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  1. I am the owner of virtual pet site, Solpets.com. Currently I am the only programmer for the site and would like a little help with getting some new games coded. I would like to have someone experienced in javascript. I now very little javascript. It is helpful you know php, but right now is not required. This is a volunteer position. Which to Solpets means you will not be paid in real money, but with our site currency. Our site currency is sPoints and sCoins. sCoins is how you will be paid - you get paid monthly. If interested please contact me here or even on Solpets is fine. Feel free to also email me: cutielou22@solpets.com
  2. With a new avatar or shall I say icon now? What do I mean you say?! Well, it is said that a long time ago, when the planet was still young, a tragedy befell Solopia. A star had fallen from the heavens one night and got lost on the planet's surface. The sun and the moon themselves mourned the loss of the little star, cloaking the world in a gloomy darkness as they embraced each other in their sorrow. But none of the Solopians knew of that loss, for those who saw the star fall didn't understand its meaning, nor that of the darkness that suddenly surrounded their world. There was however one creature that was different. They were small and meek, living close to the ground and with no special abilities to match any of the other beings on the planet, except for one, long pointed ears that gave them exceptional hearing. For you see, ever since the star had fallen the creature had heard its crying far in the distance. The creature knew that to stop the gloom they would have to find the source of the crying, and so they went on the long journey to find the star. The creature had to face many challenges, from dangerous predators to tricky terrain, but eventually after weeks of traveling they reached their destination deep inside a jungle. Hidden beneath the tall trees and overgrown plants lay a newly formed crater and inside it was the little star. The creature was able to comfort the star and clutching it tightly to their chest the creature started climbing the tallest tree in the area, high up to its crown where both of them called out to the sky. Hearing those calls the moon and the sun descended and were overjoyed to be reunited with the star. "You have done us a great service, young one." The sun spoke. "Ask for whatever reward you wish, and we shall grant it." Said the moon. The creature thought long and hard about what they wanted before voicing their wish. "I am but a humble creature, there's nothing much to me. But I've admired many of the other beings of this planet and would wish to be more like them." "Speak your terms then." Said the sun. "I wish to be tall, so that I may easier reach the fruits of trees, and see what lies further ahead of me." "It is done." Spoke the moon. "What else?" "I wish I could change my coat and always match it to how I feel. I love the colors of the flowers and the other beasts' intricate patterns, but mine were always so dull, you see." "It is done." The sun said. "With this blessing you have not just been granted a single pelt, but also the knowledge to craft many more from all kinds of materials and colors, so you may always change it as you please. Anything else?" "Yes, one last wish, I've always envied the songs of the birds. I wish to be able to make the music they do, and mimic sounds as easily." "It is done." Said the moon once more. "But still you are not the strongest, don't you wish any natural weapons to defend yourself or fight for territory?" "No." Said the creature. "I only wish for peace, and I've already asked enough." "As you wish." Spoke both sun and moon in unison. "Your wishes are granted." The little creature was then enveloped in a blinding light, their form reshaping as they grew bigger and longer, eventually standing on two legs, a giant compared to their original form. All over their body appeared soft cloths, draping them in dashing colors that could rival the jungle's birds and flora. And within their minds they knew of songs and sounds they never heard before, and ways to make even more. The creature stood there now, unrecognizable as what they once were, for they were something entirely different now, except for one tiny detail, the sharp pointed ears that led them on this journey. The sun then spoke up again. "Dear creature, may we know your name?" And the creature responded. "I am human." Build Your Own Human Avatar Here
  3. Cupid's in town and he brought some new items along with him! Valentines items are sold from February 1st to the 14th every year. Thank you Abbiegoth, Nightfury, Dzhelasi and Coreath for the new art!
  4. Solpets: Baby Pets!

    Welcome yet another new species color: Baby! To change your current pet to the new "baby" color you can buy the Baby Runestone in the Enchanted Forest! Thanks Loki for the new color!
  5. The Penny Store is where everything costs 1 sPoint! Every item in the shop is donated by Solopians just like you making it possible to help those in need. You can get there from Shine City and/or the "shops" page. To donate items you just go to your inventory. Select the item (as usual) and in the drop down menu select "donate". Thank you Loki for making the door and Nightfury for making the shopkeeper. The turned out great! :)
  6. One of our new artists Coreath has added 3 new snuggly's to the Snuggly Collection! Silcoon has also revamped the Mystery Pot.
  7. Silcoon has been hard at work getting Rainbow Falls ready for everyone. In Rainbow Falls you can also find the Health Fountain.
  8. Welcome yet another new species color: Lapis! To change your current pet to the new lapis color you can buy the Magic Lapis Gem in the Crystal shop! Thanks Loki!
  9. Solpets: Happy New Year!

    With new avatars . . . . . . and new pets . . . (The only way to get this is to buy a runestone to change a pet you already have. Only for a Seleros, Brenra, Chimare and/or Rimulus.) . . . and new holiday items to celebrate!
  10. Buy these potion bottles in the Enchanted Forest . . . to unlock the Draconata!
  11. Welcome a new species color: Gingerbread! It is only available from November 1st to December 31st every year. And to change your current pets to the new gingerbread color you can buy the Magic Gingerbread Gem Cookie! This is a holiday item.
  12. Meet the new solDome opponent Quetzalcoatl, one of the most ferocious snakes in Solopia. Is your pet tough enough to beat her? Winning against her will also unlock this new avatar.
  13. The Solar Team created this Dome for everyone to safely battle the "monsters". They're always adding new things to it. Currently you may train your pets, equip weapons to them, and battle one-on-one with your solBuds! New avatars available for everyone too! The solDome also has some great prizes for winning battles. . . . and even unlockable avatars. Enter the Dome
  14. Solpets: Hello December!

    We have a new Limited Edition version of some of our pets available from December 1st to the 31st. Thank you, Loki! The advent calendar is also open for business during the same dates. It is a great way to get a new item or possibly even some sPoints and/or sCoins, so make sure to check back every day this month. Advent Calendar The Solopian Bakery is also now open. It is open all year long. With some great new baking goods! Plus, we have a new holiday avatar available for everyone!
  15. Our artist Nightfury has been working hard on these the past couple months. They turned out great! 1 Month $5/month USD3 Months $15 $3.33 /month ($10) USD6 Months $24 $2.50/month ($15) USD1 Year $45 $2.08/month ($25) USD

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