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    If you just have to host some HTML/CSS/JavaScript I have two to recommend. NeoCities is a throwback to the Geocities/Angelfire era of web hosting. You can get signed up in about a minute and have your site up in less than five minutes if your HTML Files are already ready. They have a generous free tier. If you pay $5 a month you can use a custom domain and make multiple basic sites. Netifly is something I've come across recently while trying to modernize my approach to development. The magic here is that you can connect it to your GitHub account and push updates live as you push things to your repositories. Free Tier comes with SSL and the ability to use a Custom Domain. If you need something for PHP and don't want to deal with a DigitalOcean setup, I'll review the host I just left - Hostwinds will allow you to buy a domain and some hosting with CPanel for about $100 a year. They sometimes have sales on their hosting and I've gotten it as low as $50 a year before. The one thing I will say is that even when I did have a problem with their technical setup (linking domains, updating PHP, one click scripts) their support center was very responsive and friendly. Think this is more than enough for most people who want to host a site. I only left because for the amount of stuff I have to host and the amount of traffic I get I'm sure I can get it cheaper.
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