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  1. This is a good suggestion. Although you can and are allowed an opinion, these posts should be kept strictly to parties involved when it comes to evidence and investigations. I am glad to hear you have decided to stop here.
  2. Let’s keep this discussion about facts. Having an interaction that supports either party is useful and encouraged. This is a pet site forum, not a court of law, questioning someone’s grammar or intentions isn’t helpful. Also... there is no need for independent investigations. This is not a forum for drama. This is a forum for people to either commend others for wonderful work, or to issue experiences that may not have resulted in a great end result. Also, moving forward there will be a lot of eyes from the staff to make sure this doesn’t get out of hand. I would encourage replies from the parties involved or parties that have past experiences with those parties to reply and others to withhold any opinions until matters are clear.
  3. As much as I am missed, and although I am still around, I am no longer the sole (or owner) of this place, that is @judda. Also all situations are discussed by all the staff and it’s a group situation. If you are not directly involved in the situation, it might be best to sit back and not participate, @Boltgreywing.
  4. Text manipulation and parsing is a pain, agreed.
  5. Form submission/validation/return. So tedious but necessary. After doing it for 14-15 years it feels painful.
  6. Please keep in mind everyone that although we welcome honest discussion, we will lock this thread if it becomes to heated or disruptive. Keep the discussion going, but not the expense of others opinions.
  7. This statement is missing several points that I can (as the founder of this community) clarify. 1. There is no direct bitterness between myself and cpvr. I actually have never had any direct communication with him, although many attempts were made. 2. TGL did not directly benefit from VPL. Members for this community were found through social media AFTER VPL was offline for 2 weeks. Members here were contacted directly by myself and through word of mouth. 3. This community exists as a direct result of cpvr’s actions, public and personal. This community has existed for years because of that. Keep in mind that I have never directly privately or publicly criticized or put cpvr down in any way. I created TGL to fill a void that lasted years to keep a small community of individuals interested in creating virtual pet sites or games alive and not letting it fall into the void. Please before making heated statements be fair to everyone (which I am included as well as anyone else) involved. We, like others, felt let down by cpvr’s actions that have now lasted years. It is nothing personal, but it is there and it what it is. Communities thrive through cooperation, rarely through division. As @judda stated, Only by keeping things together will this niche and overall community thrive and grow. The actions of cpvr by bringing up a new forum with no content show that he feels very different about the community overall and that it is okay to fracture it further. That much was made clear in communications with him and actions alone.
  8. When making the hard decision to sell TGL, it was my top priority to place someone who had been in the community for a good while, had a solid reputation, and had an interest in the community as a community. I felt I chose best in @judda. I will always continue to be part of the community, and here. I look forward to seeing what wonderful changes come about! For everyone who has joined the community, I owe you all a deep and real thank you from my heart, for without all of you and your contributions to this community, it would not have survived! ?
  9. @Hare amazing updates as always, and this guy is my new spirit bunz.
  10. A tentative buyer has been found, and sale should be moving forward around the new year. I will not be accepting new offers immediately unless the offer falls through, in which I will update this post. Thanks for all the interest!
  11. Closing this as a buyer has been found. I will be sure to update the community in more detail once the final details are worked out as to how they want to move forward. I appreciate the communities patience and support. I do not plan to leave the community, and will still be active, and look forward to seeing where it goes moving forward.
  12. I have about 3 or so pet site "ideas" half coded over here. One day... I have found as I get older, and life gets going that although I have ambition to work on fun things, the ability to follow through is limited by other engagements. It is now not a matter of "I can do that!", but now a matter "of should I do this?"
  13. @Boltgreywing the site will not be going down, I am hoping through this to engage a new owner that is driven to grow the community and it’s content even more.
  14. While I remain the owner I will be maintaining the site, I just don’t have the time to grow it beyond what it is, and I honestly feel it can be so much more then it is!
  15. Thank you both for being members and participating in the community as well, this whole thing would not have happened without members like you all!
  16. I am interested in selling novilar.com and it's assets to someone who would be interested in taking over the game. If you are interested in getting an up and running game base, please get in touch. It is developed in Laravel, version 5.7 (so recent), and is for the most part working outside of some features that are not large where they would be quality of life improvements. Currently it is hosted on DigitalOcean, and the codebase in hosted at bitbucket.org. You will receive all assets, as they are all owned by the site. I am open to discussing more in private chats, and can offer more details if anyone is interested.
  17. It is with great... anxiety that I am posting this. I started TGL shortly after VPL went offline, almost 3 years ago now. It was to keep a community of game developers, artists, and players going. To see a community continue in spite of a community place that no longer was. I hope in some ways that was achieved. I personally no longer have the time to devote to the community, to drive it forward, to build and guide it moving forward. I wish I did, I have a fond heart for many of the community members. That being said, I am hereby putting the community up for sale. I am hoping to secure not only the communities future, but to see it thrive and develop into something amazingly wonderful! I do not have a value in mind, the site does not profit from any form of advertising currently, so all offers are up on the table. I will answer questions as I can.
  18. @Hare Is there a specific palette that artists should use when creating the different layers and bases? I noticed you use a tan color in some layers, any advice on that.
  19. https://www.novilar.com
  20. I wanted to post something official, although our discord has already had this announced. TGL has a great Marketplace, where Game Owners, Programmers, Writers, and Artists can find help for their projects, or put themselves out there to land some work. It has been one our communities major drawing points, and something we love to be able to be a part of. It makes both myself and @Martyn extremely happy when we see the community working together commercially to bring new pet sites online. That said, the great part of this is the also one of the dark sides of a Marketplace. Programmers or Artists disappear, Game Owners don't pay what was agreed. There is confusion, then arguments over what was described in the project. Deadlines slip, then fail. Drama begins. This is not a new thing, but it is not a good thing either. TGL is implementing some new rules that we feel we can enforce, fairly and equally. If we hear, and have enough information at hand to determine that a payment was not paid, and all work was completed - we will ban the individual who was supposed to pay. If only partial work was completed, we are willing to work with both parties to determine what feels fair for the work completed. (More below on our arbitration rules) If we hear, and have enough information at hand to determine that someone was paid for work, and did not deliver any aspect of it - we will ban the individual who failed to perform the work agreed and paid for. If partial work was performed, we will work with both sides to see if it can worked out fairly and equally. (More below on our arbitration rules) We recently had to make two examples of where this failed to happen, in both cases, these we were users who failed to perform work - after receiving payment for work. We will be much more aware, and act a lot faster moving forward. Arbitration Rules When there is a problem that comes before TGL staff in regards to a Marketplace agreement gone wrong, TGL will do the following, as we are allowed to, but encourage parties at an impasse to approach us openly. We are here to help, and will do the following: We will independently reach out to both parties, as a neutral party to collect any details, and both parties viewpoints about the issue. We will review the timeline of the events given by both individuals independently and fairly. We will review any work partially completed, and will either independently determine worth of that partial work, or we may in confidence and agreement with the parties, ask another member here on TGL to assess such value. We will make suggestions to both parties on paths to come to an agreement to resolve the dispute in the hopes that it can be salvaged and good working partnerships can continue to prosper. We will not make decisions for either party. We will not force one side or the other, only suggest ways to resolve. If we do take action on an individual, it will be for the above reason of that individual not paying for work completed (even partial work, which is still work), or taking money for work never done. At no time will TGL take a side, nor be seen as taking a side. We will review the situation as an outside, removed party to the situation. We will only protect our Marketplace, and help insure the community as a whole is protected from individuals who fail to uphold agreements. In the coming weeks, we will be releasing resources to assist everyone who is using, or wants to use the Marketplace make smart decisions, learn how to work out agreements, protect legal interests, and otherwise take a lot of the "scary" out of hiring or being hired in our Marketplace.
  21. Just wanted to let the community know, if you haven't noticed already, we have some fresh paint on the forums overall. I am still tweaking it here and there. If there are any comments or issues, please do not hesitate to let me know!
  22. Re-bumping this as we are looking for artists again.
  23. @Design1online, not sure if they reached out to you, but just in case since this is PGF.
  24. Wow, the art style as always is top notch, and the features are amazing!
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