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    I haven't developed alone, it's been me and a team of rotating freelancers, plus the mods and admins to bounce ideas off of, but I've been running my game for 10 years and have worked on many others, and I'm always open to chatting game development! I just don't check the forums much.
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    I'm developing my game mostly alone! I say "mostly" because so far, at this stage in development, I've had some help from my boyfriend with sound effects for the dinosaurs in my game. Other than that, I do all the coding, art, marketing, etc. It's slow going, especially with a full time job and family, but when I feel discouraged or burnt out I look back at where my game was and where it is now, and it reminds me it's definitely been worth it and to keep pushing on.
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    Folk of Lore is a multiplayer, browser based game which encourages and rewards players for interacting with each other as well as npcs. Begin your journey in a postmodern world where dark magic has transformed the world and all its inhabitants into cryptids & creatures of folklore. Build your character as a neutral, hero, or antihero, and directly influence the game's story by participating in events and quests which raise or lower your character's karma. FOLK offers 4 starter races: Lycan, Unicorn, Jackalope, and Kitsune. Each boast special abilities and magic and/or strength boosts of their own. Navigate through an open world map to complete quests, unlock plot secrets, and capture elusive creatures called cravaries! Cravaries can be bred, battled, and trained as long as they are kept in proper health and happiness. Bond with them overtime and discover all the wonderful abilities they have to offer. Or imbue them with magic stones to unlock additional elemental potential. Seek guidance from your npc Pathseeker (Leia or Liam) for hints towards your karma, as well as discovering hidden information to unlock new playable characters! At the moment we are still in early development, but you can contribute and earn cool rewards by visiting our Patreon when it opens on April 1, 2019! https://www.patreon.com/folkoflore Most of our development is shared via Tumblr: http://folk-kindling.tumblr.com/ Or on Discord: https://discord.gg/Ecgspxw You can find our other social media links there as well. And to quell some of that excitement, we've also posted a character creation demo on our website: http://folkoflore.com/ And we keep open applications for new artists at our application link: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeI8OoerRJ6PEL0RwIQPlBIOibnMqxLO8vMYZc762-Dxwx6mA/viewform
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    I mostly develop alone because most programmers and designers need money for their work and I'm just a kiddo so yea. However, in my recent petsite project, and in User-made pets for ChickenSmoothie, my little brother is helping me a lot with artwork! He wants to be a skilled artist, so I think it's a good start for him. I even teach him some techniques I use on my artwork. I'm also working in a DDLC fangame with some cool dudes, btw 😆
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    Hello all and glad to hear I'm not alone. I don't strictly work alone, granted, and have had a great time working with others off and on, but sometimes am alone in my projects and would love to have more people in the same boat to talk to sometimes. My discord is Lunar Eclipse#6855 if anyone has that and would like to add me there. Shoot me a line if you ever feel like talking about features, dev stuff, code, art, etc.
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    I'm a solo developer as well! I occasionally hire writers, but as far as development goes I'm the only one on my team (mostly because money is extremely scarce for me). It's definitely a lot slower, but I kind of like solo development since it's much easier for me to focus on the direction of my games.
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    I develop alone, but I guess alone is a relative term. Once you get going you will have plenty of users, mods, artists to bounce ideas off of. I never had other game owners to help me figure things out, aside from reading VP dev forums, so I just used my knowledge from corporate IT work, and A LOT of googling various topics. Because every question you could ever have is answered on the internet somewhere.
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    interested! ill message you guys! (im Natural Peltics in game, i love yal!!!!)
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    Hey everyone! My name is Tony and I'm a full-time concept artist and illustrator. I've worked with a variety of clients, from big-name studios to independent creators, and now I'd like to work with you! Have an established style for your project already? No problem! I specialize in style-matching and am happy to work closely with my clients to make sure I'm delivering exactly what they need. If you don't have a particular style set yet, I can help you find the perfect one to fit your project. A few of the people and studios I've worked with and have been featured by are; Lacuna Cube (currently working with) With Lacuna Cube, I style-match the previous artist to create new backgrounds for them. PBS Created merchandise concepts for a currently unlaunched title. Spotify Created social media images and posts for their SpotifyCares Twitter account. Nickelodeon Featured for their Hey Arnold! Movie. Tons of independent creators, just like you! Have a question? Hit me up! I'll be happy to hear from you. Samples:
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    Hello, fellow developers! I, too, develop alone although I've recently roped in one of my RL coworkers to co-own a game with me that we purchased a couple months ago so that's been a fun breath of fresh air to actually be able to discuss features and not have to make all the decisions alone. I really got into sims back in my teens and decided to make one myself when I was 19. Back then, I only knew basic HTML. I eventually got to where I could kind of read the code. Developing games started my passion for programming and inspired me to switch from a nursing major to computer science. I ended up shutting down my first game and selling my second one. A couple years ago, the people who I sold my second game to ended up giving it back to me and I was roped back in. Sadly, there was a 2 year break in there and I lost all contact with my developer contacts so I wasn't able to have the cool conversations I did before. But I did get professional web dev experience with a tech firm so I don't need them for "How do I do this?" conversations anymore. @StarSea I totally get family not understanding your passion. Even other developers don't understand it. I'd love to get back into talking things out. I miss that about the old days. I had a few developer friends who we would discuss features for each other's games and come up with some pretty cutting edge stuff back then by putting our brains together. Not sure if people are just more closed mouth these days or I just don't know the right people. @Celosia Which framework did you decide on? Thinking about incorporating some AngularJS into my current game...
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    @Celosia I did have some prior knowledge of programming! I started studying coding around 10 years ago, but being in middle & high school, and having family that didn't really understand my passion, meant really limited time for learning and practicing. I used to make just pretty basic JavaScript games like Sudoku or small farming tycoon games for a while. Later on, I found out about PHP and started getting into that and was able to practice in it for a while with my personal site and see what I could do. Then I got into using a framework and finished school a few years ago, and was ready to finally give my game a shot! JavaScript is honestly my favorite. I love seeing things on a page come alive and just stretching the functionality of things. It's really exciting! I've been considering going back to old JS things I had made and rebuilding them just for the fun of it.
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    @StarSea Nice to meet you. Slow development is better than none! How are you liking your development and what was it like when you first started? Did you have any prior knowledge in programming? I started learning JavaScript just over a year ago, not knowing anything about it other than that it made websites more interactive. I took months worth of online courses with many breaks in between to get to the point where I felt confident enough to begin working on my game. I've gone through a few frameworks for both the front-end and back-end and decided they weren't for me. Only very recently have I settled on a framework for the front-end with the features I'm interested in.
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    I have a game I have slowly been developing alone! I'm really excited to get it to a playable state, but I've just been working on it every now and then on the side. It has been a project I've been looking forward to finally being able to make for years, so I just don't want to crunch it and end up burning myself out.
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    Some Skin Previews: Some Item Previews:
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