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  1. Raffle art I did to help boost my Twitter following. ; v ;
  2. Hello everyone! The titles says it all, I'm just a young artist looking for work! :v Here are my regular prices for regular commissions: My rates for pet site apparel, items, and bases are negotiable, but any background work will be treated as a regular commission. Some Art I'm Willing to Sell/Revamp: (You'll receive the PSDs for the images you buy)
  3. Oh man, I remember playing Pocket Puma Pets! I am an artist and I'm definitely interested in becoming a staff member.
  4. Here's a site that's been under the radar for a long while: TerrePets - website link
  5. It's nice to meet you, Virgil!
  6. Hooo boy, do I have some recent art to show you guys! Lately, I've been getting the hang of Clip Studio and started to experiment with things like doing dynamic poses and perspectives as well as working with my painting skills more. Oh and most of these are personal fan art, but the one with the cyclops is someone else's character that I just wanted to draw.
  7. I just made my first adopt, and I want this little goober to get sold.. :v
  8. I just finished doing a digital painting of a character I had gotten on Deviant Art. c: It could be better. c:
  9. Your art has continued to be wicked as hell, @jakdacrowe! I sure hope you're getting paid real money for these! o3o Anywho, I did a lil' fanart for a YT channel I like~ And after I finish one old commish, I'll go back to TatteredWeave and stop making people mad.
  10. After a long, accidental hiatus, I drew a lil' creature from a game:
  11. I have two things Imma show. One is a sketch that I did on the 15th, and I'm not sure whether I should color it afterwards or not: The other one's an entire scene because I really need to improve on my skills in background-creating (I suck at it):
  12. Hey everyone~ o3o Age: 17 Gender: Female Where you live: America, VA What you do / What you are studying: I want to pursue a career in art, specifically in animation (because I want to create a tv show or two). But for now, I am trying to find freelance work for rookies like myself. c: I also do a bit of story-telling/creating.. But they're usually fandom-esque stuff. How many pets (and/or) kids you have: I have a black kitten, and I have no children.
  13. Hello, @Ouli ! : D It's really great to meet you; I myself dabble with the virtual pet games (I used to be quite obsessed with them, myself). I hope you find something here for your art! c:
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