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    Working on these guys' animations for a survival/crafting style game. First time doing animations. So tedious! Still need to make improvements to these over time. In order: Aquillops, Dakotaraptor, and Utahraptor.
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    Been working on various things, but after a couple years, was picked up again for some work on a rather graphicless game at the moment. I did some art for it those couple years back, but not till recently did this game pick back up and here I am. Here are some most recently completed fish items for this hero themed game.
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    Hello everyone, Since the beginning of this communities existence I have been honest and open to every members opinion, popular or not. I generally will not censor anyone posts unless it is extreme and is needed. I believe in the concepts of an open community where ideas, opinions, and feelings are openly expressed without fear of reprisal or attacks. These have been the guiding principals that I have felt are beneficial and help build a greater sense of community. I have noticed some members who have been pushing the bounds of what is acceptable. Comments that are not constructive nor add anything to the topic at large, or detract and sow discontent should be kept to one's self. On the flip side, reactions to criticisms should not be met with outward defensiveness and a need to correct or attack in response. Although this community resides in an online space where anonymity can allow such behavior, at the end of the day we are all still responsible for our individual actions regardless of which side of the conversation you sit. This community's purpose is to offer encouragement, support, and discussion mainly around the discussion of individuals building new browser-based games, or improving existing ones. Constructive, helpful, and supportive posts help other members to grow and advance, and provide value to both those helping that member, as well as some pride in being able to do so. So, be constructive, be nice, and be yourself. Do not attack others for opinions, politely disagree and maybe offer a viewpoint to why you disagree. Do not get offended when someone else disagrees with your opinion, accept that is okay to not agree - Because it really is okay. Moving forward, I am going to be much less forgiving of such negative behaviors as they arise. Thanks! @Artist @Game Owner @Members @Programmer @Writer
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    (before I begin, does this go here? idk...) Mysidia DeluxeMysidia Deluxe is an open-source custom version of the Mysidia Adoptables script, based off of v1.3.4 and maintained by the community. It is available on GitHub.The "Why"Mysidia is a fantastic framework, but it's pretty old and outdated. Mysidia v.4.0 has been hinted at for years but at the moment it's a general consensus that it's never coming at this point, and the script desperately needs an update. The goal here is to modernize it and add more built-in features so more people will be inclined to use it, as well as keep it maintained.In-Progress Features Bugfixes (like the "rn" issue, and reading other user's PMs) Reskinned ACP for a more modern look 4 brand new themes More HTML (no formbuilders or tablebuilders, html will be used instead) More comments in the code, so it's easier to understand what's going on. PHP 7 support (PHP 7.2 not supported yet, it just came out last year so it's pretty low priority) Compressed code. At the moment some of the pages are unnecessarily split into several files, so that's getting cleaned up. Planned Features DisclaimerThis custom version is not yet ready to build a site on. Once it is ready, a downloadable version will be available in the releases section. It is never recommended to use code in the master or subsequent branches, as there can be unsuspected bugs and issues. Releases are the most stable.
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    A pack of halloween themed items for sale. The whole pack is $10USD for five items with a fully customizable PSD file that you can use to recolor for different combinations. All of the items come on one PSD file, you buy full rights to all items included in the pack. Please mail me if you are interested.
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    Hello! I'm a digital illustrator pursuing a path in creature design! I love fantastical creatures ranging from commonly known mythological beasts, to creatures from Star Wars and Monster Hunter. Currently I have a huge interest in the ARPG scene on deviantart, so I've spent a bit of time participating in that! I am relatively familiar with the pet site scene, I've done work for Sylestia, Cybura and helped with assets for other projects here and there as well. I would love to get involved in such work again, but I am also readily available for other positions as well! Anything from game assets to concept art, colorist positions, and illustrative work. I am most comfortable with animal subjects, but can edit accessories/hairstyles/etc onto pre-created human linearts (for avatars and such!) I'm willing to adapt to different subjects as well if discussed! For more of my work; deviantart - artstation - twitter custom creatures designed to your specifications - from existing animals to fantasy creatures of your wildest imagination! if you dream it, i can do it! I will work closely with you from start to finish to make sure your creature is as close to your vision as possible. pricing concepts only - $15 for 3 sketches greyscales - $25 coloured (NPC) - $35 shop items, loot items ( from hunting, exploring etc), food, craftables, etc armor and decor are another possiblity as well. I have not yet done any item work! pricing is up for negotiation. already have your creatures designed, but need some markings, genes or mutations to customize them? I can do that as well! If you'd like to see more recent examples, here are some of the ARPG designs I've done! here is also a collection of older gene work I did for some sites! have something else in mind? shoot me a PM here or message me on discord (skellri#0837) Thanks for looking!
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    I've been working on a couple different things recently. The first is a full illustration for a client of a banner like image with their critter working in a forge and the second is a set of items for a different client for their game. Lots of work, but so far thinking it's turning out quite well thus far :3
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    After working on my first game for 5 years (Leporidae), I wanted to try my hand at another game. This site is eggadopt.com and will focus on eggs and the creatures that hatch from them. I was inspired by the adoptables community, such as on deviantart, and people who collect images of their adoptables on their profiles. I envision them showing off the adoptables from eggadopt.com and actually having the eggs hatch and grow as they're being viewed and shared offsite. Here's the features it has done so far: - Eggs hatch and creatures level up with page views, even off site. You can post the image on a deviantart or other profile and they will level up as other people view your page. - You can see the name your gave your creature in the image. You can change their name any time, though I'm going to probably remove that for the Egg phase. - Thousands of variation in color and patterns are possible. You can tell what species an egg will hatch into, but color is a surprise. - Breeding system that allows offspring to inherit the colors and patterns of their parents. - Adoption center where you can drop off a creature or adopt one that someone else dropped off. - Basic features like registration, login, email/password changes, forums, private messages, site news, notification system, etc. Planned: - Improvements to the site layout, the sidebar is a mess right now. Also different layouts to choose from. The black one shown below is not going to be the final or default one. - More creature species, right now I'm just testing it with this wolf. Also more patterns for colors! - Battle system? (not sure how this will work yet). Looking for feedback! Any feedback, ideas, or criticisms are appreciated! I'm pretty unsure about some of this, not sure if it will launch, but it's shaping up so far and I look forward to getting more work done on it. Here's some previews of the wolf creature and the site so far:
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    We are officially 1 year old as of today! It has been a wild ride, with a lot of changes, a lot of fun, and it is all possible to each and every member of this community. Without your participation in engaging in topics and the happenings here, we would simply not exist, much less grown to what we are today. I wanted to drop this quick note to say that I appreciate each and every member here on the forums. I really do. I look forward to another awesome year here at TGL! @Artist @Game Owner @Writer @Members @Programmer
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    Work in progress - Charlie the 'Knitting Fish'. Who knits with his front claws in the ocean lol
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    I work in an office. My official title is Web Content Analyst - Digital Marketing Manager. What I do at my day-job is actually pretty close to what I want to do for a pet/sim site; update the website. I post new content, update existing content, help plan content, and code/comp out some new concepts to Test and see if they'll make our site more effective/lead to more revenue generated. I don't do much art on the job (we're partnered with a studio that does most of our production art), but I find that advantageous because it allows us to sketch out a concept and do other work while the art team refines it. There's also nothing stopping me from sketching things out at the desk and finishing once I get home. Sometimes I do Customer Service; answering emails that come in through our Contact Us form, but only because I want to and have been trained to by a previous position. I used to work in Retail; from Cashier to Sales Floor to Receptionist. I understand the difficulty of "breaking in". Once I made it my Full-Time job it still took about six months to even get close. Most of that was because I was learning how to look while I was looking. That in itself is a valuable skill. Here's some Tips for Job-Hunting: 1. Be Proactive. Go to the Job. If you wait for the Job to come to you you'll be waiting for a long time. Find the Jobs you want and/or the Companies you want to work for, send in your Applications/Resume, and follow up (once a week, not every day) until you get a "No". And when you get that "No" thank them for their time and ask if they can give you advice to improve your chances. In the heat of it I applied for 5-10 jobs a day every weekday and followed up every Monday. 2. Find Your Job Title. Open up your favorite Job Search Site and find 3-5 jobs that sound like the thing you want to do. For this stage of the process do not take your personal experience or education level into account. That comes later. From there, copy the entire job description and paste it into a Word Cloud. Copy down the 5-7 biggest words that do not include the Company Name for each position. Then compare the positions to see if there's a correlation. Get those skills. Use those Keywords. Now, go to a Salary site and -- you're not looking at how much you'll be paid. You're actually looking for "similar jobs" to show you what else this position might be called professionally. This information will help you tailor your skills and resume template. 3. Find Your Companies. What's one of the best places to look for local work? Google. Not the Search, mind you, but Google Maps. Take a look at the area you want to work in and zoom in until you can see the building and quite possibly the company names. Click on those, and you may be able to find their company website and possible Careers site. Even if you use the Job Sites like Indeed, Monster, or LinkedIn you should use Maps to determine where the job is. 4. Tailor that Resume. Let's say you found some strong matches and want to apply. Great! Just don't Resume-Bomb them or send them over the same generic resume you post everywhere. Take a look at the position again and revamp your resume to match what you're applying for. Use the words they use. Talk about how your previous experience/current skills match what they want. Since you're an artist, send them a couple of samples of work that are similar to what they're trying to hire for. Surely you have a portfolio, yes? 5. Try Temping to Build Skills and Experience. Maybe you can't get a Full Job off the bat, but many companies need an extra set of hands to get their work done. Try signing up with a Temp Agency which will attempt to connect you to people who are looking for folks with your skill-set. I believe The Creative Group is the big Temp Agency for artists. I built experience through Temping before landing my current job. They're not kidding when they say it's a Temp/Gig Economy. It seems a growing number of companies want to Try before they Buy. Most Desk Jobs will try to accommodate your physical limitations. Here, they will install some desk risers so you can stand at your desk if you request it. You can also get up, walk around, and do some work in areas away from your desk if you want.
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    A feathered dragon, since I love birds... so why not add it to a cool dragon? 💁🏻‍♀️😂 WIP
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    NPC for a future game I have in mind - it was a redo of another concept I did about 4 months ago.
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    Still trying to finish this background... 👀
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    An update on this: I got a lot of help and am tremendously grateful for that and for the assistance from my friend. I thought I was not going to be able to keep the site anymore, but he took it off my hands and fixed the issues we were having. We're now back to working on it together. It was a culmination of a few larger files and their backups, including an image cache and some other cache files. I've since deleted those, freeing up enough space so we're no longer on the brink of downtime. We also reduced the animal limits and it has made a world of difference.
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    Who am I? I've went by a few usernames over the years, but I was very heavily in this specific community before cpvr first started this site all the way up until 2008. Then I came back 2009 - 2011. Since then I've been off doing life stuff. I don't really want to go too deep into who I am, I was pretty childish in the past. However I did learn a lot starting in this community and I've been able to achieve success with what I learned here. My background includes the following: Web development with html/css, javascript, php, and mysql (been using since 2002). C/C++, Ruby, Java, C#, Python, VisualBasic 6 + .NET, and various other languages (all learned between 2002 and 2008). Linux Systems Administration with cpanel, ubuntu, and RHEL. Bash scripting (been using since 2008). Unreal Engine 4 (been learning and using this for VR game development since early 2017). Cloud Computing Technologies (been using companies like Amazon, Rackspace, and Linode since 2010). Currently I'm a DevOps Engineer (Development and Operations) What Does it Mean to Design for Scale? In the past, the way we would deploy a website would be to place an order with a company to have a physical server that hosted our services with them. Alternatively we would pay for a shared hosting account with a provider that uses something like cPanel. The process for getting a site up used to be super slow between sales and deployment, while today we can click a button and have a virtual private server running for $5 a month at some cloud hosting provider. Having all of your code deployed to a single location can be fine starting off. However it is a single point of failure. Back when I was first trying to make my own Neopets, I never considered the Infrastructure implications. In fact I didn't realize what I was writing in PHP was going to affect the server's available resources. Even the MySQL queries I ran, I had no true concept of the impact they really had on the database as a whole, so I shoved every bit of information I could think of in a table somewhere. Around 2008, something truly great began to happen. Cloud Hosting became a really bit buzzword. When I heard the word cloud, it was misused a lot and it became some meaningless trope that I came to hate, because everything internet related was "cloud". Though after working for some of the big companies I ended up being at, I learned a lot about Cloud Computing and I began learning more about how to use such technologies. The key thing being, if your site has a spike in traffic, the ability to provide more resources (more servers running your code) to ensure the site stays up. If you look at a big company like Netflix, their infrastructure is ran on Amazon Web Services (AWS). The reason for this is so that they can implement code that can phone AWS over a restful API to spin up more servers with the right services, as needed, to prevent downtime. They have a tool that always runs, and it will randomly break things to see if the service can handle such issues without immediate intervention. Their design philosophy is essentially that all of the services for the website, should work, always, regardless of something breaking. No one part of their infrastructure should cause everything to be down. There is no single point of failure. So to design for scale simply means to write code and services, so that you can run redundant copies, in tandem between multiple places, without an outage in one location causing the site to go down. How to Design for Scale? This is a bit harder said than done, because you not only need to know how to make your application, but you need to learn how to deploy infrastructure. Unlike in yesteryear's past, we have companies like Amazon's AWS, Rackspace Cloud, Linode, Digital Ocean, RedHat OpenShift, OVH Cloud, and more. Some of them provide "Autoscale" solutions that you can look into and others you would need to manually implement solutions. Deploying infrastructure manually also isn't the correct way to do things anymore and in most cases you don't even want to write code to interact with their APIs directly. You can treat your infrastructure like code with tools like Terraform (https://terraform.io). For newcomers that want to look into infrastructure on a budget, I recommend Digital Ocean, Linode, and OVH. They provide some scale at low costs. AWS has a "free tier" and very good tutorials for their service. They are by far the best for infrastructure and deployment, but there is a very big learning curve in addition to their pricing model being hard to follow. However the AWS getting started guides are very good resources and the sheer number of services they provide are vast. They provide cloud servers, file storage, CDN services, DNS services, ... (list goes on), and machine learning services. You will need to learn about how to setup systems for whatever you're doing. Most of you that are coding in PHP, want to look into setting up Apache (or Nginx), PHP, and MySQL on cloud servers running Linux (CentOS, or Ubuntu [##.04 LTS]). You could completely skip the common LAMP (linux/apache/mysql/php) stack and use something like Go Language to make a binary that you can just run on Linux servers. Making microservices that your static website will do restful requests to is pretty much the future. This gives you an endpoint for both your website and potential phone applications to interact with. Database management becomes incredibly different when you're designing for scale. Your application or microservice needs to where the database is and how to fallback when the primary database is down. MySQL (or MariaDB these days [if we're going to be real]) has the ability to be configured to replicate information in various ways. One of the most common is Master/Slave replication. However this puts you in a situation where one database is just passively acting. MariaDB has a solution called maxscale which is looking very promising. Shared storage is another consideration when you have the same application running on multiple servers. The correct way to do things is to have your website code on every device locally and all dynamic content should live in a file service of some sort to be served over CDN like S3 at AWS, Cloud Files at Rackspace, Cloud Spaces at Digital Ocean, and so on. If you're doing things right, you shouldn't be editing code that is in production while people might be accessing it. There are very well thought out deployment cycles that you can read up about and put into practice. Tools like Jenkins and JenkinsX make this a ton easier. Docker has made shipping code a lot easier over the years as well. Why to Design for Scale At the end of the day maybe you don't make a big hit that earns made dollar bills. What you do end up getting is practice at skills that make you employable. The most in demand jobs these days are related to utilizing cloud services. Amazon and RedHat have entire courses that you can become certified in. Rackspace received government funding and got their Cloud Academy off the ground to teach Linux. RedHat is currently in a push to get as many Cloud Consultants as possible hired. [Meanwhile Digital Ocean is just doing what they always do, being that cool kid in NYC]. The ability to understand and work with Cloud Computing tech will not just make you a better developer, but it also is the toolkit that wasn't around when many of us started. A Final Word and Some Links Some of this may be very hard to follow, because I just spat it out at the drop of hat. However here are some useful links to some of the things I talked about. Digital Ocean - https://www.digitalocean.com Tutorials - https://www.digitalocean.com/community/tutorials Documentation - https://developers.digitalocean.com/documentation/ AWS - https://aws.amazon.com/ Price Calculator - https://calculator.s3.amazonaws.com/index.html Getting Started - https://aws.amazon.com/getting-started/ Documentation - https://aws.amazon.com/documentation/ Linode - https://www.linode.com/linodes Getting Started - https://www.linode.com/docs/getting-started/ Developer API - https://developers.linode.com/api/v4 Rackspace Cloud - https://www.rackspace.com/cloud/cloud-computing Cloud Servers Getting Started - https://support.rackspace.com/how-to/getting-started-with-cloud-servers/ Developer API - https://developer.rackspace.com/docs/cloud-servers/v2/ RedHat OpenShift - https://www.openshift.com/ Documentation - https://docs.openshift.com/ OVH VPS (Budget) - https://www.ovh.com/world/vps/ The OVH API - https://www.ovh.com/world/vps/api-restful.xml OVH Cloud (Not Budget) - https://www.ovh.com/world/public-cloud/instances/ OVH Cloud API (OpenStack) - https://docs.ovh.com/fr/
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    Either way can work depending on the mechanics of the game. Dying makes more sense and could potentially be more beneficial in a breeding game since your goal would be to breed the strongest/most ideal individuals possible. You'll quickly find yourself in a situation where you'll have more pets than you can manage which can cause decision fatigue. People may get discouraged by the work they have to do managing a horde of pets. Some Examples from Other Media: X is gone ... but left a parting gift. (Monster Rancher. In 3 in particular, they leave behind a booster for your next monster) It's a step down from 2 where your monster keels over on-screen and is found dead by you and your keeper. In 3, it's also possible for your monster to run away if you push it too hard. They may or may not come back. If they're gone for good, they leave nothing. X has retired and went to live in another part of the pond. (Magikarp Jump - Good Ending) You see them occasionally and have a post-game record, but they cannot train or compete anymore X is done for ... (Magikarp Jump - Bad Ending) They are actually dead. X has reincarnated. (Chao Garden - Good Ending) With enough care and reincarnation, your Chao can be reborn immortal X has been sent away. (Chao Garden) This is a way of culling Chao without abusing them to ensure they die and not reincarnate Pets that stay alive forever makes more sense in games where you train the strongest individual possible -- and training could require a considerable time and financial investment. People may not want to feel like their time and money were for naught when a pet they invested so much in dies. If not handled properly, it can discourage people from playing or continuing to play. I don't think the age of your target audience factors into the equation much. There's a growing understanding that children should understand the importance of life and significance of death from an early age -- and when handled tastefully it does not have to be a crushingly sad moment for them.
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    Not sure exactly what type of game you are looking for, but you can collect and breed on Eliyo. Currently we have two breeds with a handful of parts each, and a new breed almost ready to be released here really soon. It's a hex based system so elons can be any color so the number of combinations you can get is pretty unlimited. Free to play. http://www.eliyo.net/ What games have you played so far? What are you looking for in a game?
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    Today is the big day! The ARPG I've been working on, World of Eniv, is finally going live. We've got accounts on DeviantArt, FurAffinity, Twitter, and our official website here. What is World of Eniv? World of Eniv is a fantasy-based ARPG and community revolving around the Enivi, magical hybrids between cervids, canines, and kirin. These magical creatures have primarily lived peaceful lives, but the desire to explore and learn about their world could change that. Join us for monthly events, discovery, questing, and a lot of fun! What Can I Do in World of Eniv? We're just opening, but there's already a lot to do. You can either adopt an Enivi today, or start earning one by drawing images of the existing characters. Once you have your Enivi, you'll be able to battle, train, roleplay, customize your Enivi, and go on random quests. What Makes World of Eniv Unique? Our goal with World of Eniv is to keep the ARPG side of things active with monthly events and plot lines. Community engagement isn't required, but it does help drive the game. There will be areas to explore, boss battles, and treasure to be found. While we explore Eniv, we know it's also important to take care of the offline world we live in as well. We'll also be doing regular charity events and educational plotlines to help everyone remember that we need to care for our world, and all the living things living in it. We're also striving to form a comfortable, accepting environment for artists of all ability ranges, from the beginner hobbyist, to the advanced professional. We want everyone to feel safe posting their World of Eniv-related art. We accept both visual and literary work in our events, and both earn points within the game. How Do I Join? Joining is easy! All you need to do is follow one of our Official Accounts and start taking part in the game. When you've earned your first Crystal, adopted your first Enivi, or found your first item, your account will be created for you. If you have any questions, feel free to check out our FAQ, or to reach out to us. We'll be happy to lend a hand. We hope we'll see you around!
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    Still working on this and trying to decide if I wanna go purely realistic or add a touch of fantasy
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    Did a pair of demos of having at least 4 markings instead of just 3 (Changing how markings and colors work since goldfish tend to be a little more random looking in their markings in real life). I think I kind of like having the colors and markings be like this since it give players more variety. Using females of two of the breeds since most of their marking art for Alpha is finished
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    Got a few to put up here. Been away for a while trying to get university finished! Trying to work on my concept art - so making environments, characters and 'stories'. Got a few more but I will try not to spam ^-^
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    @nobackseat is very correct here. Affirmation/Clarification for anyone unaware: Hashing algorithms are a branch of cryptographic algorithms, definitely not "encryption" as the input for these algorithms are not designed to be reversed. Best practices in handling passwords is to NEVER email passwords. Email is not a secure channel of communication, even if your mail server reaches out over SSL initially. You never know how email gets routed after it leaves your network. If the use of the word "unhash" means to be equivocal to "decrypt", there is a fundamental misunderstanding somewhere here. Due to the rare potential of collisions in hashing algorithms, you can't assuredly get the original input for a resulting hashsum. The only way to this very day to reverse engineer the input from a hash table is by either pre-computed (think rainbow table lookups) or active brute forcing. When it comes to handling passwords, you as an entity do not want to know the user password or transmit it. You only want to receive it as input and forget that input immediately. Ideally if you can receive some form of token, a token would be better than a password for security. Especially if it's like the tokens provided by Google Authenticator or one of the RSA algorithms. Failure to do anything less than forgetting the password as soon as you receive it results in more vectors of vulnerability that an intruder can use to exploit your user base. As a result, this also has vast legal implications. Lets Talk About Cryptography! (I like crypto! WOO!) Going to try to stay pretty broad here. Generically the very fundamental meaning of cryptography is to use an algorithm to take input and yield an output that is indistinguishable from the initial input. These algorithms are known as ciphers. Most ciphers aim to typically achieve 1 of two potential goals which are encryption or message verification. The AES cipher intends to take input and provide ouput that can only be deciphered if you know the key used to make the output. Typically you will see ciphers for this intended us are rooted deeply in symmetric algorithms, where you have one algorithm for encryption with at least 2 inputs (message, key) and another algorithm for decryption the requires at least 2 inputs (encoded_message, key). The actual math used between the encryption and decryption assumes a shared number of sorts. The SHA family of ciphers take input and provide what is known as a hash sum that can not be deciphered by design. Most hashing algorithms are intended for verifying authenticity of a message (or some other input). Hashing algorithms typically have a form of recursion, so that after iterating input, math can still continue to product output. Before output is provided, it is expected that only part of the yielded sum from whatever math is being done gets arbitrarily lopped off. A really major use of hashing algorithms right now is in cryptocurrencies, due to the inherent nature of verifying data on a block chain. There's a lot more to this topic really, because there's so many ciphers with varying degrees of purpose, in addition to cipher suites (just tool kits essentially), that provide tools for signing, verifying, encrypting, decrypting, and even doing math on encrypted data. If you ever want to learn more, I highly recommend picking up some blockchain knowledge. The simplest "Writing your own Blockchain" guide I ever read that explains it decently is probably here: https://medium.com/@mycoralhealth/code-your-own-blockchain-in-less-than-200-lines-of-go-e296282bcffc Back to the topic at hand? (lol) So to kinda roll this back into the original discussion, @Design1online you are writing a VPG framework? Is this on github? I'm been a fan of what I have watched @owlmanatt do historically with making KittoKittoKitto and he's like low key working on ZuttoZuttoZutto from what I can tell.
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    Hello; Apologies for not replying yesterday; I seen the messages but it was a fleeting visit and needed time to process; i'm actively communicating with everyone I need to today and doing my absolute best to catch up with everyone. If you don't hear from me, please reach out in case I've missed you out by accident. As already discussed, my personal and health issues have recently taken the better of me (again!) even making getting out of bed/to a computer difficult. These past 6 months have been a constant struggle which some of my clients know of but I'm feeling 100% better and hoping to get the all clear from the hospital on Monday morning. I'm sorry for everyone affected but I will do my best to remedy your inconveniences. Regards, Paul.

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