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    Discord | Twitter | Facebook | Tumblr 2019 Hi, all! The team at Figment has been working SO hard, and I am so grateful for each and every one of our staff members. We are progressing at a rapid rate, and so I am pleased to put out our second announcement! (Our first announcement can be found here.) Today we have some really cool new artwork to show you. We are also launching a Patreon, which you can visit here: PATREON Here are some of the cools things you can look forward to seeing in Figment: New Pets Pet Accessories + Scenes Critters Regular | Patreon Human Avatar Clothing Sets Wraith Dawn & Dusk Seraph Set; wings are separable! We are super excited to be working on this special project, and we're glad to have you along for the ride! This is gonna be a fun journey. Thank you, from all of us @ Figment. ❤️ Discord | Twitter | Facebook | Tumblr | Patreon
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    We’ve begun the development on the new version of Northern Call. To help folks stay in the loop, we’ve created a development discord: Discord server we hope to see new new and old faces!
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    Lucky Lapine - https://www.luckylapine.com - Facebook - Twitter A fun, realistic breeding game where you can breed rabbits and guinea pigs. We pride ourselves by making the game as realistic as possible, and yet keep it fun, exciting and easy to learn! We have rabbits and guinea pigs to choose from currently, with big plans to add more, such as the soon coming rats. Each species is drawn in our unique, super adorable and yet super realistic style especially done for our site by our very talented artist and features as many genetic colour and coat variations as possible!
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    @blackjashin Feel free to check out our Open to the Public List. There are some really good games on there and are all seperated by categories.

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