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  1. You can find our site at : https://folkoflore.com/ We're looking to hire someone as a programmer for a variety of projects to help push us towards our goals for beta. Must be familiar with laravel/php. Thank you!
  2. I actually had the joy of meeting the owner of moderneo and got to hear some of their ideas. Originally I thought the site would be merely a 'clone' but it seems they're going to be expanding beyond that and continuing some features of neopets that were discontinued. In that way, I think it'll be more of a 'what if neopets took this route' sort of deal. I don't want to say anything too specific because I don't know exactly what's being kept under wraps but I think it's interesting to see where that goes. And, if nothing as, as someone who still plays neopets it'll be nice to have a backup for my current pets/petpages and (presumably) be able to write things more thoroughly without words like "uncle" being blocked by filters lol! I haven't delved much into neopetsclassic, but I think that's the more well known of the two probably? Genuinely it's nice to enjoy the nostalgia of these sites. My only hope is that they're able to assign specific artists to pet art because the community contributions method always turns out so messy and chaotic. Not sure how things will turn out with them running Patreon but I wish both teams luck in their endeavors!
  3. Looking for an additional developer (php)!
  4. I read this and thought we were discussing actual furries xD I think that's very telling about how much time I spend on the internet. (Too much time.)
  5. Video Progress Update A little update on where the game is, what programming is done, and where we're headed.
  6. Still seeking Item Artists Also artists who can style match/ draw furniture for our housing system.
  7. My game doesn't have an official item artist on the team, so I've got a list of (I think) 114 items that need to be done still. Not sure if you're up for that? I know item commissions can be tedious to say the least!
  8. All fair points, thank you for the insight! As far as the listed site functions are concerned, those are all yet to be completed. We're looking for someone to do them. I'm aware the user level system can't be implemented until all of those features are complete as well. Other, unlisted, features like forums and things are already complete. The demo wardrobe would be the basis of what we want our wardrobe to be. (Just implemented as a wardrobe feature with minor changes, like showing item art of clothing pieces rather than just a small picture of the clothing file (like it does in wardrobe). Also perhaps adding buttons to move clothing layers up and down because dragging them around isn't working for everyone and once you get past a certain point with just so many clothes, it breaks the box and those items can no longer be removed. (Of course we could also remedy this simply by adding restrictions on how many items a character can wear, which is probably something we should do at some point anyway.) And yes, good point about the separate file explaining these terms. It didn't occur to me for some reason. But yes, Cravary is a pet your character can collect. Craviary is the bestiary in which said pets are logged. Pens are just called pens, to keep that simple at least. I will have to discuss with the co owner about the names because they are pretty attached to them. Pet breeding I left a bit blank for now. But we are wanting a more simplistic take on it, as our pets can pass stats but they don't have markings, genes, etc. It's more like breeding a Pokemon, than breeding a dog or horse. Definitely less involved than a lot of breeding systems on most other games. (Or, I think so anyway!) But we intend to get a proper layout of what we want that to look like as well. Pet scavenging missions are basically, a quest will appear for you to select 1-3 cravaries with specified 'skills'. So those skills could be something like Stealth and Agility. It will denote how many cravaries are required for the mission. (So if you need 2, it could be 1 cravary with both skills + 1 extra cravary, or each cravary could have one of the required skills.) You don't need to bring anything to the quest or 'turn in' anything. After whatever amount of time the quest has you wait, you'd redeem rewards for having fulfilled the quest requirements.
  9. Looking to have some incomplete features finished and start a few new projects.
  10. The Folk of Lore team is seeking artists (mostly for maps, backgrounds, items, and possibly for monsters/npcs). Both long and short term are weclome! Examples of backgrounds include: Some examples of the item style include: Some examples of the character/npc style include:
  11. How much are you seeking for books items and also:
  12. CynicalRaptor did some amazing items for Folk of Lore Just got the preview today and they are beaeutiful! A+
  13. I've personally always been fond of subeta's style, or something similar to https://www.deviantart.com/kirawra/art/VPS-Plants-495487923 Something like the example you posted above (the potted fruit tree) but a bit sharper, I think?
  14. If you haven't found anyone yet, just thought I'd toss my work up for you and wish you luck! (I need to finish a few loose projects before I could take on anything large but if you're interested, my messages are always open.) I think these were around $50-60ish each?? https://www.deviantart.com/reviro https://reviro.tumblr.com/ Also wanted to say Aminirus is SUPER with canines. Been watching their work on da for a minute.
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