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  1. I don't believe I made my message clear enough... this is far more than my initial seeking justice for being demotion without compensation. As it has started as that, there has been an extreme turn of events that followed a previous issue shown above as well... This is not about users complaining about lack of care for a site any further, this is not about lack of pay... This is about predatory behavior and leaving a warning due to the fact this is a Children based website... This is a dangerous situation. I am not seeking to stoke any flame or in your words "perpetuating the drama" as I
  2. Rather than apologizing or stopping he's taken the time to change his offline status to this.
  3. As a quick update regarding everything, since posting last Carl has proceeded to wipe all of his verpets direct messages in such a way that no one can see them any more... As far as we know, not a single user has a single direct message with Carl or Carl + company thus far surviving this act and further proves Carl is a danger to this site and potentially even the minors that decide to create an account here. He believed there was no surviving evidence, however, in which several users have clips and snips of messages and interactions. On top of MULTIPLE screenshot evidence of him preying
  4. Untrue? There's screenshot evidence now of what you have asked of users. Asking for inappropriate photos is not nonsense and untrue when the screenshots exist now... As for the amount owed, it is still owed and I will contact someone other than yourself in regards to it at this point. You have done nothing but lie to us and prey on users in your "drunken hazes". As an update he has demoted Exile despite her actively visiting the site and assisting with issues! I have already gotten in contact with someone a touch higher up so hopefully something can be done about it.
  5. I would be happy to provide my services as an item artist. I worked for Verpets for the past year and have been starving for a more even flow of art to seem up for a proper background build!
  6. That's absolutely inexcusable. No matter the manner of demotion or situation, our art should be compensated for properly and the fact this has happened more than once is worrying. Not so much on the pay side but professionally that looks awful on paper for anyone interested in the supposed sale of the site... Which might I add is also in limbo? Just as is the site? Either way, I'm trying to explore proper options along with communicating with some people on this issue... I overall just do not know what to do...
  7. Hey guys! I'm new to this so please excuse it being quite a mess! I am in a very confused and concerned mentality at this time due to this being quite sudden and without warning or even communication. For over a year, as of August 10th, I have been working for Verpets.com as an Official Artist and... while the work was slow, low paying, and communication was very poor, I enjoyed the job. I enjoyed speaking to the other artists there and get to be a big part of what happens behind the scenes. As someone who has visited and partook in the site since late 2009, being able to give back was
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