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  1. if you still want some help, I wouldnt mind helping out. I haven't worked on anythign yet but I can show what I can do
  2. Hey there, People call me Andrhea or simply cat. I study ilustration art in Gent Belgium. One day I would love to work, or own my own petsite. here you can have a look at my work, I will be updating this page whenever I have some new stuff for you guys. if youd like to see more personal work you can find me on instagram: @andrheathecat or contcat me on discord: andrheathecat#1345 Items: pets/animals:
  3. heyhey I am new and was wondering if there was a list of petgames? I want to get into making art for petgames so I would need to check out what people do and or are looking for ^^ Also I may play some myself
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