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  1. Trick or treating has begun on user profiles! Visit a friends profile and try it out! Swar has also added some new spooky icons for everyone to use!
  2. We have some new icons available for everyone! . . . and some revamps. Thank you swar! They look great!
  3. We have a new battle opponent in the solDome! His name is Draak. He is a Level 20 opponent. Winning against him you will unlock the Draak icon.
  4. Have you ever wanted to change your current species to another? Well, now you can! We currently only have it for the Chilee and Rimulus. They are sold in the Enchanted Forest shop for 500 sCoins each. Thanks Silcoon they look great! P.S. We have more to come!
  5. The solMuseum is now open to the public. It is a easy way to see previous versions of our items. Just a little attraction that might be fun to look at. Thank you Silcoon for the wonderful museum artwork! Visit The Museum
  6. To celebrate Canada Day we have added 3 new items to the holiday shop! Thank you Silcoon for the new items. They look beautiful.
  7. Pierre has new dresses in stock at Pierre's Vêtements Chic. Be sure to check them out! New shoes are available also.
  8. We have some new clothes in stock at Pierre's Vêtements Chic. Be sure to check them out!
  9. New Father's Day items have been added to the Holiday shop. We have a new snuggly also for the Snuggly collection! All of these items are available until June 23rd.
  10. We have a new sidebar along with new customization features. You can show/hide your human avatar and shout box. If you have a premium account you can also hide your active pet and myNav. You can also now unlock new layout themes by buying a crystal from the Crystal shop. Premium users are also now able to change their profile color and the style of their social buttons. Just go to your settings by clicking "Personal" in the top nav.
  11. Loki has made yet another beautiful theme to match with one of our pet themes. The Celestial theme! Here is a few: Most items are sold at Pierre's Vêtements Chic. Some are in Celine's Hair Salon.
  12. Celine's Hair Salon is now open! So many different colors and styles to choose from for whatever the occasion! We have many more in the Salon to choose from as well. Click Here to shop now!
  13. The new NPC's are available for everyone with a shop. Thank you Nightfury for the new shopkeepers.
  14. solGoals is now up and running properly. All previous goals collected are still intact. Loki has also added some wonderful new images to spruce up the area a bit. We have also added 2 new categories including your account age and how many page views you make. If you guys would like more opportunities to earn solGoals please be sure to let us know your suggestions! Submit them in the suggestions forums or in the support section.
  15. The money tree is where you can donate or take from the money tree. It can be found in Shine City on the West side. Thanks Silcoon for the new Money Tree. We also have a new solHelp section. Click here to check it out.
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