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  1. Show off what you are working on

    I just made my first adopt, and I want this little goober to get sold.. :v
  2. Show off what you are working on

    I just finished doing a digital painting of a character I had gotten on Deviant Art. c: It could be better. c:
  3. Show off what you are working on

    Your art has continued to be wicked as hell, @jakdacrowe! I sure hope you're getting paid real money for these! o3o Anywho, I did a lil' fanart for a YT channel I like~ And after I finish one old commish, I'll go back to TatteredWeave and stop making people mad.
  4. Show off what you are working on

    After a long, accidental hiatus, I drew a lil' creature from a game:
  5. Show off what you are working on

    I have two things Imma show. One is a sketch that I did on the 15th, and I'm not sure whether I should color it afterwards or not: The other one's an entire scene because I really need to improve on my skills in background-creating (I suck at it):
  6. The "Let's get to know each other" thread

    Hey everyone~ o3o Age: 17 Gender: Female Where you live: America, VA What you do / What you are studying: I want to pursue a career in art, specifically in animation (because I want to create a tv show or two). But for now, I am trying to find freelance work for rookies like myself. c: I also do a bit of story-telling/creating.. But they're usually fandom-esque stuff. How many pets (and/or) kids you have: I have a black kitten, and I have no children.
  7. Old Member Introductions

    Hello, @Ouli ! : D It's really great to meet you; I myself dabble with the virtual pet games (I used to be quite obsessed with them, myself). I hope you find something here for your art! c:
  8. Seeking Co-Creators

    @Dead Ship *slowly raises hand* ..Can this group include undergraduates....? o3o
  9. Seeking Volunteer (or future pay) Line Artist!

    Hello, @Miss Hades ! Have you found an artist, already? If not, I would be willing to offer some art for you and your team. Although, I must say that I am only 17.
  10. Old Member Introductions

    Hello and welcome @Pear! :0 Ooh, you've been a member of multiple pet sites? I must ask, which one(s) is/are your favorite(s)? And your adoptable site, what will it have in it? Will it be something kind of nuanced, or something more average? I'm kinda curious since I, myself plan on creating a site in the distant future (and I really am into pet/adoptable/sim sites).
  11. Ready to go back to school?

    It's going to be my senior year in high school.. :T While the school schedule may help me become more active as an artist, I.... I hate school. I really, really do. ;~;
  12. @Hare Oh, so you're saying you're thinking about limiting the breeding to a single created species? Like, no hybrids of any different species? I was actually saying that your breeding system could be like Aywas, where you'd have to get a pretty rare item in order to breed (it may be cheaper if you're breeding two from the same species). Said rare item could be a 'hard to obtain' and a 'pay to obtain' kind of item. Unless your ideal site is like Onyx's where consistency is key, then utilizing site-official artists shouldn't be a mandatory thing for users. It's more like an option. Like if a user really wants a super cute kind of offspring and wants it to come from their favorite site artist, they'd have to pay a little bit more (I don't know how) to do so. Please tell me if what I said makes sense, or if it's even a good idea. ;; I love this idea. That's one of the problems Squiby has, actually: a number of people that actually come back (regularly or occasionally). That idea could definitely keep players comin' back if done correctly, of course. : D
  13. This sounds pretty cool.. This idea makes me think of a lil' site called Squiby , where the users can make adoptables for other users to have, but your idea (obviously) has a lot more going for it. The [Not just anyone can sign up and create...] part is a bit concerning to me for a site about creation. I dunno, the idea of paywalls like that seem.. unattractive to me.. >~> And you never know about that quality. You could have a player or two who have a lotta money to spend, but not a lotta talent in creating pets. If anything, the breeding feature should have the paywalls. You could have the player decide whether they themselves should draw the offspring (while paying for it), or have an official site artist to draw it for them (and pay more). And you can even cash in on mutations (offspring or not). Overall, I really dig this idea (it'll be like a more nuanced Squiby >w<)!
  14. Not sure if this makes me sound stupid or not, but I didn't think that Cybura was already available to people! :0 (like, in beta) Coolio~
  15. TNT Increases its Communication + Jumpstart Buyout

    This is a pretty late reply sorry, but I wanted to share a thought I had about this. Even though I have little to no knowledge about NeoPets in general, I am very much aware of the JumpStart company. I used to play the main JumpStart game and the DreamWorks games at that (does Rise of Berk count? I haven't really looked that one up, yet :'D). If the NetDragon company does have plans on making the JumpStart IPs more player-friendly, I do have a lot of hope for the DreamWorks games, as they are pretty... unplayable... <_< (I honestly just want there to be fewer paywalls in the games. That's all.)

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