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  1. It wouldn't make much sense if it were a 10+ site or a 35+ site. Those games have a 0 tolerance rule with discussing other sites in the chatbox and forums. The only time you can "advertise" a site is through your profile page, which hardly anyone pays attention to.
  2. I probably did something wrong on that thread (it probably was the title). x) But yeah, Lioden and Wolvden have the strictest rule set of any pet site. What they do does more harm than good.
  3. When I tried advertising The Final Outpost on Chicken Smoothie, I got my topic deleted. Maybe CS sees advertising and discussing pet sites to be different? I dunno.
  4. This is going to be a bit of a rant, but if there's one common thing that pet sites do that I absolutely despise, it's when they ban any and all mentions of other pet sites on their forums. Chicken Smoothie, Lioden and Wolvden are some of the most active pet sites around, yet they believe in this frankly damaging idea that mentioning competition will drive their playerbase out of the game and to their competitor. That usually doesn't happen unless your game sucks or you know your game sucks enough if you think people will hoof it the moment they hear of any other game like it. The market for pet sites is becoming more and more scarce and I honestly think it's because adults and kids alike believe that only Flight Rising, Chicken Smoothie and Neopets are the only pet sites that exist, and it's no wonder why! You can't talk about any other site. I think this mentality should stop, but that's just me. What are your thoughts on the matter?
  5. Apologies for bringing a topic back from the dead, but I find this topic incredibly intriguing! I've played a LOT of petsites over the years, and there's some I'd critique that I like (i.e. Dappervolk, Ichumon, Aywas) and there's some that I like to critique solely because I didn't like my experience playing it (i.e. Flight Rising, Khimeros, Sylestia). I can make a brief critique on a few sites that I really want to see improve: IcePets - Has the same problems as Tattered World with their quest system. I 100% do not like having to wait every 3 minutes for shops to restock for a quest, because it grinds your feeling of progression to a halt. This is made especially worse if you can't find your item in user shops. My suggestion would be to have quests that encourage you to play the other features on the site, much like Dragon Quest but on a smaller scale. Have Candy Quest ask for you to feed your pets any type of candy, or have Book/Beauty Quest ask for you to talk on the forums. Ichumon - Adjust your premium account benefits. It's not right to hide entire maps of your RPG system behind a paywall, or not allow auto-heal at the start of battles. That's how you lose even more newcomers. Faenaria - Would like to see more content; more things for you to do with your pet. Maybe a dispatch mode where you send your pets off within the map for a couple of hours and get some nice loot, maybe adventure-exclusive FA items.
  6. I'm glad I could help even a little! ^^ I wasn't around when Psypets peaked since it was a bit before my time, so I had only heard of it through Terrepets. :'D
  7. Raffle art I did to help boost my Twitter following. ; v ;
  8. Hello everyone! The titles says it all, I'm just a young artist looking for work! :v Here are my regular prices for regular commissions: My rates for pet site apparel, items, and bases are negotiable, but any background work will be treated as a regular commission. Some Art I'm Willing to Sell/Revamp: (You'll receive the PSDs for the images you buy)
  9. Oh man, I remember playing Pocket Puma Pets! I am an artist and I'm definitely interested in becoming a staff member. ?
  10. Here's a site that's been under the radar for a long while: TerrePets - website link
  11. It's nice to meet you, Virgil!
  12. Hooo boy, do I have some recent art to show you guys! Lately, I've been getting the hang of Clip Studio and started to experiment with things like doing dynamic poses and perspectives as well as working with my painting skills more. Oh and most of these are personal fan art, but the one with the cyclops is someone else's character that I just wanted to draw. ?
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