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  1. We just recently purchased a Switch (always a little late to the party) and I haven't really been excited for any of the games EXCEPT this one and the new Pokemon game. If you do happen to hear a release date, I'd love to know!
  2. Beautiful work! I absolutely adore the Atmospheric Pieces. Best of luck selling. :)
  3. I saw this posted and thought it might be worth a shot!
  4. I know this is a really odd place to post this but I don't have any idea who else to ask! Hopefully you guys can help or direct me somewhere that can help. I have to gather information for payroll purposes at my current job. We use Excel to compile the information and since we've recently expanded and added over 100 additional employees, I've found the way that I'm currently doing it is extremely time consuming and can be done by a macro. At first, employees are displayed like the image below. I need a macro that removes the employees name and the employees compiled weekly hours (the hours underlined in yellow on the image) and places them in a new Excel sheet (the looks similar to the second image). Ultimately, I would love if someone could explain and teach me how to write and install this macro. Please and thank you!
  5. Hey Nova! Great to see some VPL faces floating around (there is a good handful of us here). I don't think I've seen your project before! I can't wait to take a peak at it whenever you release more information if you haven't already. ^.^
  6. What game mechanics do you like? I like that there are literally 4 controls. There is no jump button, no backpack or menus to shuffle through to find what you need. It's simple. I can dig it. What game mechanics don't work? It works. I remember playing this game for HOURS when I was younger. I don't remember there being any mechanic of the game that was unbelievably frustrating. I do like that they've added save codes for easy return-ability, I don't remember that being a feature. I also wish the map/play screen was a little larger and offered more map visibility. How do you think Chip's Challenge compares with modern puzzle games? What do you think of Chip's Challenge's overall concept and execution? Honestly, I love the simplicity of it. It has no story line to follow. It offers no incentives to continue playing other than passing the level. It's a game I can sit down and mindlessly play for 2 minutes or 2 hours. I don't need to continue the game to figure out what's next or to obtain more gold to purchase better upgrades or hidden rooms, etc. I like that it requires minimal effort and it fixes the puzzle-game itch. I've noticed a lot of modern puzzle games want to give you coins or tiers to get you excited to level up or continue through the game and this just isn't always appealing to me. Sometimes it's nice but sometimes you just need something to mush your brain with. How would you rate the pacing of the game and the difficulty in later levels? I think it paces itself well and teaches you what you need to know slowly through each level. I made it to level 6 while sitting here this evening. I doubt I'll play anymore tonight (I just got off a 13 hour shift with another one tomorrow so my brain is a bit fried). My times were awfully deplorable .
  7. I'm crying right now . I highly doubt I'd be able to play the game. I don't seem to have much stomach anymore for these kinds of nail-biters. But PLEASE keep the play-throughs going, I'd love to follow the adventure with you.
  8. I haven't seen this game before but it has a very eerie feeling to it; It feels very similar to Inside. The art styles are totally different but the feeling of helplessness is so strong. If you haven't played Limbo or it's follow up, Inside, I totally suggest it! Loved watching your play-through, thanks for sharing. I can't wait to try to get my hands on this game. That slugcat is too cute
  9. Oh my lanta, Tzar. It's been YEARS since I've even thought about that game. I use to love it - I was also a huge Black & White fan. While I have to agree with many of the posts, a few of my favorite 'classics' would be The Sims series, the Tycoon series (zoo, rollercoaster, hotel), and of course the Diablo and Warcraft series. I also really enjoyed point and click adventures like Myst. I still try to play World of Warcraft as often as possible but it's really the only computer game I find myself actually making time for anymore.
  10. @SingSong Thank you for the warm welcome! I am really digging the accessibility of this forum. It's very user-friendly with a pleasant design. I'm very happy to see so many familiar faces even from just quickly browsing through the posts. I look forward to helping as much as I can!
  11. Hay guys! Passage here. Some of you may know me from VPL and some of you may not! I recently returned to the internet after taking an all too long hiatus. Ugh, real life has been... . For those who don't know me, I am a front-end designer who has been working with web design and user experience for over a decade. I've had my hands in many different projects that I'm sure some of you have come across. I have an obsession with coffee and currently work as the Director of Marketing for a large sandwich franchise chain in the greater Seattle area. Have any questions? Ask me! I'm an open book. I can't wait to see old and new faces alike and hope you all are well!
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