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  1. @superbearwars To clear your doubt i would like to answer it , they are not active on this community , i told them to post this review because i have completed the work for them ! it was Database migration for a community website which upgraded to another CMS. To enhance the credibility of this review i would like to show you some proof. So Stop doubting someone skills and ability , I Wonder how could people just blindly trust someone accusation.
  2. Thank you! You have been great to work with, Nikosuk
  3. Hello everyone , we had a misunderstanding in communication so they fired me off ... i don't know how her file got missing but even i told them to fix it... they used vulgar languages on me & BayoDino is another programmer she used to work with them she treated her harshly too... she is posting edited pics as proof...she got me banned on mysidia forum too with fake stories... They paid me only 50$ for designing the template which i did and they was satisfied with...only after that i have taken money from them Thats all i would like to present...i was inactive so this is a late reply but a must reply so all can know other side of the story too ^^ I Didn't accused @Dinocanid of breaking they acp but they did themself...so i recalled it later on in the chats...
  4. @Tinkerbell - You can follow https://covid19info.live/ , it have the latest updates and statistics
  5. Thank you so much it was really helpful for me and i enjoyed reading it.
  6. 50+ Positive cases have been so far in my country and i have prepared to tackle the upcoming pandemic by stocking up few items like :- n-95 Mask Sanitizer (60%+ Alcohol) Paracetamol & Vitamin-C medicines ( Found to be helpful in curing from coronavirus) Essential food stock and water cans for upto 3 months. Planned to move to our town home which is in isolated area of desert , this is all because we already know that our country medical facilities is not upto the par and it would be all over mess once it starts to spread out at speed , people don't have enough knowledge in our country and government is hiding the potential of virus by stating "Mask" is not necessary for people to wear , only infected one should wear it. I had few friends in china and the last that i could hear from them is that china is censoring out the real reports and hiding the real count of deaths and infected people , even trump compares covid-19 to a Flu I Wish all of you good luck and a healthy life and be in contact with all of us just stock up some medicine like paracetamol,vitamin c tablets and mask ^^
  7. Edited my post and i didn't had intention to do backseat moderating.
  8. I Started programming in 2016 with basic html because i am tech savvy i utilise following technology and equipments for programming :- 1) Visual Studio Code - Best editor and easy to use. 2) Asus Laptop with Intel i5 8th Gen + 8 gb Ram 3) Gitlab - for private repo and backup of the script. 4) Wamp software - it act as a local server to test out my scripts...
  9. As you are looking for the proof i would like you to read out one thread regarding my game from page 3 to the last page , it include all proof like screenshot of what he did with me and his drama which he created. -> http://www.mysidiaadoptables.com/forum/showthread.php?t=5248&page=3 No Judda didn't copied VPL , it is so rude of you to say like that...it is a common question which can be raised up in any virtual pet gaming community so i request you to refrain from accusing them like this. you are good to continue a healthy debate regarding vpl.
  10. It won't heal , he have stolen my first virtual pet game which i programmed very delicately...and i request you to stop splitting the member of TGL community by advertising that website here , please remove the VPL link from your signature...it's not a fair thing to advertise that community here , admin and staff of TGL are being so nice to you and allowed you to discuss about VPL but it doesn't mean you would start promoting and advertising VPL here .. so it would be nice of you to stop branding VPL here or else i would..... And i remind you that this thread doesn't wall under the category of game development section because VPL is not a game so i request staff member to lock out this thread. "General game development discussions, really the mixed bag covering a wide range of topics from game design, to feature development, to specific concepts."
  11. Carlos treated me in a very bad manner just because i was a kid , @martyn knows the drama that he created i really hate him and TGL raised without any help from cpvr or VPL , digital advertised on other communities with facebook pages and helped the community to gather again.
  12. @judda - thank you for tagging me out.. I am interested to check out what i can help out with ^^
  13. Hello, Would anyone like to collaborate with me to program out a web based pet game site :) -> I have 2 year of experience in python programming and frontend designing using bulma,bootstrap. -> The game name is Kinder Pets and i have already created the base documentation of it & art works for it with few of my team mates. ->You can collaborate with me to create the game as hobby and we can talk about payment and all in discord. -> You can DM me on discord @Fazz#7747.
  14. Tumblr // Twitter Hello Everyone..Kinder pets is finally going to make wild entry into alpha testing phase on 1st february 2019 , we all tried our best to resolve all issues,bugs and improve the existing feature during pre - alpha testing phase and we are proud to say that :- 1) 70+ Pets got created. 2) 30+ active member tested it. 3) 4 pet species with 3 different poses and 3 different colors was available to adopt. Here are some sneak peaks of existing feature :- Basic Pet Profile User Profile Pet Creator Demo Pet & Squadron Art :-
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