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  1. Hey there, how are you at matching the style of existing art?
  2. Thanks, I'll let you know - I can tell you I have a lot of exciting ideas I can't wait to implement Taking it slow right now, but getting there slowly.
  3. Hey guys, just wanted to poke in and let you all know I purchased Novilar, and have some exciting new changes that I want to make in the not too distant future. I'm currently having a bit of the backstage stuff worked on to make front-of-house management a little more easy for me, seeing as how I'm not a coder, and am trying to get some of the more buggy parts of the game fixed. Hope to see you guys around! Say hi in the discord or something
  4. As someone who's just broken into the industry this month and purchased my own game, this is fascinating to me Good luck with it, and hope business really picks up for you, I played eqcetera for a while in the past and really enjoyed parts of it, so would love to see it do well
  5. I'll totally buy those critters from you
  6. yeah, no, it was def. things i had yet to buy
  7. no problem, probably just some weirdness....things like this happen to me a lot because technology hates me
  8. for me it just has "download this item" even on things that cost money, and when i click that it tells me i haven't purchased it lol
  9. Ive done it before, but can no longer find a buy button anywhere....am i missing something or has it changed?
  10. .I'm both a vegan and a breeder of show and working dobermans, and I can tell you in all honesty, that the amount of work, care, effort and love I put into the breed is absolutely insane....ALL of my dogs (and I do have non-doberman pets as well) are treated with care and respect, they are members of my family before they are anything else, and their wants and needs are paramount when it comes to the kind of life they have. If a dog does not enjoy the show ring, that dog is not forced to campaign until it titles, if a bitch does not seem ready for a litter, she is not bred. I ensure that no genetic defects are present in my line, through the genetic testing of any new blood that comes in, and from the knowledge that any home bred dogs have had genetically clear parents. My main goal is to better the breed through careful planning of litters, ensuring dog and bitch complement each other well, that they are of sound temperament, in good health, and conform to the breed standard. All breeding dogs in my kennel MUST also be capable of working. These are not just dogs that flounce around a show ring, they must be healthy, happy and willing and able to work. This is not exploitation, rather, it is a sign that we love and care for our dogs, and the breed as a whole. I am not the kind of breeder that focuses just on looks at the expense of a dog's health, or its ability to do exactly what it was designed to do. Along this line, I am pleased to say, the past decade and a bit of hard work has paid off for me, not in monetary gain, but in the fact that my dobermans live longer, and have a better quality of life than other dogs of comparable type. Im not saying everyone who is a breeder is as diligent as me, but for the most part, any breeder worth their salt is at the very least going to ensure their animals are not affected by inheritable genetic defaults like deafness, bad hips, congenital blindness, bleeding issues etc where possible, and many take great care in trying to eliminate even carriers of these genetic faults in their lines. There are people out there who just want to make a dollar, like people who will breed two merle dogs together in the hope of getting a double merle, or people who breed "rare white" dobermans, even though the health problems that come with such striking looks are very detrimental...but most sensible people are not like that. I guess in short, what I'm trying to say is selective breeding is generally used to HELP a breed more than it is used to abuse animals
  11. Hi there, just poking around....at 4:30 in the morning I used to be on another website like this one, was the crazy guy buying up all the art if anyone remembers me. Am likely to start doing the same here
  12. Terris


  13. Terris


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