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    So you have dreams of starting your own Pet Site, but have no experience with programming whatsoever, this thread is going to walk through a lot of things that you need to know, and what you need to look for from your developer (and in your code base), to ensure that you are paying for things that really matter. Please Note: This is not an exhaustive list, this is meant to be a jumping off point to help improve your overall familiarity with the process of developing code. Executive Summary As a site owner, it is your responsibility to know at least at a cursory glance how it works. Code is complicated but so is owning a site. There are a lot of resources out there which can help you, don't treat coding like a black box because at the end of the day you will be the one out money should the developer decide to cut corners. Please Note: As an owner, nothing is "above your pay grade", you are defining the pay grade, so you need to be aware of the inner workings! Best Practices: No live code updates - Yes, cPanel has a code editor built in, or your developer may have an FTP client installed on their computer that they can use to connect to your site, but you should not let them develop through these tools. They are meant for small changes, not developing whole features. Why is this bad? Your users can see things that they shouldn't have visibility to, and it may make the site seem less stable because they are on one page and they see an error message, or worse, raw code emitted (i.e. SQL statement), now you are giving them too much information! Nightly Offsite Backups (or more frequently) - servers die, databases get hacked, accidents happen! Having backups of all of your assets are paramount to recovery. If you happen to keep the backup in the same data centre, or even worse, the same server, you could be asking for trouble. If your server dies (it happens from time to time), the backups that you have stored on the same server will have died with the rest of the code. So this is kind of useless. It's great if there is a quick rollback that is necessary unfortunately in situations like that this is typically not the case. Source Control Everything - So first of all, you are probably wondering what Source Control is, it's a tool that developers are able to use in order to keep track of changes that they do to the codebase, in order to make it easier to work with other developers, as well as be able to revert the code to a point in time when it was actually working (or at least look at it at that point in time). Think of it as "CTRL-Z" on steroids. This one here somewhat goes hand-in-hand with point 1, about no live editing of files because your production environment should be made from either a "release" branch/tag, or your "master" branch in your repository. A great overview of Git is available here. GitLab: https://gitlab.com/ GitHub: https://github.com BitBucket: https://bitbucket.org/product/ Test all code in a Development Sandbox - New code poses the possibility of new bugs (or old bugs rearing their ugly heads again). Because of this, there should be another environment that can be pushed to first prior to production in an attempt to find any bugs early, especially if they are game breaking ones. All changes to the database should be done via code (SQL scripts or migration scripts) - Now that you are following some of the other best practices, we need a way to ensure that the structure in the development environment matches the production database environment. By scripting it (and running the script when deploy time comes), you are able to fairly confidently say "yes, this will work in production". Yes, you have phpMyAdmin, it's a great tool, just like the other things built into cPanel, but if someone makes a schema change in production that isn't reflected in development, then anything you build from that point on (if they rely on it) could potentially be broken because you manually changed something in production. Application Frameworks: So you have a developer that wants to use a framework, should you let them? Probably! First thing's first, what actually is a framework? The regular definition is: A structure for supporting or enclosing something else, especially a skeletal support used as the basis for something being constructed. Which fits in really well with what application frameworks do. They scaffold out a lot of the best practices and abstract away lots of the things that you really don't need to have a developer make for you. This in turn leaves you with less code they need to write which should mean more money to spend on the things that matter, and better yet, less security flaws! More frameworks handle things (as best they can) such as Cross-Site Scripting/Cross Site Request Forgery (CSRF) and SQL Injection. These are just two of the big security things that you need to be concerned about. Most frameworks have tutorials out there which range in quality. As a site owner, it is your responsibility to at least know what you are buying a little bit. So I would encourage you to take a bit of time and watch some YouTube videos about it so you can at least familiarize yourself with the nomenclature. Please Note: Just because your developer said that they wanted to use a framework, this does not mean that you do not have to worry about security. Take the following example, you display a "bank" page which to the human eye all you can see is a "withdraw" and a "deposit" text box with a button. But behind the scenes, hidden in the HTML (hidden input field), the programmer decided to also include the user's bank account ID, and use that for any of the actions. Well, in cases like this, your site has a security hole, and the framework has no way of knowing that isn't actually what you want to happen. Lots of the frameworks out there are open source. This means that people around the world can look and work on improving the framework! This means that the framework will have new features added, and security releases made. Because of this, it is super important to keep your version of the libraries as up-to-date as possible. Depending on the language you are using there are a bunch of different frameworks that can be chosen from. We will maintain this list as best as we can, but we will also show you how you can find out the version that you are on, as well as what version the framework is currently on. PHP Laravel: URL: https://laravel.com/ Latest Version: 7.x - https://github.com/laravel/framework/releases Determining your Version: Within the codebase, there should be a file called "composer.json", in there, under "require", there should be a line that says, "laravel/framework". On the right of that, you will see the version you are currently on. CodeIgniter: URL: https://codeigniter.com/ Latest Version: 4 Version 3: https://github.com/bcit-ci/CodeIgniter/releases Version 4: https://github.com/codeigniter4/CodeIgniter4/releases Determining your Version: https://www.kodingmadesimple.com/2016/08/find-codeigniter-version.html CakePHP: URL: https://cakephp.org/ Latest Version: 4.0 - https://github.com/cakephp/cakephp/releases Determining your Version: Within the codebase, there should be a file called "composer.json", in there under "require", there should be a line that says, "cakephp/cakephp". On the right of that, you will see the version you are currently on. Yii: URL: https://www.yiiframework.com/ Latest Version: 2.0 - https://github.com/yiisoft/yii2/releases Determining your Version: Within the codebase, there should be a file called "composer.json", in there under "require", there should be a line that says, "yiisoft/yii2". On the right of that, you will see the version you are currently on. Symfony: URL: https://symfony.com/ Latest Version: 5.0 - https://github.com/symfony/symfony/releases Determining your Version: Within the codebase, there should be a file called "composer.json", in there under "require", there should be multiple lines that which start with, "symfony/". On the right of that, you will see the version they are currently on. Because of the nature of this project, they may be on different versions which is fine, however the "major" release should be the same across the board. Python Django: URL: https://www.djangoproject.com/ Latest Version: 3.0 - https://github.com/django/django/releases Determining your Version: Within the codebase, there should be a file called "requirements.txt", in there, should be a line that says, "Django". On the right of that, you will see the version you are currently on. Ruby Rails: URL: https://rubyonrails.org/ Latest Version: 6.0 - https://github.com/rails/rails/releases Determining your Version: Within the codebase, there should be a file called "Gemfile", in there, there should be a line that says, "gem 'rails'". On the right of that, you will see the version you are currently on. If the framework that your developer wants to use isn't listed here, that isn't necessarily a problem, try to get the details about the framework that they are wanting to use, and go from there! It's a great place to start a conversation to make sure you truly are getting what you paid for. The things listed above (especially the latest version) also helps to show how active the project is. If the developer wants to use a framework that hasn't been updated in 3 years, chances are the maintainers of the project have abandoned it, so you probably should too! I used a framework but I still got SQL Injected! Similar to my other example above with the bank, just because you are using a framework does not mean you will not be hit by SQL injection! My gut instinct when I hear this is "the programmer is using it wrong". Most frameworks provide wrappers around the database objects, and then behind the scenes use database parameters to actually query the data. What are database parameters? They are a way of passing the data you want to query (normally user's input) in alongside the actual query, preventing evil-doers from doing things that were not intended (i.e. dropping tables). In the past, developers would just build a string and do something like "mysql_real_escape_string" on the data to ensure the safety, it is still possible in modern frameworks to have access to the raw database object and run queries you write yourself. It's these circumstances that tell me the developer is using it wrong, hence my original statement, the developer is using it wrong, and should be stopped. Please Note: Frameworks are just code, so they do have the potential for bugs which can introduce security issues as well. Take Laravel for example this past summer they found that one small piece of the code was vulnerable to SQL Injection! My Programmer doesn't want to use _____ A framework - Ask why not, prompt them to give answers and don't just settle for "I'm more comfortable in my own code", or "It'll be faster if I code it from scratch" - frameworks this day in age are pretty darn fast, unless you are using it wrong, http://www.phpbenchmarks.com/en/comparator/framework, they likely won't be your bottleneck in the application, it's the rest of the stuff that goes on. Don't throw away the security of your application just because it's easier for a random developer to do their own thing (that no one else will be able to figure out easily). Source Control - Ask why not, there are so many tutorials out there nowadays it's pretty easy to learn. If you are ok with not using it, make sure you discuss your safety net, i.e. when you will pay for things (paid on delivery with code clearly available). Source control is only as useful as the developers using it. They should be committing to it regularly, not just when the code is complete. This will help to give you a good sense of the work that went into the project as well! Payments My personal mantra is, never pay for something that only resides on a development machine. Just like art that is being created, you wouldn't be happy with receiving and paying for a watermarked image. Why are you doing that for code? In your agreement with your programmer, at the bare minimum, state "the code must be stored in this repository". Please Note: You should be the owner of the repository, not the developer. I have seen so many projects go haywire and owners get screwed out of their money because the code hasn't been delivered. It resides on a developer's machine or their personal servers. The repository is just like getting access to the raw PSDs for art (which you should be getting as well when you commission art in case you need to edit things later on).
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    I haven't been on here for a while, but I thought I'd share my recent pieces! (I am primarily on my ArtStation now)
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    I was inspired by @kami's thread where they gave away free item artwork. So I figured I'd give away some of my own item artwork as well? Here's a link to the folder: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B5ALeHZVkszrRWRCNkFJelVXQUU Some examples attached for a quick preview. These are item artworks I originally drew myself for the game I'm working on, Saylua. I mostly did them for art practice and to try to figure out our item artwork style though haha, so I never really had a plan for these items! And they're kind of generic anyways, so I figured maybe someone will find them useful. License is CC0. Attribution is appreciated but not required. I'd also really appreciate if you let me know if you use these, just because I'm curious haha.
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    DRAC'S ART CART Hi, I'm Drac. I do art n'stuff. If you're interested, just drop me a line. Might be willing to do some separate pricing for bulk orders but I'm happy to do small projects as well! Deviantart | Tumblr Items $6 cellshade *bulk discount $4 each* $10 painted *bulk discount $8 each* Pet Bases/NPCs: $40+ Pet/Avatar Clothes $3+ I do npcs, backgrounds and other stuff too. Feel free to browse my other galleries and inquire about different stuff. Thanks for looking!
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    Working on these guys' animations for a survival/crafting style game. First time doing animations. So tedious! Still need to make improvements to these over time. In order: Aquillops, Dakotaraptor, and Utahraptor.
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    Got a few to put up here. Been away for a while trying to get university finished! Trying to work on my concept art - so making environments, characters and 'stories'. Got a few more but I will try not to spam ^-^
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    Tehcnically not drawing..... but crochet is a form of artwork.... I've been busy making ornaments! Here's my reindeer I made for my work party tonight for an ornament swap. <3
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    I think there's a big difference between covering big site news that effect many (such as this) and doing a tabloid-esque "he said she said" covering of a situation. One is true journalism while the other aims to smear a specific person or peoples. I think as long as news covers the game as a whole rather than people and is not painted with bias or unfairly then all information lawfully obtained is free game. If that thread were titled "Staff lie to FelisFire!" and focused only on smearing staff members and not the wider scope of the situation, then I'd say it's inappropriate. A good news article will not make assumptions and will promote transparency. I think the principles of journalism are a staple for anyone who reports news, even for pet sims. 1. JOURNALISM’S FIRST OBLIGATION IS TO THE TRUTH - News must not be reported just to further your agenda or narrative. A free press (like this website) depends on having accurate facts put into meaningful context so that readers/players can draw their own conclusions. 2. ITS FIRST LOYALTY IS TO CITIZENS - The free right to information should be more valuable than any website and no website should be offered special protection from the truth. 3. ITS ESSENCE IS DISCIPLINE OF VERIFICATION - There must be a concept of objectivity and professionalism in all reports and articles. Even as a situation becomes more complex (or dramatic) there should always be consistent and transparent information, this is what separates journalism from other communication such as propaganda or fiction. While objectivity is not always possible or even desirable (in the face of inhumanity, for example), impartial reporting builds trust and confidence. 4. IT IS ALWAYS HUMANE - Words have significance and we all should be aware of the impact they have on others. 5. IT IS ACCOUNTABLE - Unfairness, even accidental, should be met with sincerity over cynicism and errors must be corrected. Those who report news are in a position of leadership and a direct line to players and the sites they love, this responsibility must be taken seriously. tl;dr: What Digital said.
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    Hello! I'm a digital illustrator pursuing a path in creature design! I love fantastical creatures ranging from commonly known mythological beasts, to creatures from Star Wars and Monster Hunter. Currently I have a huge interest in the ARPG scene on deviantart, so I've spent a bit of time participating in that! I am relatively familiar with the pet site scene, I've done work for Sylestia, Cybura, Folk of Lore, and helped with assets for other projects here and there as well. I would love to get involved in such work again, but I am also readily available for other positions as well! Anything from game assets to concept art, colorist positions, and illustrative work. I am most comfortable with animal subjects, but can edit accessories/hairstyles/etc onto pre-created human linearts (for avatars and such!) I'm willing to adapt to different subjects as well if discussed! For more of my work; deviantart - artstation - twitter TENTATIVELY AVAILABLE Custom creatures designed to your specifications - from existing animals to fantasy creatures of your wildest imagination! if you dream it, I can do it! I will work closely with you from start to finish to make sure your creature is as close to your vision as possible. pricing • concepts only - $15 per sketch • greyscales (lines + shading) - $30 per creature • full colored - $50 per creature UNAVAILABLE shop items, loot items ( from hunting, exploring etc), food, craftables, etc armor and decor are another possibility as well. I have not yet done any item work! pricing is up for negotiation. AVAILABLE Already have your creatures designed, but need some markings, genes or mutations to customize them? I can do that as well! Its actually one of my favorite types of art to do. If you'd like to see more recent examples, here are some of the ARPG designs I've done! here is also a collection of older gene work I did for some sites! I work at a rate of $15 per base lineart colored. (so if you want 3 creatures colored, regardless of whether it is the same gene or not, it would be $45 in total) have something else in mind? shoot me a PM on discord (skellri#0837) Thanks for looking!
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    I have been involved with making art for pet sites since I was in high school, and I'm 27 years old now. IRL, even with a college degree in art, I'm finding it difficult to find any kind of job that helps me to feel happy and makes use of my passion. It has been difficult, and I worked several boring jobs for five years. I was recently let go from my last job of 1.5 years (not for a bad reason) and I decided to come back here after all these years. I have been met with nothing but positivity, wonderful people, and WORK! I just wanted to say THANK YOU to you guys, and to TGL, for giving me a place to come to. I really appreciate you guys, and I think you are all super nice and fun! You are all so passionate, and you're all working on amazing things. It warms my heart and makes my inner little nerd kid happy. God bless y'all! If you ever need someone to talk to or you just want to be friends, please feel free to add me on Discord! Kerpow#4917 I TGL! I need this bumper sticker, BTW.
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    It's been a while, but I've been trying to improve my storytelling, design and rendering skills. Somedays I feel like I get it, other days I feel like a mess but hey ho!
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    Hi there! I've worked with online games in the past and I'm working on getting back into the art. This thread is to share my art and progress! Feel free to share any comments, suggestions, tips, etcetera! Item Progression: Working on a set of fantasy themed vegetables for a personal challenge.
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    Discord | Twitter | Facebook | Tumblr It is my utmost pleasure to announce Figment. 2019 Whimsical and light, Figment - a petsite in development – strives to evoke the special nostalgia you feel while reminiscing of classic Neopets; in a time where imaginative concepts were married with complex and emotional storytelling. Journey to the land of Fanterra, where humans, pets, and mystical creatures live in harmony. The humans of Fanterra – aliens to this vibrant community of Dragons, Fae, and other mythical animals – have brought from Earth their canine and feline companions. In the magical lands of Fanterra, house pets not only swiftly evolve, but grow to comprehend their brave new world; thus ushering in a land that yearns to be explored with secrets yet to uncover. So begins the saga of Figment. Beyond fostering a rich lore, our team hopes to provide an outlet for creativity in our players. The game is story-driven and provides engaging content for everyone; especially artists, writers, and other creative types. Our team has noted that a common concern with petsites is that pets eventually become “disposable.” But we at Figment believe that every pet is worthy of affection, and we strive to make every single pet valuable. We do this by limiting the number of pets available on the site, with many given out through roleplay events. With 22 bases to start, each creature’s coat/pattern is designed by hand by a staff artist, with the majority made to be completely one-of-a-kind. That means no custom pet will ever look exactly alike. And – for those of you who enjoy breeding pets and experimenting with color – it means that offspring will be designed to resemble a mix of the parents’ markings. Additionally, users are welcome to submit their own pet designs for review, or commission a site artist for customs. Among many features, including crafting, recipes, weather, interspecies “critters,” and readable books, you can also choose a professional “path” which uniquely effects your gaming experience. Dress up your human avatar, fetch a trusty companion, and embark on the adventure of a lifetime… Fanterra awaits! ~~~ THE PETS As part of our very special first release, we are giving you a sneak peek of 6 (out of 22) pets! Over the coming weeks, we will be gradually revealing the rest. Without further ado, cats: And dogs: (Among many other breeds you might find in Fanterra!) And with a wide array of accessories, your pet can be the ultimate diva.? COMPANIONS Companions in Fanterra are mixes of species from Earth. Below you will find a hedgehog-fox, a tiger-jellyfish, and a chameleon-owl. We can’t wait to show you the rest! ? HUMAN AVATARS We’re especially excited about these beautiful avatars; with 3 body types – masculine, feminine, and androgynous. LORE Curious? Please enjoy a snippet of our ever-expanding world: I hope you all enjoyed this sneak peek! We are so excited to roll out more updates for you in the coming weeks. If you’d like even more behind-the-scenes fun, consider joining our Discord. You can also follow us on social media: Discord | Twitter | Facebook | Tumblr And lastly, a HUGE thank you to my team, without whom none of this would be possible: ART - Calix – Director - Amber - Brunna - Dracula - Ethy - Flexa - Kozmotis - Pepper-head - Wispi CODE - Passage – Director - Dinocanid STORY - Sunny Thank you all! Warmest, Leef
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    Ahh... Worked on some headshot commissions recently. Trying to get back into the arting groove, to be honest.
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    Been working on various things, but after a couple years, was picked up again for some work on a rather graphicless game at the moment. I did some art for it those couple years back, but not till recently did this game pick back up and here I am. Here are some most recently completed fish items for this hero themed game.
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    Not sure what I'm drawing this for. Something to sell I guess??? Once I get the anatomy and stuff hashed out, of course.
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    More commissions for people! Because getting back into the groove is great! And sometimes I have pretty bad humor. Especially for these two.
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    Update 12/7/2017: This diatribe is intended for developers using frameworks like Laravel, Rails, Symfony, etc. TL;DR See list at end of post for features that probably aren't worth the effort to write yourself Introduction When starting a new project, there's a temptation to write everything yourself, from user registration to forums. Don't. You don't need to reinvent the wheel when there are already hundreds of implementations out there. Every hour you spend developing a common feature is an hour you are not developing the core of your game, e.g. breeding or pet customization; and every line of code you write is another line you need to maintain. When you have a fresh, clean slate in front of you, maintenance doesn't seem like a huge concern, but the time cost quickly adds up. TL;DR Make "Code as little as (reasonably) possible" your driving philosophy "But..." "... I just need a lightweight forum system." The lightest traditional forum system requires at least three database tables (forums, threads, posts) and associated models, each with their own set of validations (threads must have subjects, posts cannot be empty, etc). Then you need authorization guards so only staff can create and delete categories, pin and lock threads, and so on. This might not sound like a lot of work for someone who can spin all that up in four commands (looking at you, Rails devs), but remember that for every feature, that's another thing you need to write tests for and QA. (You are writing tests, right?) TL;DR There's a package for that. "... I need X special feature." Let's say you want to display a user's title on their posts. This isn't a feature that's going to come in a third party forum package, but it's a feature that can easily be added to one. Good third party packages have interfaces or designs that allow you to tweak or hook into their behavior. For that forum package I've convinced you to use, just open up the post view and add in the relevant property. This is (potentially) one line of forum-related code. TL;DR There's not a package for that, but there's a package you can build off of. Choosing the Right Package Caveats Only use popular open source software with a permissive license e.g. MIT, CC0, or Unlicense. Most major open source projects use one of these licenses, or some other flavor of Unlicense. If a package's license is not mentioned in their readme section, there's likely a LICENSE file at the root of the repository. Never trust closed source software that isn't extremely well regarded—and even then, I can't think of any examples beyond maybe plugins for game engines like Unity, which is a different beast entirely. Metrics When choosing a package, there are four qualities I look at first: Features Extensibility Contributors, downloads, and community regard Stability and ongoing maintenance TL;DR You want a package that reasonably fits your use case, is easily extensible or configurable, is highly regarded by your framework's community, has a robust stable release or is actively updated, and doesn't have any major bugs! (Wait, that TL;DR might have been longer than the section...) Regard, Downloads, & Community Standards You don't want to just grab any random package from GitHub's dregs. The number of contributing developers and downloads isn't the end-all metric for package evaluation, but if a package has a dozen contributors and hundreds of thousands of downloads, it's probably good to go. If there's not a package in the top three results when you google "<framework> <feature>" (e.g. "rails forums") and if you can't find half a dozen Medium articles about it (because apparently every dev has one of those now!), then you might be out of luck on that one. Features Let's continue with the forum example and pretend you're using PHP and Laravel for your back-end. Write down bullet points for all the features you need. An example might be Traditional forum structure, e.g. categories > forums > threads > posts Permissions, e.g. only staff can pin or lock threads Admin panel to create/edit/delete categories and forums @mentions Now let's do a quick search for "laravel forum package", and it looks like there are two strong contenders, Laravel Forum and Chatter. Now let's see how they compare to our desired feature list: Laravel Forum uses a traditional forum structure, but Chatter takes a cue from Flarum's tag-based structure Both have a permissions system using Laravel's authorization Both have admin panels Neither has @mentions You absolutely need @mentions, so both of those are deal breakers. But wait! There's a package for that! Another quick search for "laravel mentions" brings up Laravel Mentions. (Do you sense a naming theme here?) Laravel Mentions allows you to set any text input or textarea as capable of @mentions, which is even better than if it was baked right into the forums! This allows you to reuse the same package for @mentions in both the forums and, for example, user profile comments! On the other hand, if you really do just need a lightweight forum solution and every available package has dozens of features you never intend to use (and that aren't written modularly so they can't be removed), then write your own! You want to weigh features you need against features a package has that you need and that you don't need. TL;DR Look for packages that reasonably fits your use case, but decouple features where possible (e.g. separating forums and @mentions) Extensibility Eventually, you might want to add notifications for things like receiving PMs, a subscribed thread getting updated, and news/announcements. This is best done via events and event listeners or some other kind of Observer pattern, where every notifying action dispatches an event, e.g. sending a PM dispatches PMSentEvent. Both Laravel Forum and Chatter dispatch events, so we're good to go there! An ideal third party package is easily extensible and configurable—maybe using traits, interfaces, or method hooks! But even easily extensible packages are useless if they don't document how you can extend them. TL;DR Look for packages that are extensible and have comprehensive documentation Stability & Ongoing Maintenance Assuming you're looking at a GitHub repository, click that Commits tab and note the frequency of commits and the dates of the latest commits. If there hasn't been a commit in over a year, that package might not be maintained, and it might not be patched if you encounter a major issue. This doesn't have to be a deal breaker—if the package has had a robust release cycle, is on a stable version, and doesn't appear to have many bugs, then it's probably safe to use. Now click the Issues tab to be taken to the repository's issues tracker. Take a look at the first page of issues. Are they tagged or marked by contributors, e.g. as "solved" or "not an issue"? Do most of them seem to be due to user error, e.g. migration errors? Then you're good to go! But if the top issue has three pages of users all reporting the same major issue, it's probably best to pass that one by. TL;DR Look for packages that actively maintained or have a stable release without any significant issues The Big List of Stuff You Shouldn't Write Yourself And example Laravel packages! Authentication (you should almost never write your own authentication! but Laravel 5 comes with its own auth system anyway) Forums (if you didn't get that already) Private messages Instant messages @mentions Tags Audits, model changelogs, and logging Authorization (Laravel devs are lucky enough to have that included in the core framework via guards) User verification (that register -> receive email -> verify registration workflow) Invite/Beta codes Friendship systems Online/recently online users Caching
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    Working on several things at the same time... Character design, background art which I cannot share, illustrations for contests... I'm so bad at keeping wips in order
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    Was making a work in progress thingie by trying for the first time e conte, and I ruined it (But it was expected to get it ruined) Anyways, starting a digital version of the same picture:
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    Been working on some battle npcs for a personal project:
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    Hello all! I'll add more as inspiration hits. Available for commissions - please PM me for more details (examples here)! All art be provided in .SAI, .PSD, and .PNG formats. All payments through Paypal, please. Update: Wow, everything's been sold! More will be posted soon; in the mean time feel free to reach out about commission availability! Sold items:
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    Just wanted to personally vouch for Ibbit, who has been working with me for a few months now on a project that's very demanding. Yet she has been 100% reliable, timely and has poured an abundance of effort into every commission. On top of that, she's very nice to work with. I'm a very satisfied customer!
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    I was a member of VPL, its how i found Solpets and now i've been an artist for them for a couple years. i was also able to find other freelance jobs from their site. with that said i have no interest in going back to VPL. how the site went down and was promised to come back up but never did kinda turned me off from them. I had contacts from people who i now have no way of knowing because the site went down with no warning. I found TGL on my own, after VPL went down i search for pet site forums and it came up. I've also have suggest TGL to others as well because i feel its better I like TGL, i like the staff, i like the structure of the forums, and everyone is generally more friendly and helpful.
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    Thank you everyone for your patience. Registration is now open! Click here to go to the site. Some notes: - The game is in early alpha! Several features may be missing or incomplete - Battles and trading are not yet in the game, those are coming soon - Not many quests are available at the moment - Items are still wonky and don't do anything. Will fix soon! If you encounter any bugs on the site, please make a report on our forum! It's much easier to keep track of them there than in the discord.
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    I no longer work with IcePets as of fairly recently, but I want to publicly say this: The team working with IcePets is a group of some of the most dedicated, well-functioning, and knowledgeable people I have ever worked with on a project. There are people on this team who have been running the day-to-day operations of the IcePets website for multiple years and know how the game and community ticks. They are equally known by the community and they know how to keep the site going. Whoever purchases IcePets obviously gains the ability to do what they want with the hiring and firing portion of the site, but as someone who worked with this team for over 4 years: if you fire them, you are doing yourself and the game a major disservice. It might also be a boon to mention that if you purchase this game, you can rest easy knowing you have an absolutely fantastic team of people who will back you up, as long as you are willing to listen and dedicate yourself to improving the site moving forward. I obviously have no horse in this race any longer, but I will stand on my soapbox and yell awesome things about the current team to anyone who will listen, and figured it was a piece of information a potential buyer might like to know.
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    Ok, I finally have some news! I have finalized what will be in Alpha Phase 1. It's a bit less than what's on the trello, but I decided to roll out updates for Phase 1 after opening since I figured that if I continued to hold out until everything was in there, it won't reach you guys for a very long time (as you've seen lol) - Exploration system, each region will only have 5 random events to being with and 2 animals to hunt (deer and hares) - Not all npc personalities will have flavor texts when interacting - PMs and ally system (basically a friend list) - Most likely no trading. I still have to refine that - Only 1 enemy in the battle system, smilodons (found through exploring) - The spirit shop (seen after death) will only have 2 pelt colors available, spiritus and ember Will those things noted, I'm currently working now to add an extra layer of polish before opening registration. It may be incomplete, but I still don't want things to be messy. I hope to see you soon when the game opens in the next announcement!
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    Smallix is a pretty action packed and so we felt it necessary to conceptualize character behavior. Its also giving us a better feel for what we want for our splash screens for the various releases we plan to have in the future. This is the ideal complete evolution chain of a smallix creature. Just by looking at it, you can quickly tell that we were inspired by pokemon and digimon, however, this is not a pet battling game. Our team has been prototyping a LOT and me showing you everything we have would only spoil the fun for you guys but we are slowly narrowing and refining the evolution process for all the small creatures. These animations is just me demonstrating that we are hard at work to get these creatures to be ready. Animation is a time consuming process, because of look and feel. We are bringing all of our creatures to life and we want them all to have the type of personality that we all love and hold dear. As a final update, our team has finally settled on the domain for the site and we've registered it. In addition to that, we had been brainstorming, tweaking and constantly iterating over the core game mechanic and I have to say, with everyday that goes by, I get more and more satisfied with it. We have to get through a few more obstacles with the game-play and if everything fits we can move out of the tweaking/adjusting/brainstorming phase and move to the polish and refine phase. All of these updates can be found on our facebook page: VirgilOne Facebook New to Smallix? Smallix is a semi - vegetation simulator with role playing elements. You start with a special creature (the smallix creature) that can alter the balance of vegetation in various forests. Altering the balance of vegetation can cause different crops to grow and can change the different creatures that slowly inhabit that particular forest. the different foods your smallix creature eats allows it to grow different abilities, features and traits to help you bring back balance.
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    I've got two new pets to show off that have been completed! I've been having so much fun with my pet customisation system for these two. Here are their original bases/designs without markings: Check out more on my Tumblr: https://neverheroesgame.tumblr.com/ Slowly getting more and more art assets done!
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    Here are some adoptables we sold recently!! We're doing a fun little thing where we have a certain theme for these new adopt sets, which we're calling series 1. The first was the sweets set, and the second recent one was the plants set. For these we have 1 taller bipedal design, 1 quadruped design, and 1 squishy bipedal design. We've also thrown in some pets for goals during the auction, so those have been fun to come up with as well!!
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    I've been working on a couple different things recently. The first is a full illustration for a client of a banner like image with their critter working in a forge and the second is a set of items for a different client for their game. Lots of work, but so far thinking it's turning out quite well thus far :3
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    STATUS: Open for the Summer Season. Accepting payments in USD or GBP only, at their current exchange rate. Hello! I am a freelance artist, familiar with the sim/virtual petsite scene. I am proficient in both 2D and 3D work. I am also capable of pixel work. Some of you may know me! I am also available for game assets, comic work, illustrative work and personal commissions. Please note. I am also a proficient writer and available for such work! Current Situation: Open full-time, indefinitely. Links: hello@artofelm.com | artofelm.com | All Socials: @artofelm My Process: Price Quotes and Examples The following examples have been used in commercial projects, and are here for portfolio purposes only. Please do not use, redistribute or copy under any circumstances as they are copyrighted to their respective owners. Estimates are based on a rate of £8p/h or $10.50p/h. Please note that this is between the National Minimum Wage, and the London Living Wage. Humanoids: A semi-realistic Style * Headshots and busts: £30 Halfbody: £65 (waist - knees) Fullbody: £85 Humanoids: A cell-shaded Style, that is cartoonish in nature* Headshots and busts: £20 Halfbody: £50 Fullbody: £75 Avatar Sets: A cell shaded style Prices negotiable. Price quote will depend on how many base bodies, facial elements and outfits are needed. Items: Cell-shaded Style £3-5 Items: A Semi Realistic style. £4-5 Larger items: A Semi Realistic Style £6 Backgrounds & Maps Prices negotiable. Please expect anything from £60-300 depending on complexity. Sketch Example Pets Please expect prices to be similar to humanoids. See Humanoids for example of a stylised semi-realistic example. *At this price I can throw in an optional expression change if asked. No more than 2 extra expressions. Extra miscellaneous work (One Possibly NSFW) Previous Clients - Novilar - Lacuna Cube/ Lurania Kingdom - Splatterpunk - Misc Clients
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    Hello everyone, Since the beginning of this communities existence I have been honest and open to every members opinion, popular or not. I generally will not censor anyone posts unless it is extreme and is needed. I believe in the concepts of an open community where ideas, opinions, and feelings are openly expressed without fear of reprisal or attacks. These have been the guiding principals that I have felt are beneficial and help build a greater sense of community. I have noticed some members who have been pushing the bounds of what is acceptable. Comments that are not constructive nor add anything to the topic at large, or detract and sow discontent should be kept to one's self. On the flip side, reactions to criticisms should not be met with outward defensiveness and a need to correct or attack in response. Although this community resides in an online space where anonymity can allow such behavior, at the end of the day we are all still responsible for our individual actions regardless of which side of the conversation you sit. This community's purpose is to offer encouragement, support, and discussion mainly around the discussion of individuals building new browser-based games, or improving existing ones. Constructive, helpful, and supportive posts help other members to grow and advance, and provide value to both those helping that member, as well as some pride in being able to do so. So, be constructive, be nice, and be yourself. Do not attack others for opinions, politely disagree and maybe offer a viewpoint to why you disagree. Do not get offended when someone else disagrees with your opinion, accept that is okay to not agree - Because it really is okay. Moving forward, I am going to be much less forgiving of such negative behaviors as they arise. Thanks! @Artist @Game Owner @Members @Programmer @Writer
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    Just got back from an art convention on the other side of the states and heard from more than one person that to get a good following on Instagram you need to consistently post at least once a week, so here's the first in a (hopefully) long list of new posts!
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    Hey, ya'll. I debated joining this discussion, but decided to pop in and lend my two cents. Hopefully you don't mind my bumping up an old thread. I never *really* disappeared from this community; I've silently watched from afar for a few years. I was sad when VPL went down, but I'm still in contact with some kind folks from the old days. I hid from the community for about three years because of the outlash against me; folks were understandably upset, but some of the feedback was hostile and a few individuals even went to my personal social media pages and stalked and harassed me there. It was during a time in my life when I was not emotionally stable; I could see the downfall of my game - which was my passion project and my child - was coming, and I couldn't properly handle the pressure and responsibility. There are many intricacies to this story -- too many to go into, and that are redundant now. But it was never my intent to hurt or scam people. My vision was very important to me, as it was to the members of my staff and many members of the virtual pet community who became invested in the dream. Tensions understandably rose when game production declined, but I don't fault anyone for their anger. I was 22, I made bad decisions, I had no business experience and had no reasonable right to think I could run a business off the ground cold - and ultimately the failure of Evocality was my fault. Anger is justified. I offer you all a sincere apology for my actions, and for the downfall of our conjoined dream. It does bother me to hear false rumors, however; I would like to clear this one up in particular. Everyone on my staff was paid in full. And if by chance I am not recollecting correctly, I implore my former staff to please reach out to me and we can discuss this privately. I have PayPal receipts of all payments - if there is a mistake, let me know so that it can be rectified. Anyways, I hope this answered some of your questions. My best to you all.
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    Finished this the other day. Now I'm working on some icons for Eqcetera.
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    Here's some art for my run on Art Fight so far! Not as much as the others are doing, but I'm fine with that.
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    Trello is a really amazing project management program that is free to use and works seamlessly across most platforms (iOS, Android, all modern browsers). It works with multiple people in teams and allows you to filter to the tasks that are important to you. The best part is that it is super flexible - it could be used for managing tasks in your daily life, such as chores or shopping lists, or can be used for multi-tiered development. There are 3 main terminologies that are used for using Trello. They are Boards, Lists and Cards. Boards Once you have created your Trello Account you will be able to create your first board. A board is a collection of all your data and todo items. You'll probably just need to create one, however Trello lets you create as many as you want. I would recommend to just create one for each project you're working on. If you have multiple projects, your board might look something like the below image. You may notice that I have multiple boards. I have one for a Client I'm currently working on, one for my Youtube so I know what I'm doing and when, and one for the development of my game. I've also created an Example Board to use for this Guide: Lists A list is a container within your board that holds multiple cards. You might use a list to separate "Dave's Work", "Aimee's Work" and "Claudette's Work", or perhaps you could have a list for each place you need to visit today, such as "Groceries List", "Family to Visit", "Clothes I need to buy"... For this guide we will have "Todo", "In Progress" and "Completed" :- Cards You can see on the image above that the lists have white todo-items in each list with a little description. Each white entity is called a "Card". While it may looks very very simple, and it can be used in a very simple way, it can actually get extremely details once you get into the nitty gritty.. however the detail is completely optional! Clicking on a Card brings up a view that allows you to customise it, such as assign that card to someone else (more on that later), label it (and give it a fancy color), give it a description, a due date and more. Each Card also has a comment-chain, so discussions on that particular item can take place within the card itself. The best part is that the cards can be moved between lists simply by dragging them.. Clicking on a card brings up this interface: There are all sorts of customisation options available, so let's go ahead and fill in some details for the battle arena. - Description - We'll give it a better description so we know what we're planning to do. - Members - I'll click members then my name to assign the ticket to me. My initials "NW" (or my profile photo if i have one set) will then appear. Multiple people can be assigned to a Card, and anyone can assign anyone. - Due Date - We want this completed in a reasonable fashion, so we will set a realistic due date. - Attachment - We dont have any attachments, however ANY file can be attached to a Card. There, this looks much better: You'll notice in the background that the card we created called "Code the Battle Arena" has had it's white area within the list updated. This allows you to have more detail at a glance of your entire board, and not have to click on a card to see who it is assigned to, or when it is due. You could also add a Checklist to your card which updates depending on how complete it is, and also shows progress on the list detail. I've created a checklist of items for creation for the NPC Shops. I then clicked "Attachment" to show the attachment dialog. Following that, I uploaded the drawn (hehe) bananas, and checked bananas off the list. You'll see the card gets updated in the open-view and on the list-view also. The last thing I'm going to share information on is Labels. Labels are a way to "tag" cards as belonging to a particular group to help stay organised. You can customise the color and the name of labels and apply as many as you would like to as many cards as you like; This allows you to have very organised and detailed Lists, such as: Which can then be filtered by label, by member, or by date: There are many, many other things on Trello, however those are the Core functionality. Let's not even start on Power Ups which can be used to integrate Trello into many different platforms. I would definitely recommend Trello, and if you do decide to start using it, please go via this link which will give me a referral :- https://trello.com/natewiggett1/recommend Please let me know what you think, and if this guide is helpful. Any questions, post them here and I will add them to this post with their answer
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    This is a tutorial I made for anyone who is looking to get a better understanding of how to draw realistic rabbits. It can also be seen at http://leporidae.org/howtodraw SECTION #1: BASIC SHAPES What This Guide is For Rabbits are difficult for a lot of people to draw. Not only are they fuzzy and squishy, but they can change shape when they sit, stretch, or jump. A rabbit's anatomy can defined in one moment, then utterly shapeless and blob-like in another. There are also many misconceptions about how rabbits look and how they're depicted in illustrations and media—everything from button noses to food pink pads. It's surprisingly hard to find realistic depictions of rabbits in movies, television, books, and even in places where fictional rabbits are supposed to look like the real thing. There's nothing wrong with stylaizing your bunnies, of course! We just want to make sure you know what features are stalized and which are real. This tutorial is designed to help artists understand what's real, what's misconception, and what proper rabbit anatomy should look like. We have a few drawings and photographs to help demonstrate examples, and written information to help describe and guide anyone looking to draw realistic bunnies! Traditional Tutorial The first section of this guide is dedicated to traditional drawing tutorials (that's right, the ones with the weird shapes). As you can see, the body of a rabbit tends to look like a thick slinky that is slightly leaning to one side. The haunches (rear end) rest on the ground with the hocks (feet) and tail. The belly of a rabbit in a natural sitting/standing position may or may not have daylight underneathe depending on the breed of rabbit or its posture. Rabbit heads tend to be an oval-like shape that sits close to the body. When you look at the frontview of a rabbit's face, the chin sits on the point of an upside down V shape where the cheeks extend. Over the eyes are a brow that can be sketched out to the base of the ears if you want to detail the fur. Rabbits have whiskers on the brows as well (like cats), but they're not always visible (especially in rex furred breeds). SECTION #2: DO'S AND DON'TS Debunking Rabbit Anatomy Myths Oftentimes when we look at drawings of rabbits, especially cartoons, we see a lot of features that are inaccurate or missing in real rabbit anatomy: the button nose and foot pads to name a couple. Real rabbits, no matter what breed or species, have neither button noses nor foot pads like those found on cats and dogs. Keep in mind that We encourage all means of artistic expression and appreciate different styles and concepts! There is no wrong way to draw a bunny, but there is a right way to draw a realistic bunny, which is what this guide is for. We're going to start by going over the basics of what any rabbit should look like and maybe debunk a few common anatomical myths. The Button Nose One of the common anatomical stereotypes we see in rabbits is the button nose. It may twitch like a bunny nose and be adorable, but a real rabbit's nose looks much different (and is never wet). A real rabbit's nose looks like a slit with pink underneathe. The fur above the slit of their nose may be slightly pink (especially if the rabbit has white fur) because the fur gets very short and fine towards their nose. When a rabbit's nose twitches, it opens, showing little pink nostrils. The twitching of a rabbit's nose is that slit moving open and closed, allowing the rabbit to expand its nostrils as it sniffs around and breathes. Foot Pads Contrary to popular depictions, rabbits shouldn't have foot pads like a cat or dog. The bottoms of their feet are completely covered in coarse fur. They should be, anyway! It's important for bunnies to have healthy thick fur on the bottoms of their feet because the skin underneathe is very thin and delicate. They don't develop tough callouses to protect them like humans and some other animals. While a rabbit foot may appear to have have the pink 'foot pads' we see in some drawings if the fur is missing, that means the rabbit is likely suffering from worn feet and/or infection. A healthy rabbit foot should be fully furred with no pink on the bottom. The fur on the bottoms of a rabbit's feet starts out the same color as the rabbit's overall fur color as babies, then turns into a beige color as they get older (and might become tinted to match the color of the terrain they're used to walking on—rabbits that spend a lot of time on the grass will develop a green tint on their feet). Dewclaws Rabbits have dewclaws located on the front feet, similar to dogs. Declaws (pictured above) are on the inner sides of each foot and slightly further down that the opposite toe (similar to human thumbs). Rabbits have exactly five toes on the front feet (including dewclaw) and four toes on the back feet. Cottonball Tail Bunny tails are often drawn as perfectly round balls of fluff, you might even think there's no tail bones in there at all. In reality, rabbit tails have bones in them just like other animals, and they aren't round. If you were to shave a rabbit's tail, it would look short and skinny (but might be surprisingly long considering how short they look with fur). They are more like deer tails. The position of the tail is also commonly misrepresented. Unlike cats or dogs, a bunnit's tail wraps all the way down between the hind legs where the rabbit's rear is. Rabbits naturally sit on their tails, which bend around the curvature of their hindquarters. Rabbits may wiggle their tails from side to side when they dig or want to show off, and they show off the undersides of their tails (which may be almost white in some colors) when they kick their back legs into the air. Frontal Eyes It's common to humanize all animals in drawings, or make them look more like animals we're more familiar with (like cats and dogs), and there's certainly nothing wrong with that, but real rabbits have very different looking eyes from humans, cats, or dogs. The most important thing to know about rabbit eyes is that they face laterally on the head, allowing rabbits to see in almost every direction. They can even see directly behind them, but funny enought, they have a blind spot right in front of their nose! Therefore, bunny eyes face out on each side of the head and brow placement is further up above them. When a rabbit faces you directly, you are seeing the side of the eyes and the brows may dip slightly into a forehead. When the rabbit looks at you from the side, its eyes are facing you directly. When a rabbit has its head facing you at an angle, depending on the exact angle and how broad the bunny's head is, you might not see the other eye at all. Note that some breeds (like Netherland Dwarfs) might have such broad heads that you can't even see their eyes from the front! Human eyes also have the white parts of them visible at all times, but in rabbits (and many other animals), the whites of the eyes show when they are looking off in another direction (or when they are scared), showing the side of their eyeball that we wouldn't normally see. In a normal position, you will see just the iris and pupil. Rabbit eyes also look very different from human eyes when closed. They don't have an indented area around the eye and don't have eyebrows. You can see the bulge where their eyeballs are, or it might be shrouded in fluff (this is why hairless rabbits might look creepy to some people). Rabbits also have a third eyelid (called a nictitating membbrane) that may be visible in the corner of their eye, but you should probably avoid drawing this unless you are working on a higher detailed picture of a large breed (they tend to be more visible on large breeds, especially giants like Flemish Giants and English Lops). SECTION #3: More Than Skin Deep Bare Bones One of the reaons people have a difficult time drawing rabbits is because they aee fluffy, squishy, and (a bit) amorphous. Their body structure isn't as visible compared to that of a dog or horse. On a horse, you can see the muscles and shape of the hip, legs, chest, and neck, but you won't see much or any muscle on a furry rabbit. On a rabbit, you might have trouble knowing just where the hip starts under all the fur and skin, how thick their necks are, or whether they even have necks. Rabbits are masters at shape-shifting—they're plump balls of fuzz one moment, and then long and dartlike with big back legs the next. Above are a couple of pictures roughly outlining where the bones on a rabbit are located. The spine is an important frame of reference that can help guide you in shaping up a rabbit. When a rabbit sits normally (slightly bunched up), its spine is arched all the way to the ground, curving upward at the end into the tail. Rabbits can move their tails so they don't curve up, though. They can be straight or go straight down (usually when the rabbit is digging or stretching out on all fours to look around). Just like the tail, their spine can bend dramatically to become straight or even bending in the opposite direction from the natural arch (though not nearly as dramatically). A rabbit's spine may be straight or opposite-bending when laying down, jumping, or standing on their hind legs. You can use the spine as a frame of reference for where other parts might be. Obviously you have the skull at one end. At the other end, the bones in the back legs start at the base of the tail. If you're interested in learning more about rabbit anatomy, we recommend the Rabbit Dissection Manual by Bruce D. Wingerd. It contains more information and detailed pictures.
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    Happy Thursday! Enjoy these new otter pup minipets, craftable by all players crafting level 3 and above.
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    A peppy little Bellburn. FurAffinity / Weasyl / Tumblr And with this little overlay, I'm done making overlays for all my pets., at least on Kaylune. So I'm gonna post all of them here, in case any one else was interested in the "collection".
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    (Please do not post your personal information here, always contact me through direct messages for inquires ) Hello! I'm Maricela Ugarte, also known as (Chutkat) over the interwebs~ I've been a freelance illustrator for quite a while and have worked on several online and mobile games for companies all over the world by doing creature design, background art and assets. I have also won several awards for illustration, two of the most recent ones were the "Illustrators of the Future 32" and "World Challenge by Grafolio". If you have any question, feel free to send me a message! I'm pretty accessible. I speak English and Spanish Fluently and I can have basic conversations in Japanese. (In case one of these is your main language) Website | Games Portfolio | Linkedin | Deviantart |Tumblr | Pixiv Commercial Rate for beginner projects / individuals: $20 USD / hour | Or hire me a whole month for 120 hours of work for $1800 USD If you'd like a quote for your illustration or project, feel free to send me a note! _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ★ Illustrations Non-Commercial Price & Overall Information: http://chutkat.com/commission/ _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ★ Background Art _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ★ Creature Design _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ★ Assets Thankyou very much for reading! (Please do not post your personal information here, always contact me through direct messages for inquires ) ________________________________________________________________________________ ★ Asset Packs https://www.assetstore.unity3d.com/en/#!/content/35255 I forgot to add, I have a 2d asset pack in the unity store. It costs $30 and it comes with around 100 tiles that you can use to build your own world. I need to revamp it soon, but as far as I know, when I revamp it you get access to the updates. These can be used outside of unity as well I think, since it includes the png files. Games I've worked on: The Tower of Princess, Shall we Date: Wizardess Heart, Clanheart, Dapper-Owl, Saylua, Horse Reality, Eqcetera, Mis Otros Yo, Pulso Nocturno.
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    Sitemaps help search engines index pages of your site. It’s a very nice addition to any SEO practice! Every sitemap has the same structure to it, and I’d suggest including both pages and images. Sitemap Set-Up Create an empty XML file (most people call it sitemap.xml) and insert the following. Top Wrapper <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <urlset xmlns="http://www.sitemaps.org/schemas/sitemap/0.9"> Bottom Wrapper </urlset> Every page will then have it’s own code within those tags. Example page: <url> <loc>https://ohudogs.com/</loc> <changefreq>monthly</changefreq> <lastmod>2017-04-12</lastmod> <priority>1</priority> </url> The only required item required for each page is loc, which is the URL of the page you want your search engine to find. changefreq is how often the page should be re-crawled for new content. The options for this are: always hourly daily weekly monthly yearly never lastmod is when the page was last changed, sort of similar to changefreq in how a search engine will use it. If you are using changefreq, you probably don’t need to use this. It may be nice to put on your news overview page though and update it whenever there's a new post! priority is how important a page is compared to others, on a scale of 0.0 to 1.0. When a search engine is showing results and it gets to your site, it may use the priorty to choose which page to show. Homepage and registration should probably be set at 1, with other pages set less than that. The priorty is relative, so setting everything to 1 is the same as setting everything to 0. A completed sitemap might look something like this: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <urlset xmlns="http://www.sitemaps.org/schemas/sitemap/0.9"> <url> <loc>https://ohudogs.com/</loc> <changefreq>monthly</changefreq> <priority>1</priority> </url> <url> <loc>https://ohudogs.com/about/</loc> <priority>0.5</priority> </url> <url> <loc>https://ohudogs.com/register/</loc> <priority>0.8</priority> </url> </urlset> Images Want your images to show up in searches too? You can add images to a sitemap in the same way! You can either have these in the same sitemap, or create a separate one. You can submit more than one sitemap to search engines. <url> <loc>https://ohudogs.com/imgs/dogs/gin.png</loc> </url> PHP Sitemap If you have a lot of pages, or a lot of images, it be nice to automate your sitemap. Instead of an XML page, create a PHP page with an XML header. Below is an example of a PHP image sitemap, that’s grabbing all images from a imgs/dogs folder. <?php header('Content-type: application/xml'); echo '<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <urlset xmlns="http://www.sitemaps.org/schemas/sitemap/0.9">'; $imgs = scandir('imgs/dogs'); foreach ($imgs as $img) { if (strlen($img) > 4) { echo '<url> <loc>https://ohudogs.com/imgs/dogs/'.$img.'</loc> </url>'; } } echo '</urlset>'; ?> Search Engines robots.txt After you have your sitemap made, add it to your robots.txt file with the following line. Sitemap: https://ohudogs.com/sitemap.xml Google Search Console (aka Webmaster Tools) To submit your sitemap to Google, login to your Google Search Console account, select your site, and then go to Crawl --> Sitemaps. In the upper right hand corner, you should see a Add/Test Sitemap button Bing Webmaster Tools Hey it’s a free tool, might as well get those people using Bing too! Login, click on your site, and scroll down to Sitemaps, and click the “Submit a Sitemap” button.
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    Here's a quick/short tutorial on making frame-by-frame animations or quick animated progress images with Photoshop's Animation/Timeline. Here's the animated progress for that image above.
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    Tumblr // Twitter Hello Everyone..Kinder pets is finally going to make wild entry into alpha testing phase on 1st february 2019 , we all tried our best to resolve all issues,bugs and improve the existing feature during pre - alpha testing phase and we are proud to say that :- 1) 70+ Pets got created. 2) 30+ active member tested it. 3) 4 pet species with 3 different poses and 3 different colors was available to adopt. Here are some sneak peaks of existing feature :- Basic Pet Profile User Profile Pet Creator Demo Pet & Squadron Art :-
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    After working on my first game for 5 years (Leporidae), I wanted to try my hand at another game. This site is eggadopt.com and will focus on eggs and the creatures that hatch from them. I was inspired by the adoptables community, such as on deviantart, and people who collect images of their adoptables on their profiles. I envision them showing off the adoptables from eggadopt.com and actually having the eggs hatch and grow as they're being viewed and shared offsite. Here's the features it has done so far: - Eggs hatch and creatures level up with page views, even off site. You can post the image on a deviantart or other profile and they will level up as other people view your page. - You can see the name your gave your creature in the image. You can change their name any time, though I'm going to probably remove that for the Egg phase. - Thousands of variation in color and patterns are possible. You can tell what species an egg will hatch into, but color is a surprise. - Breeding system that allows offspring to inherit the colors and patterns of their parents. - Adoption center where you can drop off a creature or adopt one that someone else dropped off. - Basic features like registration, login, email/password changes, forums, private messages, site news, notification system, etc. Planned: - Improvements to the site layout, the sidebar is a mess right now. Also different layouts to choose from. The black one shown below is not going to be the final or default one. - More creature species, right now I'm just testing it with this wolf. Also more patterns for colors! - Battle system? (not sure how this will work yet). Looking for feedback! Any feedback, ideas, or criticisms are appreciated! I'm pretty unsure about some of this, not sure if it will launch, but it's shaping up so far and I look forward to getting more work done on it. Here's some previews of the wolf creature and the site so far:
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    Still working on this and trying to decide if I wanna go purely realistic or add a touch of fantasy
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    Lots of unit tests and pet/player templates for my Pet Game Framework. Yeah so code is boring, here's what PGF looks like, heh.
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    I have two things Imma show. One is a sketch that I did on the 15th, and I'm not sure whether I should color it afterwards or not: The other one's an entire scene because I really need to improve on my skills in background-creating (I suck at it):
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