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  1. *Bump* A year later and we are looking for more human avatar items. If any artist is interested. It is a volunteer position.
  2. Happy new year everyone! We have updated our Slots to game to have cool new effects and graphics. Thank you @Loki for the cool artwork! Play Now
  3. @Chari-Artist has made us some new sweaters for your human avatars. They are sold in the Clothing Shop.
  4. Our Cyber Monday Sale is the best sale of the year, but is 1 day only! You can buy sCoins at the bank or upgrade your account for a month or year at a discounted rate! Our "goodies" page has had some outdated graphics and images on it. They have now been updated and we also got a couple new ones too!
  5. Silcoon has completed our Totem collection for all of our current pets. Totem's allow you to change your current pet species to the chosen totem pet. They all cost 500 sCoins each and can be bought in the Enchanted Forest shop. We are still having our sCoin sale! Check it out at the bank.
  6. Awe Awesome. I will send you a message!
  7. Hello everyone, Right now we are looking to add a couple new artists to the Solpets team. A few examples: Items Wearables It is a volunteer position, but you will be compensated in site currency (sCoins). If you are interested you can message me here or on Solpets. We are also looking for graphic artists to do icons, banners and layout images. Thanks!
  8. @Chari-Artist has made us some Halloween only candy for our trick-or-treating needs! We have also made it so you can change your base color of your human avatar for 5,000 sPoints. We even added a special green base color for your Halloween needs. *The green base color is only available for premium users and only available until the end of Halloween. It will still cost the 5,000 sPoints to change into it though.*
  9. Sorry for lack of updates everyone. Our plans for this year kind of took a turn unfortunately. I am hoping for the holidays coming up we will be able to have a few more updates for you guys. We will have our usual sales at the end of year, so keep checking back! As for right now, we have made slight changes/fixes on some pages that we hope you all enjoy (especially if using mobile ;)). @Chari-Artist is also working on getting back in their groove and has made us the Lebaa Totem. The totem allows you to change a pet's current species to the Lebaa species. It is now available in the Enchanted Forest shop for 500 sCoins.
  10. We are having a sale starting now to July 7th in honor of our birthday on July 4th. New users that sign up during this time will get 200 sCoins and 10,000 sPoints to start with for free. We will also have sCoins and premium memberships on sale. For sCoins they can be bought at the bank. We currently use Paypal for all our transactions. Today (July 4th) you will be able to get a free gift in the "gift area". The link is located in your inventory. We also have a new birthday layout available for all users! Happy Birthday to us!
  11. We are celebrating Father's Day from June 9th, 2020 to June 30th, 2020. We have 2 new item to commemorate this holiday. Thank you @Chari-Artist they look amazing! Thank you @Plaguebourne for the item descriptions.
  12. All you do is choose a item from your wishlist. You will be able to choose 1 item (or 2 if premium user) per month to wish for at the Wishing Well. The more sPoints you throw in the better your chances of your wish coming true! Wishes are granted once a month. The wishing well is located on the West side of Shine City near the money tree. Thank you @Chari-Artist for the artwork.
  13. Happy Earth Day, everyone! Chari-Artist has made us a new world map!! A actually map . . . how cool! Along with this Chari-Artist and Coreath have made us a Globe and a new Earth Snuggly for your Snuggly Collections!! On a different-but-same note: I know right now it is hard times with everything going on in the world, but it might be a good time to focus on the Earth itself and what we/you can do to protect it in your own way. - This site will give you a list of 10 things you can do for the Earth (the link is off-site). ALSO CONGRATS TO CHARI-ARTIST, THEY WILL BE OUR NEW HEAD ARTIST!!
  14. Sorry this post is a little late. . . . but the easter egg hunt is from April 10th to April 30th. If you have already found the egg last year, this year you will be able to keep it! You will still have to find the new locations for all the easter eggs to get the new freshly made 2020 trophy. To view eggs you have found: Go to "Personal" > "My solCloset" > "Easter Egg Hunt"
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