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  1. This looks amazing! I have a question tho, will there be more then your species? Like will speciescreators be able to put in thier own CLosed species and use the same features? just wondering ^^ also I did not know toyhouse had closed species comuneties!
  2. could we posably see the item art style or style in general? it would help the artists see if we fit in with the style you are going for
  3. your links made it seem like you had a page with all species on it that we could see Id love to first see all the creatures ^^
  4. this looks so fun, right up my alley more or less wanted to just voice my interest here^^ I am an artist as well but I feel like ill not be able to meet the styles expectations I hope you find some peeps ^^ I would love to be part of this game one day
  5. hey can I see your species anywhere, I have trouble with the links, idk what I am doing wrong haha. I would adore to see them. Your site sounds nice
  6. if you still want some help, I wouldnt mind helping out. I haven't worked on anythign yet but I can show what I can do
  7. heyhey I am new and was wondering if there was a list of petgames? I want to get into making art for petgames so I would need to check out what people do and or are looking for ^^ Also I may play some myself
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