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  1. New page of my comic Parallel Rift is live!
    Please do check it out: 


  2. I've done canines of all sorts over the years. Here are few examples that may suite whatever sort of style you may be looking for. Thank you for the opportunity! For examples of more completed pieces showing potential shading styles, please take a look at my gallery: https://www.deviantart.com/aminirus/gallery/61633960/personal-best-and-favorite-artworks As to prices, this can vary depending on the detail level of the bases you'd be interested in and how many potential pieces a base could have. This can all be discussed privately if my style suites what you may be looking for in a base.


  4. I hope they can get their job back. I know that's the most scariest part for many, even for us here too. If jobs don't start picking back up at least, there's far too much talk of layoffs and just being let go. Then of course, if people don't have money to pay their bills, that's gonna increase the homeless rate and such. It also doesn't help that companies, due to the loss of having to cut back their employees, also raise the price of their products in order to make up for their losses, but then that doesn't help because no one can afford it. I hoping things get better soon, but even if places are opening up again, I hope people still take it serious and take precautions when going out and going to work.
  5. Things are going alright in that department here at least. It seems to have slowed down in our town and places are starting to open back up bit by bit, but just still required to wear a mask and most sit down restaurants are still closed, which is fine. How about you?
  6. Such an adorable art style, especially with your people! Keep it up
  7. You have some beautiful works here! Well done on those beasties
  8. Yeah, scary for sure. Luckily, things seem to have calmed to a degree, enough at least that my family is fine. Finally found a doctor that would/could see my mother and turns out she has bronchitis...so joy, but at least it's not Covid. Otherwise, we've been doing our part and staying cooped up, turning into hermits and only going out to really walk our dogs. I'm sorry for your loss Tmra. My condolences. It is a strange world right now for sure.
  9. Completed Artwork for Patron Reward from April 27th: 

    You can also view this on deviantart as well is Twitter is not your vibe:


  10. I'm in Michigan, in the USA. Like, when it was announced, it was actually fine here. People seemed pretty obedient to the request to stay at home, shut business, social distancing and all that jazz, but people still bought things out at stores like mad. After about a month, it's only become worse here. People holding riots and protests, claiming their freedom is being taken from them and non-sense like that, while doctors are struggling heavily to try and keep things under control. It even became super bad here at one point where the protests blocked major roads for ambulances to get to and from hospitals, so honestly, I've been stressed as heck and thus cooping myself up more than usual. For family, we had a couple of us get sick but recovered, but my mother is still sick, but with just a cough so they won't test her and it's been hell trying to find a doctor who will put forth a bit more effort to see what's wrong. Both my parents are at high risk, so it's scary. I also had a close friend who has a whole other plethora of issues from respiratory problems to MS and spinal issues and she got covid and we all nearly flipped out. On the upside, they did let her go home after a few days for she slowly started to recover, so that was good at least. Job wise, it's been a nightmare. I generally work from home as is, but I can't file for unemployment because I don't have "official certificates" of my job title, so...that's another can of worms right there. Luckily, my husband was able to get the unemployment, but his job can't decide yet if they want people coming back starting May 5th or not given that stay at home notice has been extended to May 15th, which doesn't surprise. It's honestly scary here with the lack of care from people as well as how to make up for the financial losses. I was lucky enough to get a break on my loans for a bit of time, but even then, many of our bills are still expecting to be paid despite the either lack of work or heavy drop in work. We're holding out here as best as we can and at least making use of the time to spend together since it's just my husband and myself stuck at home with our two dogs and our cat. We do the best we can and we'll figure things out on a day to day basis.
  11. To view my activity and what I've been up to as of late, you can see most of my work at my Trello: https://trello.com/b/G7u4xkqk/aminirus-artworks-ventures

    I hope to be much more active around May 2020. Thank you to those who have stuck around with me and continue to do so. I look forward to the future and how to be better Community Leader, out of the shadows :3

  12. Some newer artwork to try and get me back into being here properly again. I know it's been some time and I sorta have just been hovering around, but I'll try for better.


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