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    So you have dreams of starting your own Pet Site, but have no experience with programming whatsoever, this thread is going to walk through a lot of things that you need to know, and what you need to look for from your developer (and in your code base), to ensure that you are paying for things that really matter. Please Note: This is not an exhaustive list, this is meant to be a jumping off point to help improve your overall familiarity with the process of developing code. Executive Summary As a site owner, it is your responsibility to know at least at a cursory glance how it works. Code is complicated but so is owning a site. There are a lot of resources out there which can help you, don't treat coding like a black box because at the end of the day you will be the one out money should the developer decide to cut corners. Please Note: As an owner, nothing is "above your pay grade", you are defining the pay grade, so you need to be aware of the inner workings! Best Practices: No live code updates - Yes, cPanel has a code editor built in, or your developer may have an FTP client installed on their computer that they can use to connect to your site, but you should not let them develop through these tools. They are meant for small changes, not developing whole features. Why is this bad? Your users can see things that they shouldn't have visibility to, and it may make the site seem less stable because they are on one page and they see an error message, or worse, raw code emitted (i.e. SQL statement), now you are giving them too much information! Nightly Offsite Backups (or more frequently) - servers die, databases get hacked, accidents happen! Having backups of all of your assets are paramount to recovery. If you happen to keep the backup in the same data centre, or even worse, the same server, you could be asking for trouble. If your server dies (it happens from time to time), the backups that you have stored on the same server will have died with the rest of the code. So this is kind of useless. It's great if there is a quick rollback that is necessary unfortunately in situations like that this is typically not the case. Source Control Everything - So first of all, you are probably wondering what Source Control is, it's a tool that developers are able to use in order to keep track of changes that they do to the codebase, in order to make it easier to work with other developers, as well as be able to revert the code to a point in time when it was actually working (or at least look at it at that point in time). Think of it as "CTRL-Z" on steroids. This one here somewhat goes hand-in-hand with point 1, about no live editing of files because your production environment should be made from either a "release" branch/tag, or your "master" branch in your repository. A great overview of Git is available here. GitLab: https://gitlab.com/ GitHub: https://github.com BitBucket: https://bitbucket.org/product/ Test all code in a Development Sandbox - New code poses the possibility of new bugs (or old bugs rearing their ugly heads again). Because of this, there should be another environment that can be pushed to first prior to production in an attempt to find any bugs early, especially if they are game breaking ones. All changes to the database should be done via code (SQL scripts or migration scripts) - Now that you are following some of the other best practices, we need a way to ensure that the structure in the development environment matches the production database environment. By scripting it (and running the script when deploy time comes), you are able to fairly confidently say "yes, this will work in production". Yes, you have phpMyAdmin, it's a great tool, just like the other things built into cPanel, but if someone makes a schema change in production that isn't reflected in development, then anything you build from that point on (if they rely on it) could potentially be broken because you manually changed something in production. Application Frameworks: So you have a developer that wants to use a framework, should you let them? Probably! First thing's first, what actually is a framework? The regular definition is: A structure for supporting or enclosing something else, especially a skeletal support used as the basis for something being constructed. Which fits in really well with what application frameworks do. They scaffold out a lot of the best practices and abstract away lots of the things that you really don't need to have a developer make for you. This in turn leaves you with less code they need to write which should mean more money to spend on the things that matter, and better yet, less security flaws! More frameworks handle things (as best they can) such as Cross-Site Scripting/Cross Site Request Forgery (CSRF) and SQL Injection. These are just two of the big security things that you need to be concerned about. Most frameworks have tutorials out there which range in quality. As a site owner, it is your responsibility to at least know what you are buying a little bit. So I would encourage you to take a bit of time and watch some YouTube videos about it so you can at least familiarize yourself with the nomenclature. Please Note: Just because your developer said that they wanted to use a framework, this does not mean that you do not have to worry about security. Take the following example, you display a "bank" page which to the human eye all you can see is a "withdraw" and a "deposit" text box with a button. But behind the scenes, hidden in the HTML (hidden input field), the programmer decided to also include the user's bank account ID, and use that for any of the actions. Well, in cases like this, your site has a security hole, and the framework has no way of knowing that isn't actually what you want to happen. Lots of the frameworks out there are open source. This means that people around the world can look and work on improving the framework! This means that the framework will have new features added, and security releases made. Because of this, it is super important to keep your version of the libraries as up-to-date as possible. Depending on the language you are using there are a bunch of different frameworks that can be chosen from. We will maintain this list as best as we can, but we will also show you how you can find out the version that you are on, as well as what version the framework is currently on. PHP Laravel: URL: https://laravel.com/ Latest Version: 7.x - https://github.com/laravel/framework/releases Determining your Version: Within the codebase, there should be a file called "composer.json", in there, under "require", there should be a line that says, "laravel/framework". On the right of that, you will see the version you are currently on. CodeIgniter: URL: https://codeigniter.com/ Latest Version: 4 Version 3: https://github.com/bcit-ci/CodeIgniter/releases Version 4: https://github.com/codeigniter4/CodeIgniter4/releases Determining your Version: https://www.kodingmadesimple.com/2016/08/find-codeigniter-version.html CakePHP: URL: https://cakephp.org/ Latest Version: 4.0 - https://github.com/cakephp/cakephp/releases Determining your Version: Within the codebase, there should be a file called "composer.json", in there under "require", there should be a line that says, "cakephp/cakephp". On the right of that, you will see the version you are currently on. Yii: URL: https://www.yiiframework.com/ Latest Version: 2.0 - https://github.com/yiisoft/yii2/releases Determining your Version: Within the codebase, there should be a file called "composer.json", in there under "require", there should be a line that says, "yiisoft/yii2". On the right of that, you will see the version you are currently on. Symfony: URL: https://symfony.com/ Latest Version: 5.0 - https://github.com/symfony/symfony/releases Determining your Version: Within the codebase, there should be a file called "composer.json", in there under "require", there should be multiple lines that which start with, "symfony/". On the right of that, you will see the version they are currently on. Because of the nature of this project, they may be on different versions which is fine, however the "major" release should be the same across the board. Python Django: URL: https://www.djangoproject.com/ Latest Version: 3.0 - https://github.com/django/django/releases Determining your Version: Within the codebase, there should be a file called "requirements.txt", in there, should be a line that says, "Django". On the right of that, you will see the version you are currently on. Ruby Rails: URL: https://rubyonrails.org/ Latest Version: 6.0 - https://github.com/rails/rails/releases Determining your Version: Within the codebase, there should be a file called "Gemfile", in there, there should be a line that says, "gem 'rails'". On the right of that, you will see the version you are currently on. If the framework that your developer wants to use isn't listed here, that isn't necessarily a problem, try to get the details about the framework that they are wanting to use, and go from there! It's a great place to start a conversation to make sure you truly are getting what you paid for. The things listed above (especially the latest version) also helps to show how active the project is. If the developer wants to use a framework that hasn't been updated in 3 years, chances are the maintainers of the project have abandoned it, so you probably should too! I used a framework but I still got SQL Injected! Similar to my other example above with the bank, just because you are using a framework does not mean you will not be hit by SQL injection! My gut instinct when I hear this is "the programmer is using it wrong". Most frameworks provide wrappers around the database objects, and then behind the scenes use database parameters to actually query the data. What are database parameters? They are a way of passing the data you want to query (normally user's input) in alongside the actual query, preventing evil-doers from doing things that were not intended (i.e. dropping tables). In the past, developers would just build a string and do something like "mysql_real_escape_string" on the data to ensure the safety, it is still possible in modern frameworks to have access to the raw database object and run queries you write yourself. It's these circumstances that tell me the developer is using it wrong, hence my original statement, the developer is using it wrong, and should be stopped. Please Note: Frameworks are just code, so they do have the potential for bugs which can introduce security issues as well. Take Laravel for example this past summer they found that one small piece of the code was vulnerable to SQL Injection! My Programmer doesn't want to use _____ A framework - Ask why not, prompt them to give answers and don't just settle for "I'm more comfortable in my own code", or "It'll be faster if I code it from scratch" - frameworks this day in age are pretty darn fast, unless you are using it wrong, http://www.phpbenchmarks.com/en/comparator/framework, they likely won't be your bottleneck in the application, it's the rest of the stuff that goes on. Don't throw away the security of your application just because it's easier for a random developer to do their own thing (that no one else will be able to figure out easily). Source Control - Ask why not, there are so many tutorials out there nowadays it's pretty easy to learn. If you are ok with not using it, make sure you discuss your safety net, i.e. when you will pay for things (paid on delivery with code clearly available). Source control is only as useful as the developers using it. They should be committing to it regularly, not just when the code is complete. This will help to give you a good sense of the work that went into the project as well! Payments My personal mantra is, never pay for something that only resides on a development machine. Just like art that is being created, you wouldn't be happy with receiving and paying for a watermarked image. Why are you doing that for code? In your agreement with your programmer, at the bare minimum, state "the code must be stored in this repository". Please Note: You should be the owner of the repository, not the developer. I have seen so many projects go haywire and owners get screwed out of their money because the code hasn't been delivered. It resides on a developer's machine or their personal servers. The repository is just like getting access to the raw PSDs for art (which you should be getting as well when you commission art in case you need to edit things later on).
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    Hello all! I'll add more as inspiration hits. Available for commissions - please PM me for more details (examples here)! All art be provided in .SAI, .PSD, and .PNG formats. All payments through Paypal, please. Update: Wow, everything's been sold! More will be posted soon; in the mean time feel free to reach out about commission availability! Sold items:
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    Just wanted to personally vouch for Ibbit, who has been working with me for a few months now on a project that's very demanding. Yet she has been 100% reliable, timely and has poured an abundance of effort into every commission. On top of that, she's very nice to work with. I'm a very satisfied customer!
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    I was a member of VPL, its how i found Solpets and now i've been an artist for them for a couple years. i was also able to find other freelance jobs from their site. with that said i have no interest in going back to VPL. how the site went down and was promised to come back up but never did kinda turned me off from them. I had contacts from people who i now have no way of knowing because the site went down with no warning. I found TGL on my own, after VPL went down i search for pet site forums and it came up. I've also have suggest TGL to others as well because i feel its better I like TGL, i like the staff, i like the structure of the forums, and everyone is generally more friendly and helpful.
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    Thank you everyone for your patience. Registration is now open! Click here to go to the site. Some notes: - The game is in early alpha! Several features may be missing or incomplete - Battles and trading are not yet in the game, those are coming soon - Not many quests are available at the moment - Items are still wonky and don't do anything. Will fix soon! If you encounter any bugs on the site, please make a report on our forum! It's much easier to keep track of them there than in the discord.
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    I no longer work with IcePets as of fairly recently, but I want to publicly say this: The team working with IcePets is a group of some of the most dedicated, well-functioning, and knowledgeable people I have ever worked with on a project. There are people on this team who have been running the day-to-day operations of the IcePets website for multiple years and know how the game and community ticks. They are equally known by the community and they know how to keep the site going. Whoever purchases IcePets obviously gains the ability to do what they want with the hiring and firing portion of the site, but as someone who worked with this team for over 4 years: if you fire them, you are doing yourself and the game a major disservice. It might also be a boon to mention that if you purchase this game, you can rest easy knowing you have an absolutely fantastic team of people who will back you up, as long as you are willing to listen and dedicate yourself to improving the site moving forward. I obviously have no horse in this race any longer, but I will stand on my soapbox and yell awesome things about the current team to anyone who will listen, and figured it was a piece of information a potential buyer might like to know.
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    Ok, I finally have some news! I have finalized what will be in Alpha Phase 1. It's a bit less than what's on the trello, but I decided to roll out updates for Phase 1 after opening since I figured that if I continued to hold out until everything was in there, it won't reach you guys for a very long time (as you've seen lol) - Exploration system, each region will only have 5 random events to being with and 2 animals to hunt (deer and hares) - Not all npc personalities will have flavor texts when interacting - PMs and ally system (basically a friend list) - Most likely no trading. I still have to refine that - Only 1 enemy in the battle system, smilodons (found through exploring) - The spirit shop (seen after death) will only have 2 pelt colors available, spiritus and ember Will those things noted, I'm currently working now to add an extra layer of polish before opening registration. It may be incomplete, but I still don't want things to be messy. I hope to see you soon when the game opens in the next announcement!
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    Ellie Cooper Art Commissions I am an experienced concept artist in the Game and Film/TV industry. I specialise in environments, keyframes, architecture, creature design and characters. I am currently looking for long-term freelance projects but happy to do short ones too. Alternatively, I am happy to just do some black and white sketches or some colour grading/storyboarding/etc - just get in touch! I have included my work below and my website, please feel free to email me, message me on ArtStation or on Discord to discuss the project and rates. Website: http://www.elliejcooper.co.uk/ ArtStation: https://www.artstation.com/elliejcooper Email: enquiries@elliejcooper.co.uk Discord: Ellie#8157 Portfolio: (Please look at either my website or ArtStation for more, or for better quality). Prices on Application I am happy to just have a chat with you to give you a quote - please do not hesitate just to ask.
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    So you’re ready to start thinking about your own game, huh? The first thing you’ll want to do is figure out what it’s about, right? This is the first post in a series that will go into a bit more detail about how you can plan out your dream game. What type of game is it? Are you thinking that the game will be hyper realistic, fantasy, or a mixture? Will there be pets? Do you care for pets? Do pets have human characteristics? There are generally two types of games in our little corner of the industry, although some games could fall into a grey area. Pet sites Pet sites are more towards the fantasy scale of game development. Is your game set in space? In a volcano? Do pets eat ice cream and spit fire? Can your character do magic? Anything that is outside of reality can fall into the pet site category. Neopets, one of the founding games of this genre, Persistent Browser Based Games (PBBG), is a pet site. Sim games On the other side of the scale is a hyper realistic game that mimics life down to the small details. “Sim” stands for simulation game, and this game could involve animals such as dogs or horses. These animals have realistic genetics and result in colors found in real life. In most games, you also have to feed, water, and train these animals. They fill a gap for the end user by being able to own a virtual pet in lieu of a real one. The grey area Not all games fall into one type or the other. There are some fantasy games that would be classified as sim games - such as dinosaur games like Exhibited or horse games like Celestial Equine. They require care and have some form of breeding and genetic crossing. What is it going to be about? There are a couple different methods to start planning where your game will go. The central pet You can start planning a game by determining the type of pet it will be centered around. For example, I may want to make a kangaroo game. Let’s call it Roo Boss. From setting the pet, I can now say that this game will take place in Australia, the native habitat of the kangaroo. Now that I have my setting, I set the main player goal in the game: to have the preservation that saves the most kangaroos. From there, I would go into planning the preservation mechanics, kangaroo characteristics, and ways players can interact. The setting As a different method, you can start by determining the setting. Perhaps you’ve always been enamored with the mountains. You can choose a mountain setting. From there, you could choose your game goal: to survive. Then based on the setting, you could choose between bears, cougars, mountain goats, etc. This is still gearing more towards a realistic setting. If you want to go more fantastical, you could choose an underworld setting. From there, you could say that all pets are demonic and the goal is to have the highest evil rating possible, through battling, feeding, etc. The goal Finally, you could create a game starting from the goal that players would have. The goal could be to collect and evolve pets, similar to Pokemon. You could then backtrack to think of a unique storyline and setting to make the game your own. … You get the point. When developing your plan, make sure to include these 3 elements: pet/primary focus, setting, and player goals. No matter where you start, you’ll need all 3. Who does it target? Demographics and Interests After you know what the game is going to be about, you can figure out who it will appeal to. Is it going to be 20-30 year olds? Teens? Kids? Mostly women? Figure out the basic demographics about your audience. In marketing, there is a term called a customer avatar. You can go and create this completely fictitious person who would play your game. Where do they live? What other games do they play? You can even go so far as to list the books they read and the social media posts they're interested in. Digital Marketer has a worksheet for this that could be a great starting point: https://s3.amazonaws.com/digital-marketer-files/Lead+Magnet/Customer-Avatar.pdf How do they play? You can use the suits of a deck of cards to describe the four major types of gamers. Clubs like fighting. Spades like exploring. Diamonds like achieving things. Hearts like socialization. You can probably think of various video games that are focused on catering to different gamer types just from that. The types influence why you play. Take ARK for example. A club is going to play ARK in order to beat up the tameables. A spade is going to play to explore the map. A heart is probably going to want to play multiplayer to be in a group. A diamond is going to be wanting to get all the tames, or all the tames they deem worth getting, etc. More information can be found here about the four types: https://elearningindustry.com/types-of-gamers-and-learner-engagement-4 Deciding if you have the right idea It’s easy to come up with an idea. As you can see, I’ve already thrown several in this post from the top of my head. But when deciding whether the idea is right for you to move forward with, there are several things to consider. Are you passionate about this idea? Building any game is not an overnight endeavor. Even if the build time only takes a couple months (which is fast for game development), you’ll still have to manage the game after it opens. Burnout is a real thing for game developers, and it's harder to overcome if you're not truly passionate about the project. It WILL be your baby. Love it, nurture it, and choose the idea that you will be all-in for the long haul. Has it already been done? The best thing you could do at this point in your game’s development is to conduct a competitor analysis. This means, joining AND playing any game that is similar to the one you’re thinking of building. Make a list of the features they have. Are they doing them well? Would you change anything? Is the game dying or thriving? What kind of community does it attract? There are so many ideas out there… if there is a game with your idea that is doing well, I would encourage you to abandon it and choose another idea that you’re passionate about. Is it too much? Some games can get to be too much for the game developer. Whether it’s too much art, too many features, or just too much in general. Ask yourself what kind of timeline are you looking at to develop everything you’ve dreamed in this game. If it’s 5 years from now, ask yourself where you’re going to be in 5 years? Will you still be working on this game? Could you make the scope of the gameplay smaller so you can get it off the ground, launched, and have it start to fund itself? You have the idea and the plan, now what? Congratulations! You have a game plan. Now you’ll need to figure out what you can do yourself and what you need to hire others for. WARNING: Game development is not cheap. Even if you can do everything yourself, will you have enough time to devote? Will it be high enough quality for the end product? I can draw stick figures pretty well, but I would never consider putting them into a live game. Planning This part should always be on you, the game developer. Even if you pull in someone else to help with ideas, YOU have the final say. This is your game. In order to better communicate your plan to others, you should consider writing a game design document which outlines the setting, gameplay, NPCs, items, etc. That way, if you need to look for others to work on or invest in your game, they’re on the same page you are. Here’s a helpful resource on what a game design document is and why you need one. Programming Make no mistake, THIS is going to be the biggest part of building your game. If you’re looking to hire a programmer, check out So you want to be a Site Owner, but have no idea anything about Programming. If you want to do it yourself, that’s great! You can do it yourself, even if you have no programming experience. There are tons of videos on Youtube for free, and our community is always around to help answer questions. Art Although programming is what will make your game unique, art is what draws players in. You can very easily lose a lot of money by going in the wrong direction with art. Be aware of the quality of art you’re purchasing. Is it what you want? Will it make your game stand out from others? Writing If you have any type of lore, writing will become a huge part of your game. Character dialog, item descriptions, etc, all need great writing to make the game immersive. Once your game is launched, writing is also essential in marketing. Management Are you going to manage it all yourself? You might consider hiring a community manager. There are also moderators to consider. Make sure that your team knows your goals and are aligned with them. Moving Forward As you can see, there is a lot that goes into planning a game. This post has barely scratched the surface of what all is involved in planning. There are many, many games that have started and eventually stopped because the owners didn’t know the magnitude and immense responsibility of game development. It’s a lot. This is the first post in a game planning series that will hopefully shed some light on some key elements involved. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Planning Your Game Part 2: How to plan programming Not sure what to send to your programmer? This guide will help you communicate what you need to your programmer to get the best results. Doing the programming yourself? This is also for you to plan out your work and figure out timelines for yourself.
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    And here's some headshots I've done for free for some people on Twitter. lol
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    Hello everyone. Per request, this thread will contain tutorials on how to use ImageMagick (an image layering system) with PHP for your petsite or SIM. You can use this tutorial for pets, creatures, human avatars, etc. (it should all work with the same kind of system). I assume you know a bit of basic PHP, but you don't have to know a lot. INTRODUCTION I'm Hare, aka Lunar. I'm a coder, artist, and owner of www.warrenz.net. I'll be using Warrenz for demonstration because I use ImageMagick for the rabbits on there. I've also worked with GD library and CSS layering, but won't be going over those here. COPYRIGHT The images used in this tutorial and copyrighted and belong to me. Do not use them outside the Terms of Service of www.warrenz.net or without my expressed, written permission. Now let's get on with the basics! WHY USE IMAGEMAGICK There are good alternatives to Imagick. The benefits of ImageMagick is that it's powerful (which is why I like it), but GD Library is a fast alternative (from my experience, the processing time is less). There's also CSS layering, which may be good if you don't need anything fancy. I'm not going to go over methods of layering in this tutorial, just know that there are other options out there that may work better for your needs. INSTALLATION I'm not going to go over the installation process. This tutorial assumes that you already have Imagick (the PHP extension of ImageMagick) installed on your server. If you're not sure whether Imagick is installed, you can check your PHP info page where it should be listed. I'm also going to assume you're using version 3.4.3 or later. BASIC TUTORIAL - Getting Started With Imagick Layering I'm going to start out with the most barebones code you can use for those who have never used Imagick and want to know how to get started. We'll combine a base layer with some lineart. STEP 1 - CREATE YOUR FILES You'll need two files. One file is going to contain your Imagick code, name it img.php or whatever you want to name it. The other is going to be a page on the site that displays the image (can any page you want to display them on, such as pet profile or wherever). We'll call it profile.php. On profile.php where the image is displayed, this is all you need to get started: <?php echo "<img src='img.php'>"; ?> This will display the image created in the img.php as a <img src=''> code. Now let's get some code into the img.php file: <?php $path = "./img/"; $img = new Imagick( $path . "/base.png" ); $imglines = new Imagick( $path . "lines.png" ); $img->compositeImage($imglines, Imagick::COMPOSITE_DEFAULT, 0, 0); header('Content-type: image/png'); echo $img; ?> The first line of code declares your file path. We're going to put all our images for the layering system in the img file on the site. The next line of code is the first layer that starts the image off. The base layer. The next line is for the next layer that will go on top of the base layer. Lineart. I also include the shine of the eyes in the lineart layer, but you don't have to do it that way. The compositeImage function is used here. It puts the $imglines layer on TOP of the $img (which is the base layer), combining the two into a single image ($img). Then we simply declare the image headers and echo the resulting $img. Congratulations! You completed the first tutorial and now have a basic layered image. BASIC TUTORIAL #2 - All My Layers + Multiply Shading So you know how to display an Imagick image, but you're not sure how to add more layers. You're going to need markings, shading, etc. Let's do it! We're going to combine ALL these layers and make some nice shading! This may look like it's going to be a lot of work, but actually, we're just going to copy paste the lineart layer over and over again. Your new ImageMagick code (img.pgp) with all the new layers: <?php $path = "./img/"; $img = new Imagick( $path . "/base.png" ); $imgagouti = new Imagick( $path . "agouti.png" ); $img->compositeImage($imgagouti, Imagick::COMPOSITE_DEFAULT, 0, 0); $imgotter = new Imagick( $path . "otter.png" ); $img->compositeImage($imgotter, Imagick::COMPOSITE_DEFAULT, 0, 0); $imgdetails = new Imagick( $path . "details.png" ); $img->compositeImage($imgdetails, Imagick::COMPOSITE_DEFAULT, 0, 0); $imgeye = new Imagick( $path . "eye.png" ); $img->compositeImage($imgeye, Imagick::COMPOSITE_DEFAULT, 0, 0); $imgpupil = new Imagick( $path . "pupil.png" ); $img->compositeImage($imgpupil, Imagick::COMPOSITE_DEFAULT, 0, 0); $imgshading = new Imagick( $path . "shading.png" ); $img->compositeImage($imgshading, Imagick::COMPOSITE_DEFAULT, 0, 0); $imglines = new Imagick( $path . "lines.png" ); $img->compositeImage($imglines, Imagick::COMPOSITE_DEFAULT, 0, 0); $imgwatermark = new Imagick( $path . "watermark.png" ); $img->compositeImage($imgwatermark, Imagick::COMPOSITE_DEFAULT, 0, 0); header('Content-type: image/png'); echo $img; ?> Look how we're adding one layer on top, one after another. Each one gets composited over the last, adding to the resulting $img. That's pretty much it. But wait: Why is this rabbit's shading blue? I use blue shading on Warrenz. However, we're going to switch the shading layer over to MULTIPLY. Where it says COMPOSITE_DEFAULT on the shading layer, change it to COMPOSITE_MULTIPLY. There, now we have a beautifully shaded rabbit! Multiply allows for very nice, vibrant colors. You don't have to use it, but I recommend it for more dynamic shading. That's it for now! I hope some of this is helpful.
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    Hello! I'm a digital illustrator pursuing a path in creature design! I love fantastical creatures ranging from commonly known mythological beasts, to creatures from Star Wars and Monster Hunter. Currently I have a huge interest in the ARPG scene on deviantart, so I've spent a bit of time participating in that! I am relatively familiar with the pet site scene, I've done work for Sylestia, Cybura, Folk of Lore, and helped with assets for other projects here and there as well. I would love to get involved in such work again, but I am also readily available for other positions as well! Anything from game assets to concept art, colorist positions, and illustrative work. I am most comfortable with animal subjects, but can edit accessories/hairstyles/etc onto pre-created human linearts (for avatars and such!) I'm willing to adapt to different subjects as well if discussed! For more of my work; deviantart - artstation - twitter TENTATIVELY AVAILABLE Custom creatures designed to your specifications - from existing animals to fantasy creatures of your wildest imagination! if you dream it, I can do it! I will work closely with you from start to finish to make sure your creature is as close to your vision as possible. pricing • concepts only - $15 per sketch • greyscales (lines + shading) - $30 per creature • full colored - $50 per creature UNAVAILABLE shop items, loot items ( from hunting, exploring etc), food, craftables, etc armor and decor are another possibility as well. I have not yet done any item work! pricing is up for negotiation. AVAILABLE Already have your creatures designed, but need some markings, genes or mutations to customize them? I can do that as well! Its actually one of my favorite types of art to do. If you'd like to see more recent examples, here are some of the ARPG designs I've done! here is also a collection of older gene work I did for some sites! I work at a rate of $15 per base lineart colored. (so if you want 3 creatures colored, regardless of whether it is the same gene or not, it would be $45 in total) have something else in mind? shoot me a PM on discord (skellri#0837) Thanks for looking!
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    None in my area I don't think. My workplace has given the official decree to work from home indefinitely.
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    Before You Read If you’re planning a game, make sure to read Planning Your Game Part 1: How to get started. If you know how to program and are planning a game, you have applause from this corner. Being able to do things yourself is the most efficient and time-saving route you can take. If you don’t know how to program, I strongly encourage you to learn. Even if you don’t learn to the level that you need to build a game, it will help you better communicate with your programmer, understand their time requirements, and help both of you not be as stressed in your relationship. If you plan to hire a programmer, be sure to read So you want to be a Site Owner, but have no idea anything about Programming … which has a lot of great advice. Note that this guide is written from the standpoint of hiring a programmer but could easily apply if you are programming the game yourself. Project Management Staying organized and having your whole team on the same page is very important in large, long-term projects. Having everything clearly laid out helps the owner, programmer, artist, and moderators to know their responsibilities and deadlines if applicable. There are numerous project management tools out there but I’ll just list a few of my favorites that are free. Teamwork If you only need 1 or 2 projects, Teamwork is the way to go. The free tier includes all features so you can use it to its full potential. Features include time tracking, messages which email to team members, notebooks for ideas and passwords, files, links, timelines and gantt charts, estimated time per task, calendar, and invoices. You get 5 standard users on the free tier but can have as many collaborators as you need. Teamwork can be viewed in task lists or board view. Asana While you don’t have all the features available on the free version of Asana, you aren’t limited to the number of projects you can have. You can also keep up with project status, files, and conversations. You are also not limited to your team members as long as the project is public. Asana can be viewed in task lists or board view. Trello If you’re a fan of the Kanban board, Trello might be for you. It is free to use, and you can link it to Slack if your team uses that for communication. It can only be used in board view. Be aware that boards can be searchable on Google so unless that is your intention, make sure to lock it down. Podio This one was pointed out to me and seems to be a very flexible management tool. It allows you to build lists and customize views. You can choose which lists your team members see which could be handy if you have an art team, programming team, etc. Other free project management tools: https://blog.hubspot.com/marketing/free-project-management-software Plan/Game Design Document Hopefully by this point, you know what your game is going to be about. It’s a good idea to tell your programmer (either in conversation or through a game design document) the entire plan. Knowing everything up front will help them build with the big picture in mind. If you add a feature down the road when something was hard-coded to save time, they may have to rebuild part of a feature for the new additions. I can’t advocate a game design document enough when planning a game. In Part 1, I linked a game design document resource, but the document could take on any format. As long as it paints a picture of what features that game will have, you’re doing something right. It’s okay if it doesn’t include everything because games are living entities that change drastically over time based on new ideas and player feedback. Phases/Milestones If you have a plan, it’s a lot easier to break that plan down into more manageable pieces. As an African proverb says, “The best way to eat the elephant standing in your path is to cut it up into little pieces.” In other words, you have to set manageable goals for your project. Instead of saying to yourself, “I’m going to build a pet site like Neopets,” you can instead say, “I’m working on the first phase of my project which only includes basic player information.” Instead of tackling Mt. Everest immediately, you know that you first have to pass the trailhead. You know your progress by passing milestones. So you have this big idea but maybe you aren’t sure how to break it up. First of all, make sure your goals and phases are SMART. S - Specific M - Measurable A - Achievable R - Realistic T - Timely This applies to game planning. If you’re here to do it as a hobby when you can for 1 hour per week or per month, this may not apply to you. But if you’re wanting to make progress and release a game to the public by X month in X year, you’ll definitely want to do a bit of forward thinking. If your plan lacks one of the elements above, add it. This will help you and your team by defining expectations for each phase of the project. Real Example Continuing with the kangaroo game from Part 1, Roo Boss, let’s define some phases. Phase Goal Phase 1: Players Players should be able to register, login, and view/edit their profile. They should also be able to manage their money through a bank. Phase 2: Kangaroos (Basics) Players should be able to purchase kangaroos from an NPC, view basic stats and health information, and edit their name and description. Phase 3: Items Players should be able to purchase items from a shop. Items can be of type food (increases kangaroo health), health (repairs damages), or toy (increases kangaroo happiness). Players should be able to give these items to a kangaroo. Phase 4: Images and colors Players should be able to see their unique kangaroo based on color traits. Phase 5: Breeding Players can breed together 2 kangaroos to produce a joey that has color traits from the parents I could keep going with more phases, but I think you get the idea. I prefer to write the goal as something the player will see which also starts to define how you will eventually test and mark this goal as complete. Are you starting to feel better about tackling your massive project? Pet sites are very time intensive and can very easily cause overwhelm, especially if you start thinking in terms of how many hours are put in which can directly translate to costs. How do you plan programming? Now that you have phases, you can figure out programming for each phase individually. Starting with Phase 1, you already know a few things are needed to accomplish the end goal. Here is a list of to-do items or tasks that you could potentially give a programmer. You will need a domain so that you can test. You’ll need to “point” this domain to where your code is hosted. (Recommended: Namecheap) You’ll need hosting for all the code to go on. (Recommended: Digital Ocean or Vultr) Determine if your game will be built in a framework. There is a great breakdown of framework options and why these are a better choice over code from scratch in the So You Want to Be a Site Owner… article. Set up the framework if applicable. Determine the database schema. This is something your programmer will do, but you need to know that this takes time. Determine what the game will look like while it’s in development. I highly recommend a basic bootstrap template (already pre-packaged with Laravel) until there is more to the game. If login and registration comes with the framework, determine if those need to be customized for your game. An example of this is adding a starting money amount to the pre-packaged Laravel registration setup. Build the profile. This will display the avatar, player name, join date, bio, and if they are online. Create a settings page. This will allow the player to edit their name, avatar (only as a URL, not an uploaded file), bio, email, and password. Create a bank page that allows the player to deposit and withdraw money. Note a couple things in this list. Although the goal of “Players should be able to register, login, and view/edit their profile. They should also be able to manage their money through a bank.” seems simple, it requires you to step back a few steps to determine what is required to reach that goal. Since we don’t have anything yet, we have to start from the very first step of setting up a site. Know what your game is built on. The most popular choice right now seems to be PHP and Laravel but there are a ton of options that you could choose. If it is Laravel, read some of the documentation. There is plenty, and you can get a big picture on what has an “easy button” with Laravel. And if it isn’t, find the documentation because there will always be some on a framework. Know the details of each task and provide as many as possible. You can’t say “Build a profile page” and expect someone to read your mind and know which fields to put on it. Define all of the information that should be on every page. Know the logic behind each task. If there is any sort of special algorithm associated with making the game work, know what it is. If you don’t know what it is, ask the programmer to provide documentation. Down the road when a player asks how something is built or calculated, your answer should not be “I don’t know.” Don’t try to build the whole game in a single phase. It’s okay to not do everything associated with a feature. The goal of each phase is to get a version of something that can be tested then marked off as complete. Additions can come with future feature versions. I specified whether a field was a simple URL link which would be stored in the database or uploading a file. Uploading a file means you are managing files on your server which could mean a significant time difference in this quote. You should also know if the programmer decides to outsource files to a storage site such as Amazon or store the files locally on the server. If files are attached to players and stored locally, know that you could potentially have to manage server space and continually upgrade as your game grows. What’s Next? Now that you have a task list for your phase, you can send it to a programmer. Even if you provide as many details as you can, expect there to be some questions. If there aren't any questions, you should question them on why they are not questioning you. The programmer will most likely add or rearrange the task list so that it makes sense to them. This is okay. Sometimes, there are more technical details than what you can possibly account for without knowing how to program. Be aware of any changes and make sure it makes sense to you why things were changed. Ask the programmer to add hours to each task. This is a common practice in the programming world so they should be able to comply with this. If the programmer charges hourly or by task, adding hours will help you associate time and effort, and therefore cost, with each task. It will also define a scope for the phase and allow for there to be some sort of timeline. Without an idea of the effort involved from both sides, estimating timelines would be difficult. Scope Creep Any project is susceptible to scope creep. Scope creep happens when more things are added after a project is started. This could be due to a few reasons and is sometimes unavoidable. You realize you didn’t define all the requirements for the phase. At this point, it would be better to add it to a future phase instead of adding it to this phase. Unexpected complications came up. This could be due to anything from testing taking longer than planned to packages or dependencies not working like originally thought. This happens to even the most senior programmers so be understanding if this is the case. Communication is key in understanding why something could be taking longer than the original quote. The programmer realizes they didn’t account for everything necessary to fulfill a task. This is slightly different from 2 in that it is avoidable with enough planning. However, this also happens because it’s impossible to predict everything. Beginner programmers are more likely to have issues with this. What do you do when a phase is complete? TEST. And test some more. Make sure the phase checks all of your boxes and what is in the original task list. It is YOUR job to make sure that everything is accurate from the player’s point of view. After you test, start planning the next phase. Make sure to talk about it with your programmer so that you can answer any questions and revise the scope and task list if needed before attributing any hours to it. Try not to make task lists too big. A good rule of thumb is to make each one between 5 and 20 hours. If it gets to be more than 20 hours, that’s getting to be more of a mini project all on its own and could become overwhelming and harder to manage. Conclusion Hopefully this helps aspiring game owners who do not know where to get started in the actual build part of their plan. Keep in mind that this is from my perspective and others can have different processes. I’ve written this based on 6 years of experience of working with clients to build scopes for projects anywhere from 5 hours to 1,000+ hours, and 11 years of building games either with a programmer or programming them myself. If you have any questions, we have a great group of programmers in the community who are happy to help if you are unsure about technical details. If you found this guide useful, feel free to suggest other guides like this. I can try my best to write them or find someone who has more expertise on the subject matter. Other Helpful Guides If you're looking for more information, here are some past TGL guides that go with this topic: Feature Development, Scope & Destruction How to Get Started Considerations of Designing for Scale Version Control with Git How to: Keep your project organized using Trello
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    My husband and I have been working on a new pet game called Exabyss (url: https://www.exabyss.com/) for the past year or so. The game is currently in open alpha!
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    Hey guys, just wanted to poke in and let you all know I purchased Novilar, and have some exciting new changes that I want to make in the not too distant future. I'm currently having a bit of the backstage stuff worked on to make front-of-house management a little more easy for me, seeing as how I'm not a coder, and am trying to get some of the more buggy parts of the game fixed. Hope to see you guys around! Say hi in the discord or something
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    First off, I just want to say... if you're looking for a get rich quick scheme, the pet site industry is probably not the best place to look. Over the years, I've heard of owners who have to pitch in their own money, who only break even each month and pray that they can pay their hosting bill, and the rare owner who can live off their game's income. I'm definitely not saying it's impossible to get rich and with a great idea, you probably could. But it's not an easy way to make money. Here's a bit of background on the journey of Eqcetera. I bought Eqcetera from a friend back in 2012 and released it to the public after updating the art and layout and adding a couple features. Back then, I was still in school full-time and almost graduating. Although I kept ownership of the game from December 2012 to about August 2013, the stress was too much for me, and I ended up selling the game to the then current admins. Fast forward to December 2015 and those same admins gave me back the game. Note that the reputation of the staff had gone down severely because of unkept promises. They had promised a second version since around the first part of 2013 but never fulfilled on it, leaving that promise to me. It took from the first part of 2016 to July 20, 2019 to release a completely new version. And here we are! Eqcetera has been open almost 6 months. I did one test run of some ads but no further marketing. We've been growing steadily and are working on increasing new player retention before putting a bigger budget into marketing. There are 2-4 development updates per month which means we're also making progress on new features. I just released a quarterly report for Eqcetera.com to its players, and I thought it'd be cool to share it with all the aspiring game owners out there. Month Revenue Expenses Profit October 2019 $1,413.60 $2,936.61 -$1,523.01 November 2019 $1,362.38 $3,153.18 -$1,790.80 December 2019 $1,840.66 $3,058.55 -$1,217.89 Detailed report: Google sheet Not many games are very open with their revenue and expenses. The revenue is not very much, but I thought the expenses would be of more interest to you guys. You can see from an open game what is taking up money. Please note that I do all the programming for the game and I've set my personal rate at $50/hr. Other programmers might have different rates or you might release features slower or faster. Every game is different. As you can see, I'm a big data nerd with many spreadsheets besides the one linked here. I can tell you what each player spends on average, email open rates, player retention, etc. I've also started to get more involved in the marketing side with automated emails, e-commerce reports, etc. If you're a game owner and have any questions about any of this stuff, I'd be happy to help! I want us all to succeed in this market. Hopefully this helps you guys who are building games and planning your launches!
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    My co-owner Azrael and I are happy to announce our work on Leviathan-Myth.com, a dragon care and breeding sim. The site has been open since 2008, but we recently acquired it in 2018, along with a fantastic staff team. Some of the features we have on our site are: Hunting Battling Training Breeding 11 dragon breeds 25 colors (and more belong released on a regular schedule) 11 markings Events Seasonal maps The game is still undergoing development and modernization, so parts of the game are still being updated. That being said, the site is currently open to the public! Here is a link to our Discord as well.
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    Updates since August 1st. We're still moving right along, and in this first year, have made lots of progress between August and October. Here's some of the bigger updates since the last post on this thread. New Palms - A lot of poses now come in the Palms color. New Jays - Many poses also now come in Jay. Skunks! - We now have skunk-colored rabbits. Referal System - A referal system has been added and can give you tons of rewards in the form of giftboxes! Open them up and see what kind of rare items you get. Navigation Updates - The Explore page has been made simpler and easier to navigate, and we added a Plaza for easy access to additional features. Quizzes! - We now have some fun quizzes you can do, if you're so inclined! There's three categories: general rabbit trivia, Warrenz-related questions, and rabbit genetics questions. Each has 3 different difficulty ranks. Player Leaderboards - For those who like competition, there's a new set of player leaderboards. No prizes, this is only for the honors. New Predator - There's a new predator on Warrenz, but this creature is unlike any other. It's a predatory rabbit you can add to your warren—if you can defeat one in battle. They will be around durring September (each year). Smaller updates include: - Faster loading images - Increased space for rabbits - A locking system - Many more little things!
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    @Indy has been working with me for about a month now on my website, Faenaria, and I don't have anything but nice things to say. He is very professional, knowledgeable, and overall great to work with. His communication is top notch. He isn't afraid to ask questions to better understand what you need out of a feature. You won't go wrong with this fella. I highly recommend! Projects I've had Indy work on include: • Updating PHP version (oh we were so behind) and fixing error codes as a result of this update. • Fully functional bank feature with savings accounts, daily interest payouts, CDs, and shareable accounts. • Streamlining our avatar feature to eliminate pesky bugs and crashes • Ping system for the forums (so glad to be out of the stone ages) • Automating newbie package to distribute a welcome message, currency, and starter outfit I've got a lot more work lined up, Indy, watch out! haha
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    The lovely @Cassandra1891 Did these bases as a custom Comission. I am only seeking What I paid for the bases. $14 per set. [Fox bases] and for the Reindeer [$10] I will be accepting only Paypal ready USD payments. You will obtain all psd files in original format, and full ownership rights.
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    You have some beautiful works here! Well done on those beasties
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    Hello! I am looking for a front end dev to fix a few css/html related glitches in my game (www.celestialequine.com). PM if you are looking for work!
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    Hello! I’ve been on and off pet sites and sim games for the past 7 years, and I’ve dabbled between art and writing. I decided to mainly pursue art in the end (I will also post my art later on) but right now I would love to be hired as a writer since writing is also something I love doing! I enjoy writing short stories as a hobby, and I also did some writing for my own game or for friends. ——————————————————— Below are some examples: 1) “You find an apple on the forest floor! You quickly snag the sweet fruit for yourself before the worms get a catch of it.” 2) ”You struggle through the dense vegetation, hacking at any grabbing vines with your trusty machete.” 3) ”This book looks to be ancient. Its leather cover is wasting away and, upon opening it, the pages reek of mold. It’s curiously empty of any writing...” 4) “The sun has just broken the horizon, bathing the world in soft morning light. Droplets of dew flash on the field as you trudge your way through the clearing.” ——————————————————— PRICE INFORMATION: • For any questions or budget worries, we can easily talk and negotiate things over. Feel free to message me anytime For short writing jobs, my rate will be at 5 cents per word (so it’s worth my time), whilst for longer pieces of work the rate will lower, again depending just HOW long. Quick examples: - For 5 item descriptions, I will ask for $5. They’ll be around 10-20 words each. - For 5 explore descriptions, I will ask for $10. They’ll be around 20-35 words each. - For a mini story around 500 words = $25 (5c per word) - For a story around 2,000 words = $40 (2c per word) For a more detailed count: - A writing job up to 499 words= 5c per word - A writing job between 500 and 1,499 words= 3c per word - A writing job between 1500 and 4,999 = 2c per word. - For anything more than 5,000 words please message me. ——————————————————— I ask for a minimum order of $10 at a time! ——————————————————— • I don’t mind signing any contracts, etc... • I accept payments through PayPal. • I can do anything from short item descriptions to >5,000 words stories, as long as I’m given enough time to complete the work! • I write in British English. ——————————————————— Thank you for any interest
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    Working on some wolf linearts! Planning to sell this (also thinking of making a female and pup version), but I’m stuck at the sketching phase
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    A handful of updates went live yesterday for Eliyo. Badges You can now find badges around the site. Badges can be favorited so that they show up on your forum posts and your user profile. Currently there are 8 to find, with many more planned! I won't tell you how you acquire them, so play around and discover them all. A big thank you to Aaron for this update. This marks his first contribution as a programmer to the site and the first code update not done by me. Hope to have more in the future. Timezone Selection You can now set whatever timezone you want from your account settings page. Setting your timezone will affect time events which right now would be if you set Dynamic as the option for layout, though more things could come into play in the future. Icons Updated I acquired a couple assets and updated Eliyo coin, elyte, and breed heart indicator to be more attractive. The previous ones were made by me and really meant to be temporary. So they've been updated. Hope you enjoy the new ones. A handful of forum icons have also been updated. And a new mail and alert icon have been added on instead of the previous flat one that was used. Daily Bonus Modal Previously there was a notification to alert you of your daily bonus acquired. This has been updated to feel more rewarding with a modal on login that shows what you earned today, yesterday, along with what you will earn tomorrow and the next time you'll earn an elyte. Default Elon Background You now have a couple selection options for your elon backgrounds. The original older one, a plain light one, a plain dark one, and a seasonal one. This can be set for your entire account along with each elon individually. Being it's winter, this snow one is the current background applied if you select seasonal. Previous Updates this month include public breeding going live, new types of yokio (breeding herbs), and a new theme along with various bug fixes and smaller updates. Visit Eliyo
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    i am working on a watercolor of are cat bella. i am not that good at it
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    Edited my post and i didn't had intention to do backseat moderating.
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    ( i'mmah PM you Martyn lol but don't be surprised with the price ) But I'm here to add a last two freebie headshots to this thread.
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    Whew, a lot of response in this thread! I'd like to point out my response is based purely as a past member of VPL. I used to primarily lurk there since it felt like most posts were aimed in a negative fashion and the place loved drama. But it still had access to potentially good info so I would read up on it from time to time. Watching the updates on Facebook about whether the site would stay up or go down was mind boggling, especially with promises of it staying for it to just poof (and the reasons given publicly made no sense). It took me a really long time to even join TGL out of concern for the place poofing one day and overall not wanting to read or deal with drama in between getting information. I was happy when I finally joined to see that wasn't an issue anymore. If Carlos had come back with a full explanation I'd be more apt to check the new forums out, but unless the place gives off a different feel than the past and it manages to not poof within a year then I'd join up again. Not that my joining or not is really any loss to the forums, I am sure. That being said, despite Carlos not wanting to align with TGL, I don't feel there needs to be any vibe of competition. I am sure both forums will have their own pros and cons along with various resources. People aren't in a place where they have to pick one or the other and I hope they realize that!
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    Bit of a first, but some human faces being thrown in my work.
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    I guess I'll join in n.n I'm 21, I'm a girl and I am from Argentina. I am currently a student at college but I do art as a hobby! (I am working on a fantasy comic on Webtoons and Tapas.) I have 5 dachshund doggos...and they are actually my babies for now ♡ I'm loving this community! Have a nice day n.n
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    As someone who's just broken into the industry this month and purchased my own game, this is fascinating to me Good luck with it, and hope business really picks up for you, I played eqcetera for a while in the past and really enjoyed parts of it, so would love to see it do well
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    Only 7 days left until our open alpha! We have been focusing hard on polishing the game, fixing bugs, and even starting work on some post-alpha content (which has net-new features not in the game yet). Please keep in mind that what you will see in the alpha is only scratching the surface of what we are trying to accomplish.
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    I have a couple animal bases for sale! They come with a layered PSD so they can easily be edited The working size is 500x500 asking $15 each Paypal Only I have a Humming bird, bear and racoon available. More may be added later. thanks for looking!
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    What is Northern Call? Northern Call is a wolf sim site much like flightrising or Lioden. The site is currently being revamped completely and will be opening sometime this year. What makes Northern Call unique? All the wolves on the site are hand-colored. When a player signs up they are able to provide any 3 colors using a color picker for their Alpha. A lo of time and care go into designing all the wolves on the site, be it from a player's first wolves to all the explore wolves. What can you do on the site? When the site opens you'll be able to hunt, explore, enter your wolves into the weekly breeding raffle, go on quests for items, shop in the marketplace and interact with other players in the forums and private messaging system. We will also have site wide events during the course of the year. We're always open to more suggestions for thing to add to the site. Is there a development page I can follow? Yes, we have a DA page as well as discord server. The DA page is https://www.deviantart.com/northerncall and the Discord server is https://discordapp.com/invite/D56qfFm Is there anyway I can support of the site? Yes, we've recently opened a Patreon to help take some of the costs of the site. All money earned on the Patreon goes directly into the site. https://www.patreon.com/NorthernCall
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    About Celestial Equine Celestial Equine is a browser-based fantasy equine SIM for all ages! Basic game-play is completely free, but upgraded features are available in our Cash Shop. Players can create their own fantasy horses, compete in competitions, battle, explore various shops, and more! With so many interesting features, players can choose to focus on a single game-play aspect, or attempt to master multiple areas of the game! 2019 Changes 2019 was a year of big changes for Celestial Equine! While managing bugs was our main focus, we also took a deeper look into the player experience. Celestial Equine originally launched with 18 worlds, which were unlocked through game-play. While we loved the 18 worlds, this amount of division created a redundant game that lacked depth. We made the difficult decision to remove the 18 worlds and implement an easy to use central exploration map. This change instantly resolved questions around the flow of the game and cut back on new member confusion. In addition to our navigation changes, we also introduced an exciting backstory fix our issues with depth! The world of Celestia deserved a beautiful story, which spurred our Celestial Lore concept. Celestial Lore is a monthly story released as a chapter building off of the previous month's story progression. Celestial Lore follows the lives of the Royal Family, which will lead to a natural release of Celestial Herds! Celestial Herds are expected to launch on the live version of the game by the end of March, so stay tuned for that update! Misc Changes In addition to the large changes listed above, we made the following smaller changes to our game features: Added Personalities to Horse Profiles Revised Welcome Page for easier user navigation Revised breeding bugs/missing gene images Released the Battle Arena Revised Competition, Beauty Contest, and Battle prizes Revised breeding eligibility requirements Features Coming in 2020 & More 2020 will be a very exciting year for Celestial Equine! Aside from the released detailed below, we plan to exit live development mode. This will be a huge milestone for the game and we cannot wait to see where CE goes! In addition to exiting live development, we are also excited to tease a few pending features. There's much more on our final task list, but these three are our favorites! Herd-lands Celestial Herd-lands will be housed within the 3 Kingdoms shown on the Exploration Map. Players will have the ability to claim herd-lands as their characters and immerse themselves in a totally unique, automated role-play environment. From automated actions to random events, herd-lands will be the heartbeat of Celestial Equine! Healing Pool Mini game which allows players to heal their horses. Will be a new landmark on the Exploration Map. Companion Forest Allowed players to "lure" companions by offering food or other trinkets. Thanks for reading, and I hope to see a few familiar faces at www.celestialequine.com!
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    SEEKING Back/front end coder for Kalerrden. Will be creating website from the ground up. DETAILS AND CONTACT INFO HERE: (tinyurl to google docs page) https://www.tinyurl.com/kaljob I have been ghosted/lost money to 3 coders in the past 3 years on this project, wasting time and losing money, so please be serious and understanding when discussing work. I am all for giving people chances, but I ask for clear lines of communication and work to be completed in a timely manner. Payment is fully negotiable; please tell me your rates! I am not well versed in going rates for coding so please disregard my previous monetary rates I had up here. Thanks!
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    @Jinjojin I am interested, I will send a private message when I can.
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    We have found what we were looking for. Thanks to those that applied, Still responding to messages. Been a busy month and new main job for me Aeonite.net is looking for a volunteer Artist to join our small team to help us add another voice to creating content. We are all currently working in our free time as a volunteer group with the goal to hone our crafts and enjoy making the game. We are a very laid back group and we all work at our own pace and the pace has been great! There is zero pressure for anything. We just want some help with some insight! We are looking for someone who have various interests in creating things like concepts, item art, or even characters/pet art. You/We will have a LOT of creative freedom! Hope that is a plus! Work with us to help progress our story and have fun. I look forward to hearing from you! Please Message me with a bit about yourself and a few examples! Thanks! We are currently in development and you can find our intro post Below EDIT: Thank you to some for the valuable input on my posts.
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    Hey there, I'm Jin (Nerkcast) and I am developing Aeonite.net Updating this post to reflect our Site changes sine this post was first posted! We have left our codename Venturepets behind and are officially called Aeonite.net! Started as a way to help me practice my art and learn a bit more programming I wanted to set out to try improve on some things that other sites I felt are lacking and tbh just to do stuff my way. This made learning fun and I am still having a blast! The Aeonite Universe revolves around fantasy creatures in a mostly "cell shaded" art style with various worlds. Pets tend to be a hybrid of various species. Your active pet plays a huge role in how various parts of the site interact with you and changes depending on how you customize each pet. The System is still being fleshed out but it has a great start and looks very promising! We want a players pets to be something they work on as much as they can, not completely collect. That being said Players will be able to create pets as "Villagers" vs thier main ones. Story wise we are working this out. We want to foster a community that strives with creativity and passion and will work very closely with players on improving the site and making it a better game (basic right!?) We are also advertising to a 20-something crowd, an older audience if you will. For some time it was just me creating here and there but now we have an amazing small team! We are Looking to expand our team with a few volunteer work (we are a laid back group and theres no pressure) - If you are an artist that would like to get some work under your belt I personally need help with things. - Please message me for details! We also have paid positions when I announce them I have attached a few things to let you have a little bit of view on what i've done so far. I have also started an official twitter to start posting a few teasers, updates etc from! Please follow us! We also follow other pet sites! Twitter: https://twitter.com/AeoniteOfficial Twitch Streams:(the Link changed to video on me. we are located on twitch at /nerkcast) W
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    Closing this as a buyer has been found. I will be sure to update the community in more detail once the final details are worked out as to how they want to move forward. I appreciate the communities patience and support. I do not plan to leave the community, and will still be active, and look forward to seeing where it goes moving forward.
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    Edited for today; Art #sketch #commissions today starting at 3$ Pay-What-You-Want! I’ll be #streaming them tonight at 4pm PST! ? Just leave an amount on my kofi page w/refs. 20+ gets color! ko-fi.com/teatimejess See last post for samples! ————————— Hello everyone! I'm currently looking for more work to take on! I've worked on contract for various pet sites in the past on pets, human avatars, clothing, items, NPCs, and backgrounds. Portfolio Site ♥ Twitter I can be flexible with styles, and have attached a few examples of past work. Items are usually priced at $5 per depending on what your needs are, though I do offer bulk pricing. I accept paypal with USD, and typically send out the files as PNG or PSD depending on your needs. Recolors are negotiable, I usually include 3 for free though it depends on how many recolors you would need and how work intensive they are. (Ex; simple color swaps VS multi-color fur patterns.) Please feel free to contact me here or use my email for a quote, teatimejess@gmail.com. Thank you!
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    Just wanted to leave a public review for Indy, letting everyone know that they are an exceptional programmer. Incredibly reliable, fast, and efficient, and happy to explain things in basic terms for me (I don't know too much about programming). Indy created a human avatar system for me that's absolutely stellar and I couldn't be happier!
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    Hey All, First and foremost, I want to say thank you for the last 5 years! Your continued support and friendship has meant a lot to me. Unfortunately, I come to you today to inform you that IcePets.Com is now going up for sale. Although the website is up for sale, the team is continuing to add new Items and run events. The only thing on pause will be any new features and the progress of our alpha website. All I.C.E. purchases will continue to go back into the site as it always has been, but we understand if the site for sale gives you reason to pause in purchasing. Our goal is to continue to give you a fun place to play as well as events to keep you busy. You have given us many great years, and we hope with a new owner IcePets can give you many more as well. Why is it up for sale? Since purchasing IcePets.Com in 2014, the amount of time that I am able to devote to IcePets has dropped to the point that it is no longer fair to the most important part of the site. You, the users. I (and the rest of the team) have put countless hours into IcePets and definitely do not want to see it fail. That is why I'm looking to sell IcePets to find a new owner who has the passion that I once had and drive the layout updates past the finish line. What Are the Layout Updates? The original code for IcePets was written back in 2009 back when PHP was a much different language. There was no "composer" to install third-party libraries into your code, or anything. It was also coded with a bunch of back doors by the original developer. Because of this, the goal was to give the whole site a fresh coat of paint. The problem was to do this, we needed to change how the pages were built. They moved from being dynamically created in a PHP script (as a string) and being emitted with "echo", to use a full templating engine (twig) to handle them. In the meanwhile, we also improved some of the functionality (i.e. galleries were made nicer, and quick stock now works with every location instead of just your shop). These changes are all available here: icepets.dev. The majority of this is complete, including the biggest thing which were the items, just a few kinks need to be worked through, and enhancements made. So although this was branded as layout updates, after going through the first round, I quickly realized that it was going to be bigger than I had anticipated. What you get: A highly motivated and flexible team to work with Ownership of all of the art assets Pets - 17 Species with up to 37 different colours Trophies - 600 different Items - 4,500 World Maps Avatars - 770 Features: Adoptable pets Forums Messaging Multiple Flash games (most rebuilt using Construct 3) Weekly Raffle Trivia Trophies User Profiles Wishlists (layout updates) NPC + User Shops Trades Quick Stock (way better version in the layout updates) Technology Stack: The technology stack is currently in flux between the live site, and the layout updates. All of the code is stored on Gitlab for the purposes of source control. Live Site: PHP 5.6 Mysql Database jQuery VueJS Must use Apache Support Site: Laravel 5.2 VueJS PHP 7.1 Slack Integration Staff Site: Laravel 6.2 PHP 7.3 VueJS Slack Integration Slack Bot: Laravel 6.2 PHP 7.3 Discord Bot: Laravel 5.6 PHP 7.1 API Site: Laravel 6.2 PHP 7.3 Job Site: Laravel 6.2 PHP 7.3 Layout Updates (in the main repository): PHP 7.3 VueJS Twig Templating Engine MySql Must use Apache HTML 5 Games: Built with Construct 3 Please Note: The API and Job Sites could be merged into one application, this was originally split up so that we could scale up the API infrastructure if needed without running the risk of having scheduled jobs run multiple times. There are tools out there now (i.e. Laravel Vapor) which would automatically handle this for you instead of having it split out this way. Additional: I recently purchased a 6-month subscription for Laravel Shift (Shift CI Plan) which allows for the automatic dependency upgrade of any number of Laravel applications, as long as they are currently on running Laravel 6.0 or above. As long as I have that subscription active, if you do not have any issues with me having access to the code, I am more than willing to have it set up as one of my projects to automatically receive the upgrades (PRs will be submitted from time to time). Also, if you upgrade the other applications to Laravel 6.0, I can enable it for those repositories too.
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    Bunny-like adopts! 6-10-2019 I bloody died drawing this, but the honeycombs do look good! 14-10-19 Deer Rider - 27-10-19
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    We have a new battle opponent in the solDome! His name is Draak. He is a Level 20 opponent. Winning against him you will unlock the Draak icon.
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    I have some item art I’m looking to sell. Each item is 300x300 pixels and PNG file. (no psd) Books are $4 each and the rest are $3 each firm. Message me here for them or email ( bockowocko@gmail.com) thanks ?? Sold!
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    I haven't developed alone, it's been me and a team of rotating freelancers, plus the mods and admins to bounce ideas off of, but I've been running my game for 10 years and have worked on many others, and I'm always open to chatting game development! I just don't check the forums much.
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    I'm developing my game mostly alone! I say "mostly" because so far, at this stage in development, I've had some help from my boyfriend with sound effects for the dinosaurs in my game. Other than that, I do all the coding, art, marketing, etc. It's slow going, especially with a full time job and family, but when I feel discouraged or burnt out I look back at where my game was and where it is now, and it reminds me it's definitely been worth it and to keep pushing on.
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