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    More updates! Skvaders A new creature has descended from the heavens and can be found during the month of August (though you can also get them year-round). Sort notifications by category. This allows you to easily delete any notifications of a certain type that you don't want to see, or locate something you're looking for. It also works with the money earned and spent feature that tracks all of your in-game income. English spotting can now be found either with realistic expression or as a fantasy marking that combines with other colors. New pose! This scratchy-eared bunny is a new addition to the more realistic poses. Mushrooms are a new item type that can enhance litters when breeding. Each mushroom has its own unique effect such as increasing the litter by 1 kit, 2 kits, 3 kits, making a whole litter male or female, forcing the pose of a specific parent, allowing skills to be inherited, increased aptitude stats in offspring, increased chances of chimerism or other rarities, inherited personality, copied hidden moidfiers or genotype, and more. More updates: - You can now expand your den size. - Profiles now have a custom section that you can edit with your own text. - A new set of badges for sending rabbits to the Seekers. - Cores, new items that can cause rare expressions of a color. - Rabbit treasures. Your rabbits can now hold items for aesthetic purposes. - Night mode layout for those who like a darker theme.
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