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  1. Hello all! Long time no see ~ I thought it was time to make a new updated board with lots of awesome new art to share! I am an illustration artist who dabbles in a bit of everything - creatures, animals, items, NPCs, backgrounds, etc. I have several regular customers from virtual pet sites and am hoping to expand the client list for some new juicy work. Some clients include(d) Egg Cave, Dappervolk, Kuepets, and some other more secretive projects names. I am open to both one-time gigs as well as being added as a permanent artist on any projects. Feel free to post, private message, or contact me through my other social medias: Instagram | Twitter | Portfolio | Discord: Vlorrie#2548 Pricing $5 USD each 3 for $12 10 for $35 Recolors: $0.50 each Bulk pricing available Pricing is set for 100px images and includes PSD files Pricing Sketched, lined, colored, and shaded Waist-up: $35 Full Body: $50 Bulk pricing available Pricing Sketch Only: $15 Sketch + Lines: $25 Lines + Color: $35 Lines + Shading: $35 Lines + Color + Shaded: $50 Bulk pricing available Base Packs Base packs include 2-3 family/related creatures with PSD templates that can be altered/recolored. Mutations, genes, or accessories can be added, either by yourself/another artist or commissioned by me. 2-Base Pack Pricing Sketches Only: $30 Sketch + Lines: $40 Lines + Color: $60 Lines + Shading: $60 Lines + Color + Shaded: $80 3-Base Pack Pricing Sketches Only: $45 Sketch + Lines: $60 Lines + Color: $80 Lines + Shading: $80 Lines + Color + Shaded: $100 Bulk pricing available Illustration Prices vary depending on complexity and style. Please message me with specifics so I can give you a quote! Goodies For Sale I also have a few miscellaneous goodies available for anyone interested. Specifics/details can be given if requested. Wildebeest Family set - Removable Tails and Horns, recolorable PSD files Asking $75 Angelic Donkey Family - Removable Horns (not pictured), Manes/Tails, Wings, and Halo, recolorable PSD files Asking $40
  2. @Makazu If you are still looking, I have plenty of experience working with avatars and bases! I have a couple examples here in my thread. ?
  3. @Solistia Thanks so much for all the information, I will definitely be checking temp agencies out! Maybe I'll be able to find something there that the job forums aren't listing. And wow, are you back to 100% on the tennis elbow now? That's amazing your job is so considerate! The doctor I saw recommended PT for me as well but I have to pay out of pocket for everything so... I probably don't qualify for any sort of government assistance, I am capable of working but now that I hurt my upper back that might be a different story. Or I'll just have to suck it up and do some sort of cashier work, much as I hate it. @Mobotropolis Wow, let me just say that I'm really glad you posted your title, I've seen that very thing floating around jobs sites but the description of what the actual job is is always incredibly vague! I'm also super impressed with the job-hunting suggestions, I've never seen these methods before (usually you just get those suggestions of cold-calling and trying to take the CEO out for coffee). I also didn't know that about temping, though it makes a lot of sense. I will have to see if I can tailor that to suit my situation. I live on the east coast and 95% of what I want to do is on the west coast. This makes it a bit harder for me because ideally I'd want to start with an internship to get my foot in the door, but financially I couldn't live off something like that alone out there, I'd need something full-time. This is why I love the idea of remote options. xD Thanks so much for the suggestion of The Creative Group too, I'll be looking into that! @Aminirus It is pretty silly, isn't it? We're taught art skills in school but absolutely nothing about putting ourselves out there. I am actually in the same boat as you were; while I try to have my hand dipped in several different websites, by far my biggest source of income is from one particular site that has been completely dead for going on two months. By June of this year I had surpassed the amount of money I made freelancing in all of 2017, and then there was a complete halt that I haven't gotten out of, it's very alarming. Couple that with the work drama that started this month in my day job, it's gotten bad. I have been frequenting the ArtStation job listings but didn't know you could sell tutorials and things on there, I will most definitely be checking that out! Can I ask what you primarily do art-wise? I know we've chatted here and there on these forums and VPL and know you're a great illustrator, is that primarily what you do for income or do you code/etc.?
  4. @Solistia That's very sweet of you! I don't at the moment but if that changes I'll be sure to let you know ^-^ You know, I haven't considered a temp agency! How do they work exactly? Do they place you somewhere based on your skillset or based on whether they just need some bodies? I'm actually between a rock and a hard place now; nearly a year ago I injured my SI joint (doctor thinks it'd how I was sitting when drawing) and it makes sitting uh...difficult lol. I can only sit for a half hour or so, which is why I purchased a desk riser (coming later today, woo!!) so I can stand while I draw at home now, but just last week I injured my upper back at work...I can't lift anything very heavy or bend over. So I can't sit for very long or do any lifting. >8T I would love to do a warehouse job like you described but now I worry about my back. Hopefully it'll be better in a few weeks, something like a 3rd shift UPS processing thing would be awesome.
  5. @Angel If I were paying my bills with my freelance I would have ditched the day job a long time ago haha. I think you assumed since I was posting here that I'm interested in being a game maker which is not the case. Like several other artists here, I mainly do item/NPC work on this site, and if you've seen other postings, item art runs from $1-$3 each, and no one here has 500+ items they need completed per month. For me this is just another area to get some pocket change now and then, occasionally I will get one or two very large projects, but usually not. Personally I am more focused on illustration and character design which has significantly more competition and low-balling artists fighting for available jobs. On top of that I simply don't have the following I need yet and until I build that up enough I simply can't rely solely on it to keep my head above water. As much as I agree with you in that you need to spend as much time as humanly possible on your art, sometimes we just aren't lucky enough to be in that position at the time. I'm introverted as well and can only handle so much stupid in the customer-service world, so as long as I have to work a day job, I'd rather find something that would fit my personality and passions more. Unfortunately the only thing available locally for me is fast food/retail, so I made this post hoping for other ideas. @Bravefoot Oh I wish! As much as stuff has become internet-dependent, it'd be really nice if more art jobs became remote and then available to us. I hate being limited to what's nearby. @Blaire You should get one! Don't let yourself get rusty
  6. @Bravefoot Do you think if the industry wasn't so congested you would be pursuing art as your career instead of clinical psychology? Just curious! I think this is the biggest thing though, it doesn't really matter how good you are (I mean being good obviously counts for SOMETHING) but honestly it's just a big waiting game until you get noticed. Ask anyone you look up to who "made it" and they'll have the same story: knew someone in the industry already (ie friend, teacher) and/or someone in the industry stumbled upon them. We gotta hold out until that moment finally comes it seems! I absolutely agree with that passion shouldn't make you stupid. Something as fragile as the art industry should really be keeping back-up plans in case things go slow.
  7. Lol um because bills? Art jobs don't just fall in your lap so you need something to hold you over until you land one. Don't mean to be passive or anything but right now I'm working a "day job" until I can get an industry job. I work part-time so I have time to freelance and work on my portfolio.
  8. Been searching for several weeks now for a new job but I don't want something full-time because it interferes with my freelancing. I definitely don't have enough steady work to do art full-time, so I was wondering what kind of jobs you all have to keep your art passion afloat. Personally I'm tired of retail and don't want anything involving customer service (I know right) but am stumped (aka limited by location) on ideas. So what do you guys do?
  9. @halichu Thank you!! The puppies in the pool tubes are examples for a YCH base, so kind of!
  10. @atomicdrawls Honestly I love it O: Digital painting is harrrrrd --------------------------------------------------------------------- Worked on some customizable dog tag/icons today!
  11. I know this topic is a couple months old but thought I'd add - you can definitely find some people on Etsy that offer listings of custom buttons, just send them the art and they'll make however many for you. As everyone has said, button machines (good ones) are on the pricey side and I searched for a machine daily for several months before biting the bullet and buying a new one from ButtonBoyInc for about $217 USD. They're just really hard to find at a good price. If you just want to start out though with buttons but not paying $200+ for a machine just yet, check out Etsy for those listings!
  12. Just got back from an art convention on the other side of the states and heard from more than one person that to get a good following on Instagram you need to consistently post at least once a week, so here's the first in a (hopefully) long list of new posts!
  13. I do not work for free, but I do turn my art into gifts for friends if I feel that is something that they would like, which to me would be the equivalent of buying them a $20 (or whatever) gift. There are occasions where I will do small things for free, but it's very rare, usually it's something like adding a touch of shading to a flat commission, nothing major, and nothing where the person asked for it for free.
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