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  1. Oh really? I accepted every single application the first wave. Though apparently some applications didn't go through. >-<
  2. Aww thank you for the kind words! Yeah Patreon is a risk but with the amount of time and effort put into it having the support helps. That and the server bills, the sudden growth means I have to keep upgrading the servers lol. You can hop onto our discord server (link is on our site, not sure about the rules of linking here) to check up the updates and keep in the know, and don't worry - we have applications. Right now it's every 4 months as we want to slowly grow (instead of massive leaps) but it may become more frequent soon. The next sign up date is the 15th of December and when you visit the site that day it will show a button to link you to the application form to join. Also, if you're really interested and what to see what we have to offer, if you hop on the discord and message me I can give you an invite link to join our test server. Though the experience isn't fully the same - it'll give you a general feel of the site to see if it's worth applying/supporting.
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