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  1. Novilar: Combined updates

    its looking far better than before ^^ i mean it looks more eye catchy now...last time i seen it..it was witout background and a total mess
  2. Covert simple bootstrap theme to Wordpress

    I have little bit experience with WordPress maybe I can give it a shot send me detail via pm
  3. Good morning Kinderpets members. We are here to ask something great of this community. Kinderpets is needing help renewing the domain and we need about 20$ to do that. We have now set up a paypal to be able to take donations towards this endeavor, if everyone pitched in 1$, we could easily cover the costs of the renewal. If you would like to help, we can find something nice to give to you come opening time as an exclusive item and possibly an achivement for your profile that marks that you helped us pre-alpha. To help out, please send paypal payments to KinderPetsSim@gmail.com with your discord username so we can come in contact with you or DM Silverbrick#7747 once donation is made. View full news
  4. Kinderpets News System

    So its been a long time since i have posted any update so here is a new update News Posting System -> Admin Will Be Able To Post News Post Which Will Be Posted In Index Page. -> As You Can In Left Side There Is Ribbon That Work As Tag So When We Click It Then It Takes You At Starting Of The News Post & This Will Be Very Helpful For Long News post. -> System Is Able To Automatically Post News Articles If We Have Set A Certain Date Or Time. This Is The Update
  5. Wanted: Wordpress Coder

    Hey there i am interested in it but i want to know first how you want to make it look like ^^
  6. Pet Game Framework by Design1Online

    @Design1online - she is developing and creating the pgf framework and @Vix use it for making celestial equine an nice horse game ^^ i was also using it but i choosed mysidia because i think mysidia have a great amount of potential if we use it in correct way
  7. The "Let's get to know each other" thread

    How old you are. 16 What your gender is - male Where you live (can be general or exact). Mumbai,India but travel at least once per year to my village for vacation What you do / What you are studying. - i am a student and i am in higher class -> How many pets (and/or) kids you have. I have a 1 year old german shepherd and planning to have kids ~
  8. What are the things you always take with you?

    Well i like few things which i carry with me when i go outside in holidays to showoff between girl like a Rare Watch,Smartphone - (My Dad Iphone),Hairgel,Money To Spend ehehhe and at school time i carry school bag,a normal watch and hair without style
  9. CSS Pre-Processors

    I like less much but i am comfortable with regular css and css3 also
  10. I am playing with a battle system which i am developing with http://lance.gg and node.js and using css3 and other things for animation hehehe
  11. Keeping with the popular

    yay thanks for reverting back woowooo
  12. Old Member Introductions

    welcome to tgl ^^
  13. Daily Reward, Forum & New Art

    Finally I Am Done With Daily Reward System But It Still have some grammar mistakes and its need more polish. Finally achieved to make forum with help of @Digital , @Dinocanid & A big thanks to @judda for helping me with the editor for it ^^ and i think it also need some more polish but its better to have something then nothing ( This are art of cute bunny ) Art Of Lions & There Cubs o.O Adol - CUBS (O.O) I Hope You Would Like Our New Update ^^ View full news
  14. Introducing Martyn!

    Hey @Martyn dude i am glad you are helping @Digital with his work toward tgl ^^
  15. Old Member Introductions

    Hey owl welcome to The Gaming List and i am big fan of kittokittokitto pet game framework ^^

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