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  1. @MystSaphyr Hey, thanks for sharing! I have had some experience with vocoding but this is actually the first I have heard of vocal synthesis like this. I looked into VOCALOID and UTAU a little and I find it fascinating. Also I enjoyed listening to your works. I have an electronic track called qUANTUM hOPE I worked on a while back as well as an orchestration of the same song if your interested in listening. I also very recently threw together a Youtube video that has a medley of production including more of the soundtrack style but still mostly personal projects since most of what I have been working on for Eliyo is unreleased besides what you hear on the site. Chiptunes are fun I'd like to dabble more with that style as well.
  2. Just curious if there are any musicians out there, but especially anyone out there working on or have worked on a soundtrack for a game? I started in music as a young teen writing Rap/Hip-Hop and over the years branched out into other forms of music. I eventually furthered my knowledge by studying a little classical music and music theory and fell in love with music all over again in a new way. Since then I have had the idea and the opportunity to work on a soundtrack for our game Eliyo and have really enjoyed the differences and challenges that came along with that, from my music background. Anyways, I am curious to meet any of you who have done music whether by paid commissions, personal projects, or simply by hobby. Post your stories and experiences, plus anything you may have worked or are currently working on.
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