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  1. Hello Everyone! Wanted to take a moment and let everyone in the virtual pet community know that the virtual pet site Sensipets is coming back to a browser near you! We are currently in our Alpha stage and are taking a limited amount of users to try out the website. To give you a little intro into who we are: we are a virtual pet site that will have an emphasis on community and education. Through storytelling and community building, the users will be able to grow their passion for virtual pet sites. With our education integrations, users will be able to discover and learn new things that
  2. Hello Everyone! Sensipets is coming back on the scene with a fresh look and a binder full of new ideas! We are revamping our website with new, invigorating storytelling, crazy fun game play, and education integration that will be just the right type of motivator for learning any new subject. In order to get the word out and invite people to our Alpha testing, we are hosting a contest where one lucky winner will snag a HomePod mini! Sounds like something up your alley?? Well, visit www.sensipets.com/contest to view all the deets and how to enter! Also, anyone who'd like to promote/follow/s
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