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  1. I just finished *removing* jQuery from Mycena Cave, and I'll probably never use it again because of the following combination of issues: It's a lot of code - it's comparatively slow, and a largeish download There's no good way to structure your code. Enjoy putting everything into a single $(document).ready(function() {}); Utter hell to extricate from your codebase Concerns re: security and keeping it up to date To elaborate on the last -- version bumps periodically security fixes, but also breaking changes. Because I have better things to do than follow the upgrade guide every time they release a new version, it falls out of date, and then becomes harder and harder to update (because you end up with a larger and larger list of breaking changes for which you have to scour your poorly structured codebase). And then you turn around and realize that you're running a version of jQuery from three years ago, there are many well-documented security vulnerabilities, and you can't upgrade it because if you do everything breaks. My recent preference is Google Closure -- documentation isn't great and it's not really newbie friendly, but I'm loving the tooling and the compiler, and the way it's super easy to define good structure on your code. I recently re-wrote all of MC's frontend code in it, the compiler caught a number of long-standing minor issues, and the end-result is noticeably smaller and snappier to run than the old jQuery version.
  2. +1 for Linode! Although if you're really small and don't want / need a VPS (i.e. you're fine with shared hosting), check out NearlyFreeSpeech.net -- they're hands down the best shared host I've ever used (and they're the only shared host I've ever not hated). It's also super inexpensive, with a pay-what-you-use model.
  3. From Switzerland, but have been living in Texas for about seven years. @Nate.Tube I'm YYYY-MM-DD all the way -- it's impossible to misinterpret and has the added bonus of sorting correctly when treated as plaintext When forced into a year-last format I prefer as you do, probably because that's what I grew up with. I also draw little cross-bars on my 7s for what it's worth.
  4. @Digital the link for Mycena Cave is https://www.mycenacave.com
  5. I own Mycena Cave. It had its public launch in 2013, and has a strong focus on RP and character development. It's pretty active and keeps us busy
  6. Hello! I'm glitch I own and run Mycena Cave with Myla. I'm a programmer, and I enjoy building things. Also I like cheese. By trade, I'm a software engineer (security engineer). I look forward to getting to know people here!
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