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  1. Late, but I have the Winsor and Newton Professional range. I have used the cotman pan range for many years, but it is definitely the student line and the colours are not as rich or as high quality. But it is very affordable. I do a lot of layering so the Winsor & Newton range is quite convenient for me, but also because I have to move around so much. The pans are very portable and great because I won't have a stable location for another month or so. [EDIT] This is a very nice and extensive comparison of watercolour brands. https://www.jacksonsart.com/a-guide-to-watercolour-painting
  2. Hello everyone! I'm officially available for some work, whenever and wherever you need it. As I am now done with Uni, and should my dissertation go through alright, then I'll be done for good. Here's some work I had in the meantime. Please feel free to get in touch for Petsite work, comic work, illustration and/or character development. I also do general 2D game assets and marketing. I have more examples of work on my site www.artofelm.com .
  3. Amulet, Sword, Book and Shield from the Medieval items set are no longer available.
  4. Avatar set has been taken. NPC art and item set are still available together, or as individual pieces.
  5. Edited to include a demonstration video and price change, as the Avatar set is already Lined, although I still have an unlined copy of the file. There are also 6 eyebrow styles, not included in the sketch preview.
  6. Hi! As previously mentioned on the discord. Over a year ago (now two years), I was commissioned to complete some art. The client was a member of VPL, although not as active as others. However, communication ended and payment was not completed for the commission. They do have me on skype, and I did try to communicate for about 6 months with no response. There was also no contract, and I feel two years is beyond my artistic courtesy. The files have been sitting on my hard-drive for a while now, and I'd really like them to find a home. All Prices are in GBP. Please convert to your own currency. I'm willing to sell them as-is. Or complete the items for the full price. The assets in question are: Avatar Set - Unavailable Librarian Anthro NPC Image size is 1000x1000 Pixels. Selling Price as is: £20 Selling Price completed (cell-shaded): £35 (lower than my current rate) Selling Price Completed in your style, or semi-realism. Please message me for a quote. Medieval items Image size is 200 x 200 pixels, can be sold separately, but would prefer to go all together. Selling Price as is: £1.40 each Selling Price completed (cell-shaded): £3 each Selling Price Completed in your style, or semi-realism. Please message me for a quote. Amulet, Sword, Book and Shield no longer available. I'm willing to haggle, but please be reasonable! I am unlikely to accept low offers as I'm tempted to use these myself for a future project. Please make offers via comments, PM or e-mail at sales AT artofelm.com
  7. Ahh, I don't need any art, but I just wanted to say I love your work! Also super happy to see some artistic branding. Always good to see! Good luck!
  8. Found a not so recent example from previous work. Currently slots are full for the spring season, but will accept work that starts from May onwards. (Summer)
  9. Although I have limited experience Game Dev recruiting, I do know that illustration Art Directors regularly look at instagram. Of course, they are more likely to look for a contact link or email on the instagram profile and contact them through there. DMs are a lot more clunky. In terms of the experience I do have with Game Dev, I do know that while portfolios are looked at. It is definitely up to the Art Director's personal taste. Some believe that Artstation or a well curated Instagram is perfectly fine, and fits the role of a portfolio, whereas others will definitely prefer a personal website. For an artist that is looking for regular contract work, and is not an inhouse fulltime artist. Social Media is a very important factor. Especially for those that aren't currently well known amongst existing Art Directors. That being said, I will definitely be waiting for Vero to come out of Beta and see what happens to it. I have made a few connections on there, with people who I may have not been noticed by had I simply followed them as normal on their Facebook or Instagram.
  10. Never considered it, although as a minimum I work at double the expected final size for a piece. I used to draw everything by atleast 400px as an item, but I found it to become unnecessary work.
  11. As an artist, I've been asked to create pretty much anything between 80-120px on average. [edit] I am mostly an item artist.
  12. I graduate this summer. Who knows what the future holds after that.
  13. Hello! Hope everyone is well. I am re-opening my commissions for the Spring/Summer 2018 period. I am looking to fill work from now until April 15th aswell as any work for after May/Summer and possibly long term as I will be graduating in June. Item update, I particularly like how these came out as liquid is a first for me. The reason I am only accepting commissions for a short amount of time, is because I am currently in the middle of my final major project, alongside my dissertation and convention trips that are happening through March and April. However, it is quite possible my funds may not make it to the end of this month, and I would like to do something about that! So light commissions until then, although I am happy to discuss any work needed from May.
  14. Hey Guys! I just opened an etsy 2 days ago and I'd really love to know what people think and what I could improve! My Goal for 2018 is to start generating multiple streams of revenue, in preparation for that depressing post-graduation life. https://artofelm.etsy.com I'm reserving it for leftover comic con stock and original paintings. But right now I have things as 10% off until Tuesday. Hopefully I can do more paintings throughout winter. Do you use etsy? If so, feel free to share it! I'd love to see what everyone else is doing. What do you think of etsy so far?
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