marketing rabbit hole yet in terms of ad campaigns (I think there are only a couple test ones included in those numbers), I've been trying out different email softwares to see what works. Some of this went towards ActiveCampaign which I have since abandoned. I was interested to see if a marketing software that regular businesses used would also work for a game. In this case, it wasn't successful and ended up being more of a headache than it helped. This was the "cheapest" customer relationship mana
  8. Bumping this. I'm available right now for work, especially after seeing my first tax bill as a freelancer. ?
  9. This is really interesting! I'm trying to think back to when I took anything huge from Stackoverflow. I think mainly use it for solutions to problems I have and links to available packages/libraries which have their own licensing. There might have been a time or two that I completely copied a javascript solution but I could never track it down now since it's such a part of development. Where would you even find licensing info for that? What if it's just a code snippet? There's a lot of grey areas here. I could definitely see the problem for when people post their own solutions and l
  10. @Vix Yes, you can purchase an upgrade with credits or subscribe for $3.99/mo. The cost for a monthly subscription works out to be about the same per month as the yearly credit option purchase without having to pay that upfront.
  11. Ah, with the way it was worded, I felt like you were personally asking me. My apologies.
  12. I'm not new to game development nor marketing considering I've been developing games for 11 years and was a marketing director in my last job. I also have a masters in business administration and am running my game like a business. However, thank you for the insight. I did not make this post to analyze my own motivations. I have them. I've been building this game, like I said, for about 4 years now and have been a part of the community as an owner or player for 9 years. I made this post to show people who are building games that there are expenses involved. It's not all rainbows and roses
  13. I wanted to share this article with the community. The writer of this article is calling all PBBG owners to work together. https://blog.pbbg.com/thoughts-on-pbbgs/ We have TGL here so we're already at an advantage! Although they're trying to communicate through their blog, the same can be said for this community: I hope we continue to communicate with and help each other as a community so that all our games can collectively become better. Sure, there is competition between us. But working together can only strengthen us. In the words of Tecumseh, "A single twig breaks, but
  14. This is exactly the point I'm trying to make though for those wanting to create a game. Based on the time I spend and the money I get personally in my bank account (not revenue), I'm not making enough. If I were hiring an outside programmer, I would personally be making nothing at all and have a lot less progress on the game. Sometimes I wonder if doing this is worth my time at all. It's difficult to do something long-term with little to no benefit. The only thing that keeps me going is 1) I actually do love game development and hope to continue it as a hobby if nothing else, 2) hope that
  15. First off, I just want to say... if you're looking for a get rich quick scheme, the pet site industry is probably not the best place to look. Over the years, I've heard of owners who have to pitch in their own money, who only break even each month and pray that they can pay their hosting bill, and the rare owner who can live off their game's income. I'm definitely not saying it's impossible to get rich and with a great idea, you probably could. But it's not an easy way to make money. Here's a bit of background on the journey of Eqcetera. I bought Eqcetera from a friend back in 2012 and re
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