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  1. Cool! I've joined the discord now, don't have premission to post yet though
  2. Hi there! Sorry for the super late reply, i forgot about TGL—I’ll send you a message! My user is notdura#6088
  3. Hello! I’m planning to create pet website with a couple of friends. Only one of us knows backend coding, but she’s still a student and hasn’t coded anything similar to this, and she’s also quite busy. Long story short, I’d love to learn how to code some of the features. I only know HTML, css, and the basics of JavaScript and Python. There are some php tutorials, but my friend is learning JavaScript, Python and C#, so I’d prefer not to use php. I’ve been trying to figure out how to program a breeding system with genetics. Does anyone know of any tutorials like this, or have any snippets of codes that could help me understand? I’m quick with learning, but only if there are examples lol. Basically, I want each pet to have certain attributes, such as coat colour, eye colour etc, and when it breeds with another pet, the children's attributes are based on the parents. Would be cool if there’s a slight chance of mutation as well. TLDR: I want to learn how to make a breeding system with genetics, in Python or JavaScript, and apply it to a website with a database!
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