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  1. Hello! I got by many names, msjolly, shibe, teatime, etc, and I am looking to do some artwork for you and your site! I specialize in creature concepts and simpler designs. I currently work with Icepets, and have been for over five years now! Pet Examples Animation Examples I am not looking to do any huge animation projects at the moment, but if you are looking for someone for some game assets or banners I am your pick! Demo Reel Roosterteeth Animation Social Links https://www.instagram.com/themsjolly/
  2. There has been a lot of 'classic' hosted sites for plenty of online games. Toontown and ClubPenguin comes to mind; however, none of which are seeking out to make money from either. Which is why I don't think either have been taken down. So I believe the same will go for these classic neopet sites. Modern Neopets seems to have a Patreon though, and while I understand it cost money to keep sites up, I don't think that would fly. I really love the idea though of having these sites around as a sort of Archive, I do miss those days and its obvious a lot of other people have.
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