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  1. There's a rabbithole of a topic I've thought about for a while now. Often times I talk to my husband about it and he seems to find it concerning that so many vp sites seems to just up and vanish, die, etc. I've seen a lot of virtual pet sites just up and go, many of them saying no word to their communities or not even updating social media to say they're closed. BooPets comes to mind, I remember it being fairly popular but seems to fall off the face of my internet research around 2015. I've heard people talk about its closing, but finding records via Googling doesn't always work and (some) Dis
  2. I consider these barebones: - User x user trade system, along with a way for users to sell items on a market be it a market house, user shops, or guild traders, and as well a way for users to list items in a public market space they are seeking offers/specific things for. - Pet interactivity such as: stats, or dressup, or directly interacting with player (feeding fave foods gives "I love hummus!" or going to a certain location "It's really hot here, can we go to [other city]?", or "Don't forget to play [daily game/activity] with me today!"), just a way to make pets feel more alive and '
  3. Gotta say, I used to lurk VPL a lot years ago and enjoyed discovering new vp sites and just groaning at vp dramas. When I found it was back last year, I was kinda shocked. And now, it seems to be gone again for about a month now. I have no clue as to why, but it was giving "account suspended" redirects, indicating some kinda issue between the webhost and the site. Now it's just it can't be reached. Kinda sad to see. I'm glad I found this site, as my husband and I are starting to create a vp mmo and I enjoy burrying myself in vp content to get inspired or motivated to do the art. I hope to see
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