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    Starting Jan 21st founding members lock in the best username and pet names, alpha tester account rank, early access to try new developments in the future! First avatar set of Puppen for each element color, more in http://projectpetsite.com/discord news. Here's a peek at some Valentine items for the coming month from @superbearwars First avatar set of Puppen for each element color, more in projectpetsite.com/discord news. Plushie items of the troll family of pets! Evo line of Petittrol, Trollannabe, and the mighty Trogrell! Made with masterful care and communication by @LIZ Dripple has the special ability to evolve into 2 different evolution lines! Training for Cirrunovem or Spookygami?
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    @halichu: Thanks, appreciated! Not all start as traditional sketches, but very often they do. When inspiration strikes, off I go! whether in a sketchbook, or (more often), on scrap pieces of paper. Here's some new art: It's a character for a personal project. She's a mapmaking beaver! ~ This one is a collection of 105 items from a long-time personal project! They are quite old, but I wanted to share as I was going through old art for my portfolio. I'm proud of many of these, but others I'll definitely need to scrap and redo.
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    Welcome yet another new species color: Lapis! To change your current pet to the new lapis color you can buy the Magic Lapis Gem in the Crystal shop! Thanks Loki!
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    I recently did some commissioned artwork for @Claws and Nate (not sure if he has an account here, but I’ll edit with a tag if so) who are partners in an upcoming project. My experience was very positive. Directions were clear, constructive feedback was given where necessary, and I received my payment without any issues. I plan on continuing to work with them in the future.
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    hello there!_____________________________________________________________________________ Hi there! I'm happy to do all sorts of drawings. I'm willing to tackle any sort of request to the best of my abilities! contact me: Discord: Bear#0325 email: adoringbear@gmail.com art for sale____________________________________________________________________________ Teen Lion pet Adult Lion pet Baby Foxlike pet Teen Foxlike pet Adult Foxlike pet Globe (all the above items are part of a big set with emotions and diff colors etc, pm/discord me for pricing & more info!) Random items ($2 each) past work____________________________________________________________________________ My Portfolio: https://adoringbear.wixsite.com/portfolio a few previews (you should check out the whole portfolio though!!): important stuff___________________________________________________________________________ You get the .psd and full rights to the work. I ask for the ability to add the work I do for you to my portfolio. I accept paypal. I allow edits within reason, if I feel it's too big of an edit there may be a fee.
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    Tumblr // Twitter Hello Everyone..Kinder pets is finally going to make wild entry into alpha testing phase on 1st february 2019 , we all tried our best to resolve all issues,bugs and improve the existing feature during pre - alpha testing phase and we are proud to say that :- 1) 70+ Pets got created. 2) 30+ active member tested it. 3) 4 pet species with 3 different poses and 3 different colors was available to adopt. Here are some sneak peaks of existing feature :- Basic Pet Profile User Profile Pet Creator Demo Pet & Squadron Art :-
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    Hi there! I've worked with online games in the past and I'm working on getting back into the art. This thread is to share my art and progress! Feel free to share any comments, suggestions, tips, etcetera! Item Progression: Working on a set of fantasy themed vegetables for a personal challenge.
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    okay starting a new thread to sell art on here. Monster that can see the the past and future! ooowoww.... monster is 600x600. Offers? you get the psd and rights to the image to do whatever you want to do with it. More monsters...the warrior, do not mess with him! he is 2000x2000. Offers? you get the psd and rights to the image to do whatever you want to do with it. ^__^ Underland were the mole people live. they are 2000x2000. there are 13 maps. asking best offer. wooden items: there is: cat,seahorse, starfish, butterfly, dragonfly, rabbit, bear,fish,leaf,pie,carrot, giraffe, apple,snail, crow,cherrys,leaf,apple. asking $30 frozen items they are 200x200. one layer each. offers? Robots! are all 1000x1000. Buzzy Purple robot red
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    Added "Closed Development" to Dappervolk and will update any other games accordingly. Please feel free to notify me if there are any games whose status changes! Added Folk of Lore: Kindling and Project: Petsite (apologies for the delay @Claws) to the list as well!
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    I've started implementing labels whenever I'm in working on something with them, they'll get done eventually. What an improvement! I also took your advise on the layout, looks much better with some green. Also, added a level progress bar. There's a new badge system now that you can get nifty rewards from by accomlishing various things around the site. We also added various different ear nicks your rabbits can get from fighting, which can be healed with aloe vera or kept for aesthetic. Level progress bars were added to rabbits, too. You can now get rabbits with white markings and/or blue eyes. Additional stuff: Suggestions and bug topics have priority labels that you can set. You can sell items you found from foraging or sell rabbits to other players. Added a rabbit search feature that also serves as a place to find rabbits for sale. There's a Discord server now: https://discordapp.com/invite/4aVnxBu
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    Updates since September 14, 2018 Leporidae continues to grow. We now have around 10-30 people online at any given time. There have been too many updates to list here, but here's a few. The French Angora artwork has been updated and is looking better than ever! A new fantasy color called Merle was added. The English Spot pattern has been added to many more breeds. The search feature has more options including the ability to omit fantasy colors. English Lops got an artwork update. You can now turn on utilities for a building, which provides lighting that can increase litter sizes (fertility) for the animals in the building. English Angoras got an artwork update. Other Additions: - A leveling system that provides many milestones and rewards based on using various features throughout the site. - A COD system that allows you to get new colors (and even breeds) recognized and showable. - The ability to save pedigrees. - Caring for animals is much easier now with the ability to care for multiple animals at a time in one click. - Traits and hidden color modifiers are easier to pass on now. If both partents are the exact same shade of gray, the babies will be too. If both parents have exactly the same broadness of head, the babies will too. - Ability to choose how many animals you view per page, allowing you to adjust based on your play style and Internet speed. - More crossbreeds. - A new Discord server https://discord.gg/vsNSsxS - The ability to become the leader of an official breed club through monthly voting and campaigning.
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    @superbearwars is truely a rising star as an artist, hitting the button on each one daily in Projectpetsite. Fun and laidback, getting things done, and blessing us with positivity.
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    @Martyn Thank you! I didn't work for Lurapets, but I did a lot of independent work in the past, so I might have indirectly? I do remember you though, you're the great musician! I hope you are doing well (and your music). You might have known me as... erde, piksi or something else. I went by several names in the past. @Anoua Thanks again, I'm glad you think so. I've been busy with a ton of snow for the last few days so I didn't get a chance to update. I'm nearly done with my portfolio website! I did a soft launch today and am hoping to polish it by the end of the weekend. 😃 Here's a few things I've worked on in the last little while: This one was completed a few months back from a collection of original animal characters! This is the elephant chef. I didn't really give her a name. Any suggestions? This other is a clip from a larger bike illustration I'm currently working on.
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    @Makazu I am so sorry for not apologizing sooner! I definitely wanted to vouch for @JWatkinsArt. He does FANTASTIC work for our game that is in development. He came on mid project where a style was already established that was definitely different from his previous work. After a few critiques/feedback sessions on his first environmental map for us, he NAILED the style (and now his current pieces are even going above and beyond our original landscape artist). I am beyond impressed with his work and he is so vital to our team. I couldn't imagine not having him on my team. His diligence and communication skills are on par as well. He never goes MIA without notice and he always answers his emails.
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    I agree, good advise above. As far as knowing when players are right, or when you're right, sometimes it can be tricky. The way we perceive wealth is relative to what you can do with it and other people's wealth. If people feel disadvantaged because they can't buy the things they want, add more things they can buy on a lower budget. If they feel disavantaged compared to rich players, add a way for them to compete against the rich players that doesn't involve money (so everyone's on even footing). If players feel that money is too easy, add more expensive rewards. Most of the time though players can tell when there's an inbalance in the economy. I always examine the statistics and focus on the amount of disposable income people have. I usually try the psychological stuff first if I'm not sure.
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    @Claws: That is pretty good advice. How do you know if your players are wrong or you are wrong in the way the economy works?
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    Another year, another update. Leporidae has grown bigger and better with many new and polished features. Showing Show your rabbits against other players. There are multiple types of shows. - Official GSRA shows where rabbits compete for grandchampionships and prizes. - Everything Goes Shows, which are similar, but have fewer prizes and fewer rules. - Pet Shows where players vote on the winner based on the rabbit's name and image. - Meat Pens, where you enter 3 rabbits together and they are judged on various aspects such as uniformity. Breeding - Realistic Mendelian genetics. - Hidden modifiers that control color and pattern variation. Millions of possibilities. - Crossbreeding. - Breedable stat total and traits. Traits are compared against a breed standard when showing. - Different fur types (normal, rex, satin). - Fantasy colors and breeds. Customization - Organize and customize the housing for your animals. - Customize your avatar. - Profiles, forum signatures, and more. Breeds & Species - 60+ breeds, including all American recognized breeds. - Includes unrecognized breeds like Velveteen Lops, Loffelohrs, and Czech Frosties. - Alien creatures and fantasy creatures such as Easter Bunnies and Skelebuns. - Hares
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    Not sure exactly what type of game you are looking for, but you can collect and breed on Eliyo. Currently we have two breeds with a handful of parts each, and a new breed almost ready to be released here really soon. It's a hex based system so elons can be any color so the number of combinations you can get is pretty unlimited. Free to play. http://www.eliyo.net/ What games have you played so far? What are you looking for in a game?
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    Leporidae.org, after being worked on for 5+ years (still going), now has a sister site named Warrenz.net. Warrenz is similar to Leporidae in some ways, but features wild rabbits and has more of an animated RPG style. Current features include breeding (with a color genetics system), a fighting system, and foraging for food. The site is open to the public, but still very new and we're still adding things. =D
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    @blackjashin Feel free to check out our Open to the Public List. There are some really good games on there and are all seperated by categories.

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