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  1. I'll send a message to you on Discord! My contact is Tanya#9358
  2. Welcome to Grifflies, a breedable griffin forum & art game! The game is undergoing a critical revamp and is still very much under heavy development. But our Discord updates every week, so feel free to join and read up on the news! Baby grifflie art, pictured above We are looking for artists to help color grifflies for users who breed them, users who age up their grifflies from baby to adult, and for help with adding new markings to the grifflie bases. If you are familiar with PaintTool Sai and are interested in the game, please consider applying! PaintTool Sai is
  3. Not sure if you are still looking, but I'll drop you a message!
  4. Forum | Discord | DeviantArt | Twitter | Patreon Grifflies is a dynamic adoptable and breedable griffin forum game, sporting over 10 different species of griffins, 50+ markings, 10+ mutations, and over 100 unique items to collect! With the new Second Flight update, the grifflies thread has received a drastic makeover and drastic gameplay update. This thread here will be updating as the grifflies thread does. From humble beginnings on Furvilla, Grifflies has grown a wonderful and tight-knit community. We are currently in the development stages of the grifflies website, and hope
  5. I think you're absolutely right, you've brought up some very useful points. Thank you very much for sharing, I should certainly take some time to really think about how I can properly reward players to give them the incentive to continue to play the game in a way that does not feel dull or repetitive. Or, as you said, a good kind of repetition.
  6. What makes a game not repetitive? Playing a game should not be a chore. In developing grifflies, we're working on making some daily tasks to do, but they should be fun tasks and not things that you feel bored and obligated to do. When you play a game consistently, why do you play it? What makes it fun and makes you want to keep coming back? Are you constantly doing the same thing, or is there something different you are doing/working towards each day?
  7. Oh these are cute little things, I like them a lot! Thank you very much for this lovely addition.
  8. @Lupin is a smol sweetiepie, an amazing writer and quick thinker plox hire her thankie. Good to see you here LOOPS.
  9. I've gotten a lot of planning and groundwork done beforehand, but I've definitely met in the middle where I think of a really neat idea and tack it onto my to-do list. For example, I already had a good grasp on the features I wanted to implement in addition to the features that are currently available, but while fleshing out currently existing features, I came up with additional ones that may or may not have pertained to what I was working on. So it's a work in progress constantly, which I think is both productive and counter-productive in a lot of ways.
  10. Thank you for the ping! Generally, it's later at night when creativity strikes me. So its usually pretty quiet and secluded at that time A very calming, comfortable, and peaceful environment helps a lot. I always listen to music when I draw as well! I enjoy fast melodies and instrumental music, it keeps my mind busy but still allows me to focus on what I'm working on. If I need to draw, like a commission for example, I'll typically sketch some things on a 2000x2000 sheet to warm-up and get some muse before I actually start working on what I need to work on.
  11. I enjoy toying with various different cartoon styles, there's just so much more freedom with it, its the most aesthetically pleasing to me, and I really enjoy it. I have to agree with Aminirius, realistic can be more time consuming, but I think the same can be said the other way around depending on how much detail you actually put into your piece.
  12. Preview of some Grifflie things I'm working on at the moment!
  13. @Nate Yeah, no kidding, haha! I've been pretty good, things are turning around for the best I think! What about yourself? I remember you ha mentioned working with a horse sim the last time we spoke, is that something you are still working on now, or have you pursued other endeavors? @Aminirus Thank you very much for the warm welcome! The site actually runs really nice and the layout isnt as bright so its very pleasing on the eyes, I've really been enjoying my stay so far! I'm very excited to start meeting new people and seeing everything that the community has to offer.
  14. Hello @Cadence ! I'm particularly looking for a coded and responsive layout yes.
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