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  1. What are you looking for it to be coded in? Framework wise, database, etc?
  2. So, I haven't worked in this field before but I'm interested in it and helping out others if possible (at a discount)? I've been at my current front end development job for about a year and a half now. I know / use daily: HTML / CSS JavaScript, jQuery Angular Node.js / Express (endpoints, API integrations, authentication workflows, etc). Dabbled a bit with mySQL and Firebase also. I'll be studying React next year for personal progression. If there is something you need doing or are interested in then hopefully we can set up a chat and go through requirements and the framework you're using. Thanks.
  3. Just want to say that your art is gorgeous! ?
  4. I don't have a portfolio at the moment but if you can't find anyone then I'm happy to help. I can do you some examples beforehand with your site content so you know whether you're interested or not?
  5. I don't mind helping out. I'm a JavaScript web developer.
  6. Interested in this, been a while since I did some digital art so I don't have any recent examples but I can sort one out later today and send you it?
  7. Hi, Just a question that ive been wondering recently as im teaching myself Front End Web Design. For pet sites / web and text based online rpgs, it seems they are predominantly coded in PHP. Do you code it solely in PHP (ignoring the DB element) or do you incorporate frameworks? Edit : Found a few of you use/d Laravel; so, do you find following a framework either or does it have its own set of problems? Thank you!
  8. I'm tempted to see if I can come up with anything for you, if that's alright?
  9. Also interested if you're still around. PM'd you.
  10. My schedule this week is unfortunately lots of work, and maybe just some leisurely activities after hours. Our examination officer is off work, she's broken her foot and we are in the midst of GCSE and ALevels. She probably won't be back until August/September. So I'm taking over basically everything to do with examinations as well as juggling my own job on top of that (data analysis, student reports, etc). We also had the exam inspector in yesterday, he only comes once a year and I was definitely not feeling that happy yesterday as we had a full year group for English yesterday morning (about 120 students to juggle).
  11. At the moment I'm not really playing anything active. I was on Novilar but it eats too much of my phone data at the moment so unfortunately I can't really play it. (Rae #8)
  12. I need one of these, haha. It's amazing.
  13. Darn, I really like these. Thank you @LIZ
  14. Hi @koafox, welcome to TGL
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