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  1. We’ve begun the development on the new version of Northern Call. To help folks stay in the loop, we’ve created a development discord: Discord server we hope to see new new and old faces!
  2. I’m currently looking to sell several sets of templates I have. I have no use for them and am in a bit of a money bind. All art does include shading, even if the sample doesn’t show it xD as I’m currently at work, I’ll update this with a better preview of the lines then a screenshot from my phone. if any of them interest you please don’t hesitate to contact me either here or on discord TinyMosasaur #4710
  3. Good afternoon everyone! Hopefully I'm putting this in the correct spot, if not I apologize. I wanted to tell everyone about the nice, simple pet site Griffins of Darkholem, that we just soft-opened. The art for the site is done by the amazing DaffuPanda on Deviantart. Each pet is hand colored, so there may be a bit of a wait between submitting a request for the griffins and actually getting them. We still have a few features to get up and running as a heads up. The site is primerily used for collecting, breeding and trading griffins. We'd like to invite you guys to check it out: griffinsofdarkholem.net
  4. Thanks for the warm welcome!
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