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  1. Feel free to contact me on here if you're interested! I'm checking on here now and then!!
  2. I do artwork. What kind of artwork? Well, usually just character pieces and concept art. But I want to get into more, so I'm looking for work! I even made a little banner to go along with it! Banner This was kind of effortless not as interesting as other pieces, but I'm rather proud anyway! Here's some sample art for you guys, though I haven't drawn all that much due to lack of motivation. Concept Art Rovoxer is a username I have on another platform, this is a concept art I made for a WIP game on said platform. There's more concepts, I just don't have them saved on the computer I am typing this from. Personal Sketches and Doodles (Mostly me being random)
  3. helo, I'm paige or cherry, I love dragons, but I'm not shy of loving all pet sites,, i have such a weak spot for rpg-pet meshes hdfhefs,,
  4. :0 amazing!! I hope to see a beta testing window open some time this year <333 best wishes for this awesome game ,,,,
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