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  1. @Elfen They did buy it, sorry!
  2. Selling this sketch from a rejected commission design. $5 would be good if you're interested. Good luck finding what you need!
  3. Hi again, I'm looking for a quote on a demo type thing. It's something like a basic pet generator demo, similar to this. What I'd like is a demo with options for the following: Species (4 types) Body Color (10 preset colors) Eye Color (4 preset colors) Accent Color (3 preset colors) Clothing options that can be layered Including: Head, Accessory, Top, Bottom So I guess sort of an avatar generator more likely. Doesn't need a randomize button but save image option of some kind would be nice. At the moment all I have "done" is my layout (as seen here). It still needs some tweaks because things aren't properly aligned or anything but my last programmer sort of fell through so I'm hoping to find someone a little more up to the task. Feel free to pm me or post here. I'd love to know what the cost of a demo like this would be, thank you!
  4. Everything here for $10. All come with PSDs. Just need to clean out my folder of things I'm not using anymore.
  5. Seeking Background Artist (Found)

    @Aminirus Pfft oh yeah I've no doubt you can do backgrounds. I'm familiar with your work and it's always lovely! And yes, I know what you mean about da. I basically just use it for fun uploads (like ocs, rp stuff, and general nonsense). But I'll go ahead and pm you here.
  6. Seeking Background Artist (Found)

    @Aminirus I'd be looking for thicker lines than the examples shown but if you're up for it, I'm always happy to commission you! Should I note you here on on da? Not sure which you frequent more. Last I heard you were moving from da? Or maybe that was someone else.
  7. Drac's Art Cart

    Open again for commissions
  8. So I'm in a bit of a dilemma. I had some programming done for my webpage and the programmer emailed me a .zip with the programming inside. But I'm not a programmer so I'm not sure how to install it. So now I'm looking for someone to install the existing code for me, because the current programmer hasn't been answering my messages and it's becoming really frustrating.
  9. If you're still looking and are interested, I'd love to hear more about it. Curious to know though, if by 'refine' you mean change the style or if you're looking to keep with the current. Portfolios are here if you're interested: http://reviro.tumblr.com/ http://reviro.deviantart.com/ If not, good luck finding the ideal person!
  10. Eliyo - Nyrin Sneak Peak

    Nyrin is adorable ❤️
  11. Items for Sale

  12. MIA: koafox

    Thanks for that @Onyx, did you happen to keep any of their contacts? (Assuming you had any extra contacts?)
  13. MIA: koafox

    So it's probably too early to assume koafox is MIA but I've been waiting on them to contact me back and haven't had a response yet. They were last seen here on May 13th. I paid them on May 17th for some coding they did for me. I never got the coding and am now wondering if anyone has a contact for them? They seemed really polite and even showed WIPs of the project before saying it was complete. I managed to dig up an email but haven't got a response that way either. Maybe it's outdated or something? EDIT: As it turns out, koafox just got locked out of their TGL account and had been trying to contact an email I hardly use anymore. I never got the messages due to some technical error, but we've resolved the issue
  14. Show off what you are working on

    Still working on this and trying to decide if I wanna go purely realistic or add a touch of fantasy

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