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    Starting Jan 21st founding members lock in the best username and pet names, alpha tester account rank, early access to try new developments in the future! First avatar set of Puppen for each element color, more in http://projectpetsite.com/discord news. Here's a peek at some Valentine items for the coming month from @superbearwars First avatar set of Puppen for each element color, more in projectpetsite.com/discord news. Plushie items of the troll family of pets! Evo line of Petittrol, Trollannabe, and the mighty Trogrell! Made with masterful care and communication by @LIZ Dripple has the special ability to evolve into 2 different evolution lines! Training for Cirrunovem or Spookygami?
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    I've started implementing labels whenever I'm in working on something with them, they'll get done eventually. What an improvement! I also took your advise on the layout, looks much better with some green. Also, added a level progress bar. There's a new badge system now that you can get nifty rewards from by accomlishing various things around the site. We also added various different ear nicks your rabbits can get from fighting, which can be healed with aloe vera or kept for aesthetic. Level progress bars were added to rabbits, too. You can now get rabbits with white markings and/or blue eyes. Additional stuff: Suggestions and bug topics have priority labels that you can set. You can sell items you found from foraging or sell rabbits to other players. Added a rabbit search feature that also serves as a place to find rabbits for sale. There's a Discord server now: https://discordapp.com/invite/4aVnxBu
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    Tumblr // Twitter Hello Everyone..Kinder pets is finally going to make wild entry into alpha testing phase on 1st february 2019 , we all tried our best to resolve all issues,bugs and improve the existing feature during pre - alpha testing phase and we are proud to say that :- 1) 70+ Pets got created. 2) 30+ active member tested it. 3) 4 pet species with 3 different poses and 3 different colors was available to adopt. Here are some sneak peaks of existing feature :- Basic Pet Profile User Profile Pet Creator Demo Pet & Squadron Art :-
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    Leporidae.org, after being worked on for 5+ years (still going), now has a sister site named Warrenz.net. Warrenz is similar to Leporidae in some ways, but features wild rabbits and has more of an animated RPG style. Current features include breeding (with a color genetics system), a fighting system, and foraging for food. The site is open to the public, but still very new and we're still adding things. =D

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