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  1. I have been really busy with school (main reason I haven't been able to be as active as I would have liked), and this is one of the fruits of my labor, modeled in 3D:
  2. Hey guys! I am looking for someone to code a wordpress theme for a one-page art portfolio. I will provide more details by message to those who are interested. This is a paid project. Thanks!
  3. While that fox is terribly adorable, I do think it would take a lot of skill to make a 3D petsite work. Unless everything is done in the same (or close) 3D style, the game make look off-putting. I agree with @SilverBrick that the better option might be to do animated GIFs of 2D pets if movement was desired (something I'm working on right now!). The concept might work better as a 3D browser game rather than just a petsite.
  4. Thank you @Design1online for taking the time to contribute your side of the story
  5. Unfortunately, I don't think enough sites have been opening to provide a current "trend". I have been trying to follow the development of some petsites, but they are usually either so generic that they aren't interesting, or so complex that it takes too long to open and users (and creators) lose interest. I do see a lot of wolf sims though; that should create tons of competition. I think that is the only "trend" I have seen so far. But as of yet, I haven't see a petsite that has completely blown me away. That's not to say that I'm not optimistic for some to open, but those projects usually lose their headway and never open.
  6. I'll definitely back responsive design and HTML 5 game tutorials! Maybe something with Javascript would also be great.
  7. Pinging @Digital, because I'm not sure
  8. Definitely let me know how that goes! I've always been interested about the process of finding an agent. I hope it goes really well!
  9. A time-lapse of a shopkeeper rough I am working on for @Nate's game: (posted with permission)
  10. I reaallllyyy enjoyed this excerpt I'm very picky with what I read and sometimes, if the writing is atrocious enough, I will not only stop reading the book halfway through--but I'll throw it away. Even though your story was only a fraction of your whole book it kept my attention for the entirety of it. Keep at it!
  11. Ooh how interesting! I don't know how much time I'll have to participate, but I'll check it out
  12. While I'm staying out of this topic for several reasons, I would like to see some statistics for this statement.
  13. I hope you guys can get back at it I'd love to see some more previews soon
  14. A cute online pet and avatar game with a painterly style and rpg elements! View full game
  15. Thank you for your responses @The Dark Lord and @Island Breeze! I was unaware any of that had transpired; that kind of bums me out Their artwork was really beautiful. If Jade or Tyrant ever read this, you still have a fan
  16. How cute! <3 I really like the fact that you went as far as to make a Wiki for the game.
  17. Does anyone remember this game? I used to play it every day, and even though there wasn't much to do I really enjoyed it. Does anyone know if there is a chance of the game ever coming back? Last I heard, the owner (Tyrant) was trying to sell the artwork, but that was a really long time ago and I don't know what ever happened with it.
  18. @Onyx Oh no! Well either way, it's very pretty
  19. Awesome! I have noticed, however, that my White Mottled Hare is no longer displayed. Is that a bug, or is it on my side?
  20. It's beautiful! I can't wait to try the game out EDIT: I'm now really addicted to scrolling through your Encyclopedia to look at all the artwork EDIT EDIT: I'd like to add this game to the directory as an "In Development" game. Would you say this is more of a "Virtual Pet Game" or a "Pet Sim"?
  21. I really can't justify spending a lot of money on a freemium app. When I was younger, I think the most I ever spent on a game like that was about $20 for Simpsons: Tapped Out, and even that was a one-time ordeal. Now I spend all my game money on Steam.
  22. The details on those shampoo bottles are amazing! <3
  23. I think so too ^____^
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