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  1. Hello! I've been lurking around this community for years although I haven't posted much. I'm Bedouin, the owner of eqcetera.com under the Reddian, LLC umbrella of games (1 open + 2 in development). I've been around pet sites/SIM games for over a decade now and have been programming for half of that. Up until last fall, I worked as a senior developer for a development agency that catered to small business owners and since then, I've worked for a broker who gets contract work for a team of developers. Currently working on learning Python/Django and Angular for another game I have in development. I have about 10 hours per week that I can devote to something different, possibly more depending on the week. I have a mountain of credit card debt that I need to pay down so I'm motivated to complete as many projects as possible. Skills Backend: PHP, MySQL, Laravel 5.8 Frontend: CSS, SASS, jQuery, AngularJS, VueJS Some design and wireframing Marketing -- Yes, completely out of scope of this post but I worked as a marketing director for the company I mentioned for almost 2 years. I can help with marketing plans and implementation for the same costs as the programming. Mentoring -- I developed a 3-month training program for new developers at the above company that is still used today for their team of 20+ developers. I can help you learn coding for your own game instead of doing it for you. I haven't seen this type of service offered in this community so I thought I'd throw it in since it could be valuable to game owners. Process We'll discuss what you need and come up with a requirements list together. I'll deliver an official quote of how many hours it would take along with a timeline for delivery. You approve the quote and the quoted work will go into the queue. You pay 50% of the quoted cost at the time of starting work and the remaining 50% when it goes live on your game after testing. Work is delivered within the allotted timeframe with a window for bug testing. You'll also receive a report of where hours were spent. One of my goals is to provide complete transparency, the same as with any professional development firm. Note: If you do not have a development environment, I can help set that up. I would prefer to not work on a live site and to work with version control. Block Pricing 1-5 hours: $60/hr 6-10 hours: $50/hr 10+ hours: $40/hr Discounts If you purchase 5 hours or more, you get 1 hour for free for code discovery the first time. If you purchase 10 hours or more, you get 1 hour for free for code discovery the first time and 1 hour for co-planning. Examples Please message me for examples since everything I have is either proprietary for my own games or for clients and I don't want to post it publicly. I have coded Eqcetera from the ground up with no other programmers ever touching that code. References Unfortunately, I have no references within this community yet. This is my first time opening up services beyond my own games. Hopefully I'll have some soon! Contact Discord is the best way to contact me: Bedouin#2555. If you don't have Discord, you can also use bedouin@reddian.com or message me here.
  2. I'm definitely open to any discussion! Discord: Bedouin#2555. I'll have to check Nuxt.js out. I've just started discovering how awesome Vue is although not with anything game related atm. Angular is awesome! I'm actually starting to build in AngularJS into my current game, Eqcetera, to give it a bit more dynamic flair beyond jQuery.
  3. Hello, fellow developers! I, too, develop alone although I've recently roped in one of my RL coworkers to co-own a game with me that we purchased a couple months ago so that's been a fun breath of fresh air to actually be able to discuss features and not have to make all the decisions alone. I really got into sims back in my teens and decided to make one myself when I was 19. Back then, I only knew basic HTML. I eventually got to where I could kind of read the code. Developing games started my passion for programming and inspired me to switch from a nursing major to computer science. I ended up shutting down my first game and selling my second one. A couple years ago, the people who I sold my second game to ended up giving it back to me and I was roped back in. Sadly, there was a 2 year break in there and I lost all contact with my developer contacts so I wasn't able to have the cool conversations I did before. But I did get professional web dev experience with a tech firm so I don't need them for "How do I do this?" conversations anymore. @StarSea I totally get family not understanding your passion. Even other developers don't understand it. I'd love to get back into talking things out. I miss that about the old days. I had a few developer friends who we would discuss features for each other's games and come up with some pretty cutting edge stuff back then by putting our brains together. Not sure if people are just more closed mouth these days or I just don't know the right people. @Celosia Which framework did you decide on? Thinking about incorporating some AngularJS into my current game...
  4. This sounds like a neat idea! The AI part of it all especially sounds interesting, especially where your pack is mostly NPCs. Seems like it would work well with the constant fight for dominance. Wish I was as productive with coming up with ideas during my bathroom trips as you are!
  5. Gosh, I haven't used the file manager that cPanel provides in a minute although I definitely know what you mean. I always found huge files to be a pain to load in that but it may have changed since I used it. How do you like the performance of the programming and file management part of it?
  6. I've been out of school for a little over a year now, and I'm ready to go back! I loved school. ;__; Gotta pay down the massive mountain of student loans I have going on, but I could see myself going back in a couple years. Not sure for what though.
  7. I second Liquid Web. When it says hero support, it really means it. Those guys are actually tech savvy and any one of them can fix your problem without rerouting you to 50 other people. It's a little on the expensive side though imo. I've had bad experiences with BlueHost. I've worked with clients who use that and it's always a pain to get backups or really anything through customer service. I can't remember all the issues we've had with them, but it's been at least 3 or 4 different problems that were very hard to solve without the help of customer support. I use Vultr for my games. It's pay as you use resources and it accepts Paypal. I currently have about 7 or 8 websites on that server and only pay ~$20/mo. In the past year and a half, I've never experienced downtime. It is unmanaged like some of the others mentioned before but on an unmanaged server, once you get everything installed, it's not much server maintenance. The only time I really go into the command line is to do version control these days. For database stuffs, I use Sequel Pro (on a mac) which is a cheaper option than cPanel if you're only ever going in for database editing. Vultr link: http://www.vultr.com/?ref=6841778
  8. I love diving. If I lived closer to the ocean, I'd do it every week but alas, I live in the mountains. I got certified last summer so if I ever get a chance to go, I jump on it. It's such an otherworldly experience to be able to breathe underwater and see animals we usually don't see because we, well, live on land. I'm going to revisit a quarry in the new few weeks to see some paddlefish. Besides that, I just like learning. I constantly need to be challenged, whether it's through work or personal projects. In three years at my job, I've moved from a newbie out of college to a director. For actual fun, I watch Asian dramas (Korean, Taiwanese, Japanese, Chinese, and sometimes Thai). A lot of people think that's weird, but there's actually a lot of Americans who follow Asian dramas, which a lot of the time are the live action version of an anime. But sometimes it follows its name and it's just a dramatic drama with memory loss, car accidents, and chaebols (the Korean word for rich people who inherit their family business). It's fun to have a window into a culture that is so different from my own. It's even encouraging me to learn Chinese. I can pick out words from the languages above except Thai (definitely harder for me in both written and spoken forms).
  9. @tiff That's really impressive! Quite a range of things you've got going on there. I've come to a point in my life where I'm having a hard time imagining anything further than a year out. Right now, I'm starting a new department for the company I work for. We've been an internet marketing company without an actual marketing department for about 3 years now (I know right, how does that even happen?). So the fact that my brain is still wired for development (this is actually my last week with development tasks) makes things even more challenging. Which having a challenge was my goal in the first place with this career change so it worked! Anyways... that's been consuming me for the past few months. Next year though (or the year after??), I hope to have the department stable and providing value to the company. By that point, I also hope to have my own business generating enough revenue that I could take the leap of quitting my job. Even though I love my job, I think the next challenge in my life is to build my own company.
  10. When I'm on Windows, I use Notepad++ but on Mac (which is most of the time), I use a Transmit/Atom combo. I'm really shallow and love the themes that I can install on it. At work, I always get asked which theme I'm using because of all the pretty colors. Plus, it's just easy to use and really customizable like TDL said. I did try out Sublime, Textmate, and VS Code but Atom is home. If you're working in Angular 2 with Typescript, VS Code is the way to go though.
  11. All from scratch. I work on a day-to-day basis with Wordpress development and really like concepts from how they do things, but I wanted the organization of Laravel. It's a mash-up between the two that speeds up development for adding new features to an existing feature set. Sort of a CMS MVC. I am possibly going to add a library for database migrations though. Been looking at a few of those. It's something that doesn't make sense to code from scratch.
  12. For the past few years (read forever and a half), Eqcetera has been undergoing a full recode that will replace the current version. It started under the era of Cayda and Starry and I'm continuing it. This recode is built on a fully custom MVC framework that took a year to develop. Now that most of the pieces of that are nailed down, features are actually being added quite quickly. We've gotten the following features in, and work continues on making them better in every update. Features: Login/Registration Account settings Online players News Forums Private messages Chat Bank Barns Rescue Purchase horses Breed horses Create shows Enter horses into shows Board horses Vet Assocations ... and more as features are added! If you're interested in viewing the progress, there is a demo for V2 happening on June 10th: https://www.crowdcast.io/e/v2-demo-2 After that, we'll start slowly letting older players into the new game to start testing and suggesting how to make it better. Any further updates will be posted on this thread.
  13. Hey guys! Not sure if any of you remember me. I haven't been active since 2014-ish. I came over from VPL like it seems a lot of you have. I'm a programmer who is working on a game framework for all of my different games. It's my one hobby outside of work it seems. Anyways, I'm always up for learning new things or looking at things from different angles. My favorite animal is a dog. I have an 8-month extremely goofy German Shepherd puppy who keeps me company. He's also great to bounce ideas off of since his go-to response is to tilt his head attentively like what I'm saying is the most interesting thing in the world. If only people were that way. So! I'm going to try to actually be social and post things. Maybe. If I don't get sucked into my work tornado. Feel free to hit me up for anything, be it a random message or question or whatever. Peace!
  14. Same here, @Nate. It took a year just to get my framework nailed down before I could even really start on game stuff.
  15. Bedouin


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